Hello dear friends,how is life guiding,directing,you as you travel through this mystery called Life? I hope and pray,you are remaining strong during these (Trying Times) never knowing what tomorrow,   will bring….As, Wildfires,Flooding,and Tornado’s,ravish,our great States, a feeling of total despair can overtake one if you don’t stop!! breathe,sit even, and Pray…Ask Jesus,to stay nearer to you and your family..I actually saw a house (on the evening news) floating down the local River,and,to my dismay,friends,It Was On Fire……..Unbelievible…..However,if you awoke this morning enclosed in your normal mind,you have your vision,you can smell,taste,and have no life-threatening illness,,no Pain,in your body,let me  inform you, if you answers yes to 4 of these questions,Smile!!! for you are Truly Blessed….If you are fortunate,to have your Home,(your family home)….along,with no flooding,no damages,be grateful…Remembering,to always pray for those in the storm’s path…We don’t always understand the Why’s,However,with Strong FAITH* One can take one day at a time,thankful,grateful,for life, joy,and above all your home,(your place of peace)..unfortunately,if you have lost all your belongings,through no fault of your own,I’m so sorry for the hurt,disbelief,and sorrow,I ask you again,please even in the midst of heart-break,Hold On,(I understand it can be difficult) remain,faithful to God’s word,remembering,Joy comes in the morning..Amen and Amen…The Month of June has certainly been a record-breaking Weather event,Historic,if you will,unprecedented,I pray for the Fireman,fighting these Hot,Wildfires,,God Bless Them..As well,everyone who bravely put your life on the line ,to save others,you are the True HERO….June,has always been a fun-filled month for me,as,I so enjoy Summertime…Thus,I will keep the Faith and I challenge you to do the same…It has to get better,It has too….Wishing you Faith,Mercy,and Peace…Look to the Heavens,for Jesus,will never* leave us..Never.. On this last day of June,think about the fourth of July,just around the corner,friends,and family,picnics,and family gatherings..God bless you and your family..Hug your children,keep them close…BLM1957………Happy June Birthdays Family.. Ko-Ko.June 8th,Nicky,June15th,San,June 19th,and My Big Brother George Jr.June 22nd,I miss you…R.I.P.  # never forget Orlando     # BET  #Jessie Williams




Hello friends,I welcome you to the Beauty of October….This morning,as I opened my sleepy eyes ,taking a few seconds to focus….I slowly gazed around my dimly lit bedroom glancing,at my heavily draped windows remembering,to leave a small opening thereby,allowing bright,sunlight to warm me,move me,inspire*me to get up,and go….Meanwhile,I pause to pray,  as I retreat to my chaise lounge….It’s,huge!!!, Oversized..(Super King)  Caramel,in color plush,soft,sunken,and a joy to lie back,relax,and meditate…….,While sipping very warm,(bordering on hot), Pearl Jasmine tea, spiked with lemon and honey…Soothing,as it smoothly,glide down my throat,I feel the warmth of the tea,the delicate taste of jasmine and honey I so love this morning ritual….We purposely,positioned the lounger, in front of the east window,because of my love, and Need for the Sun!!!.Why,it’s 6 am…Walking to the window,I grab the remote to open the draperies,as far as they suspend,what a beautiful sight…Im just taken aback,at the beauty of October….As, a October chill penetrates the early morning,cutting through my half-open window,as I reach up to pull it shut I’m amazed,as a squirrel,then a  bird appears,(chirping softly) suddenly,the sound of a distance leaf blower,hums away….As the sun shines brighter, warming me,my community,and the earth….As well,joy,peace,and gracefulness,feels my eyes and heart…My, such a lovely sight…..Seemingly,only the outdoors, and myself,get to savor  this glorious early morning moment…….The Trees*,are what take me too another level!!!! The brilliant colors,orange,brown,yellow,red,was that a wine colored leaf rolling,and twirling in the wind? It sure looked wine…,my Maple Tree,is my object of peace,the stunning beauty,the bright oranges,yellows….Standing 12 ft. tall now!!!It is truly Beautiful……my hubby, planted it 80 feet from our bay window on purpose,so I would have this beautiful foliage to behold up close and personal*every fall/autumn morning/evening……  The leaves are piled high in places,while a large pile seems to whirl around in circles,covering my already leaf filled yard…Lastly,like myself,I hope you are enjoying the “Beauty of October”get out,grab your children,and rake the leaves,better yet,let the little-ones play/throw the leaves….Fun.Fun.will be had by all,(Free Clean Family Fun)…Try it……hug your children,keep them close…BLM 1957…Peace,Love,Joy,seek happiness in the Beauty of October………..#So Be It,#Praying for Lamar     Family October Birthday’s: October 13th: Twins,(Jack&Jay) R.I.P.Miss You… Also,October 13th. Charlie B,October 19th: Sweet* Zan Meredith.kiss,kiss..& Ms.Prin..October 22nd.(My Father-in-law) Jesus Tenario,Miss you Dad,love you,R.I.P. October 27th:My 3rd. Son, Derian Patrick,Love You Son,Lastly,October 29th:Madison Lee,love u Maddie….Blessed Birthday’s…


Hello Friends,as this Smoldering month of July leaves us,I  invite you to take a hard look at your life,your dreams,and goals…Inventory,if you will….Are you living your best life?? Are you taking out time for yourself, in this hot, humid, muggy weather,here,in the mid-west,the weather has not been as torrid,as the month of June…I would like to ask all mother’s and adult daughters,to set  goals,for yourself,as we enter into the new month of August..Oh, August, my August..Mother’s unite,for a new school year,as hard as it is to imagine/believe is just around the corner!!! Oh,School Clothes, Supplies,etc.etc….No! don’t think about school clothes,nor,supplies,today,(Let It Go)!!! (It’s all about you today)..,Take a moment,Breathe,find your (Quiet Place).. Relax,if a Spa day is unaffordable,make your own little spa scene/area,Be it, your bathroom,den,or bedroom,Aww,I’m feeling calmer already….Buy several scented candles,move a plant,preferably,a palm tree,into your space….The mood/effect is senual and calming…….lol…Moreover,before beginning, make one trip to your favorite local Wal-Mart,Macy’s,or Kmart,or Penny’s,and purchase a soft white bath robe,inexpensive,white slippers,and you are good to go…. After, the house is empty,and quiet, Inhale,exhale,lock all doors,lol.. and go for it….It’s “ALL” about you……Are you like me,loving the sweet pungent odor smell of Lavendar????it’s a heavenly scent,grab,a bottle of your favorite lotion,and of course baby oil..Yes, baby oil,is a scented sensation…However,Lavendar,is #one any day!!!!! you can apply it lightly or heavy,(making sure too protect the area,you are lying in/on….. Using,a warmer,to heat your lavender oil,in seconds, the sweet smell permeates,throughout your room, relax and enjoy,where do you keep your Boom-Box??lol..(you know you have a(Boom Box)lol..I love tranquil music,as I relax,and condition my over-worked,dry,tired,body,as I lie,quietly,The sounds of water,softly,at times rough,take me to a place of pure joy,the quietness,the peace,of being home alone,(no worries) no problems,as,I/You refuse,to receive any Negativity…….Have your favorite nail-polish,on your table,as,you have already removed any old polish on your nails and  toes,it’s, so much fun,and Sanitary to give yourself a mannie and peddie…Gotta love it……Blm your children,keep them close…As your body,soak in the oils,,and you once again feel renewed,enjoy  the feeling,the Softness,Suppleness,and Serinity of a soft,glowing,pampered body…For, IT’S All ABOUT YOU……….. blm 1957……….Gooy-Bye July 2015……

~~GOOD-BYE JUNE 2015~~

Hello friends, how is life treating you?Great I hope,and trust..Well,my family of friends,so much has happened since I last wrote here…,,The Month of June proved to be a Joyous,Sorrowful,Record-Breaking Weather* in this loveliest of months…..I always loved the month of June,for,it signaled an ending and beginning..The ending of another School year,A Graduation,from High School,or a 4 year Univerity….Even,our 4,and 5 year old’s,relish the feeling of being a Grown-up ,wearing a Cap and Gown,for the very first time,as they excitedly,forge ahead to higher learning,the First Grade!!!!!! lol..(Life) This is their new beginning,a clean,fresh,start to Obtaining any Career they choose,any* Dream,you visualize,It Will* happen if you Believe!!!!!! Parents, lets teach our children,from infant’s to strive,and set goals,to dream,to be God-fearing, loving, helpful,never* Hurtful,Human-Being…..It begins with us (The Parents) Amen and Amen…..The Weather,3 words (OMG) Oh My God!!! Help Us Father….



Happy Joyous, January,to all my friends,old and new, seen and unseen thus far….As well,how are you and your family surviving these cold,blustery,days??(here in the mid-west) we are shoveling 2 to 4 inches of snow… Do you have a snow-blower?? or shovel the old-school way?? With a Shovel…Or do you have Both!!! lol…As well, today we have various Shovel’s,Snow-Blower’s(styles,sizes,ease of motion,adjustable heights….I/We, even found a heated plug-in Shovel,that I thought was a Genius idea….I love to rise early, 6:30am,Pray,giving thanks for a new day!! a  day, I have never seen before,yet highly,blessed,to lift my feet out of bed,clear in mind,no pains…Amen and Amen…. Thusly,whenever,my  Hubby is running late for work,or just doesn’t have time to quickly,shovel the front,side,and back porch..I have no problem,dressing Warmly,Layered,Winterized..I like to think… As I shared with you years ago, I’m (THE) Out-Of Door’s* Women,with Summer, My #1 Favorite season, Winter,my 2nd…..Therefore, this early snow-covered, cold,Frozen* morning(I wondered,(should I let it Go????)haaaaaa……Frozen*,get it???? As well,I Only shovel the front walk-way,and porch,(these days*)In December,having reached my Mid 50’s (Mid-late) lol …Birthday!!! Wow…I cannot believe my age,Yet,I’m so VERY Thankful,to be Alive!!and Blessed…….Health Scares, Aging,(Grown Behind Children) Still bugging us!!!!!lol…Go…And yes! of course we LOVE* them,but please Go…….lol…We raised you the best,with the best……I hope you can relate,and this makes you “Smile”,then I will have done a part of my “Calling” To give back, to “Inspire*  someone,even,One person….It is a Good Deed*.and Jesus again, gives you Favor*Mercy, and Grace…Amen and Amen…..Consequently,I enjoy rolling up my sleeves,and getting a little dirty,(if you will!!!) lol…Why in hours I’ve removed old brush,dead,dried foliage,bushes,etc.etc. moving and hauling,discarding them Myself!!!!!Never,wanting company,not even the Grands,just wanting/wanted to be “Alone” to Pray,Mediate,Day-Dream,Visualize my Goals and Desires…I love this time with Nature,I always,bring a hot thermos of Hot coffee,or tea,too rewarm my insides…..I pause,to catch my breath,looking,intensely,for a chair,(any chair!!!) great,I approach a clean,warm,padded, patio chair,left near the corner of my garden shed,un-covered just for me….Thanks honey…..After,an hour, I finish,I stroll next door to my elderly neighbor,and cleared her front porch,allowing her mail to get delivered…she knocks on the window,expressing kind words of thanks,for my thoughtfulness,I assure her she is so welcome….Noone,ever comes to visit her,I know she has a son,(out-of-state) last year I met a sister?? I have never seen her again,Bless her Father… She is alone..My husband,shovels,her  entire yard..My Sons,have a Snow-Plowing Business,Therefore,we get Free Snow-Clearing,on those 8 to12 inches of  snow days…Lastly,as,I enter my warm,softly lit home, sweet smells of cinnamon,vanilla,tease my sense of smell….Pine,Holly Candles,linger,from Christmas……Ummm…I love it….As,I slowly unwind,I would like to wish you and your Family “A Joyous January”…….hug your children,keep  them close…    #Get out and Shovel,dress the Children warmly,(if it isn’t to Cold) Shovel, make Snowmen, just have Family Bonding Time…God Bless…blm1957  BTW: Can you tell I Love Snow-Shoveling??? I Do…..~sigh~


      Hello friends,Ho,Ho,Ho,I hope your Christmas was Blessed,Joyous,filled with Health,Wealth,and everything you desired for Christmas.Whether,you traveled,over the high-way,or if your family chose to fly,I sincerely trust,you took a moment out to remember the real (Reason For The Season,Christ Birth*) what a blessing to us,Christ Birth on December 25th………What a honor to be chosen to follow Jesus…..This morning,as I stepped over Christmas wrapping paper,gifts,over-flowing under and around our beautiful Tree…..What A beautiful Tree it is,my grandchildren,love to just lay under it,as they unwittingly,think,we cannot tell,someone has been peeking,lifting of tape,by the older guys……We all love Christmas in our home,Thusly,I’m reminded as I glance at the Calender,why! December,is Slowly Fading Away…….Moreover,this is the last week-end in December……Time waits,for no-one…As we head out to Sunday Services, I/We are truly blessed to be Alive on today,this 28th day of December….What A Joyous time,we had this Christmas,Out-of-Town,guest…Family………As Demember 2014,Slowly fade into the History Books,we are again faced with a New Year,(A Chance for a NEW*Beginning)will you receive,your New Year,striving to be a better person? Will you Share and Show love to your Fellow-man??? I hope and pray you will…….I have a lot of work to do,taking out,putting away,Christmas Decorations,Holiday Dishes,(used only once a year) I’m so blessed and very Thankful,for the Favor of Jesus,in our lives,this day and every day,Jesus, help us to stay faithful and true to you….. As well, Ourselves…….,To bless others less fortunate than us…God Bless America,and the whole World….Amen&Amen……As December 2014,slowly fades away,be grateful,for what you have,for their is Some-one far worst-off than you….Pray,for our Cities,States,Country……Blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….Hope your Christmas was Merry,Bright,and Blessed…We are looking forward to a Blessed New Year!!!! Are you??….Dare to Believe,in this Season of Miracles……


Hi friends,here’s hoping you are living your “Best Life”…….. As I was washing dishes, early this morning, 5:15 am!!!! (my family continue to tease me for not using my “Dishwasher”) I’m old-school…Washing dishes,by Hand, relaxes me,calm’s my body,I do my breathing exercise,yes!! I, can feel my body relax….If you’re wondering why  I’m washing dishes at 5:15am…Why,  I usually arise with my hubby,as he prepares to leave for work…I love the “Solace” mornings bring……At times it appears, mystical,magical,and on those foggy mornings,mysterious….Some find the fog,scary, even frightful!! Moreover, if the wind is blowing,causing trash cans,out-door furniture,to rattle,as it scuffle and rock, back and forth, leaf-less branches strike,my double-glass window,causing strange,and yes,some scary… Different shadows,dance and sway…..As I come closer, to my large bay-window,the blinds(again!!)appear to have been left OPEN!!! from last evening,as I ponder,(how many times do I have to tell my husband,when you make that last check of lock-up,each night, checking that the alarm system is armed and secure,the security camera’s are poised and focused…..Please, close the BLINDS…please!!!lol…As,the over-head light,on the oven remain On…..If an unsavory character(god for-bid)should look inside,One can/would see the complete kitchen…I just feel better when the blinds are Closed…………  Hubby,say’s honey,if a person even approach any side of our home all flood,security lights will come on (Snap)…I must admit I feel a sense of safety…….Last night, 2 of my sister’s stopped by,for dinner,we had a great time,my 2 son’s,3 grandson’s,and a niece, graced us with their presence….My sister’s and I,took our apple pie and coffee,pepsi,and water,into the family room(for girl talk) I told my son’s to stack all the dishes into the sink,(after clearing them of all food) they had/have a bad habit of putting the dirty dishes,in the dishwasher!!!!! I make a fuss, and demand they take (ALL) dishes out of the Dishwasher,leave them in the sink…As,I will wash them after everyone has left……………For, this is how I unwind,after a joyful evening with family,and anticipating an even more enjoyable moment alone with my guy…lol…I pour a glass of red-wine,turn the stereo to kitchen mode only…….Sometimes,I listen to R&B,other times Jazz,some Country…..(Love-Ballards) are good!!!! It all depends…lol……Life is Good,I check the dishwasher,making sure no dishes are left inside to mold and become smelly…(it has happened) as, everyone else, loves the dishwasher!!!!!!!(as they always remain me……,THAT’S WHAT IT’S FOR) dirty dishes…..As well,I remind each person,this is my House,my Kitchen,(my children,I tell this) Now at their various homes,they can use their Dishwasher’s all day!!!!!!!!!!!! and they do……(lazy-love-bud’s)lol……Hours,later,everyone has left for their homes…..Awwwww….I take another sip of wine, close (the Blinds)lol….I.fill my sink with Olay gentle hand/dish treatment,the smell is sweet,my shiny sterling double-sink is filled with soapy,soft,fragrant,slightly hot water,as the sink fills to the desired level,I ditch the gloves,as my soft,polished nails,gently sink to the bottom,a feeling of pure joy,over take me a I separate the glasses firstly,then the plates,bowls,etc…lastly,the flat-ware,as I clean each glass,dish,spoon,fork,the music is softly playing,Toni Braxton is singing in the background,I pause,grab a bounty paper towel,dry my hands,and turn Miss Toni,up,just a little louder…I’m home……lol…As my hands once again emerge into the clean warm water,that will cleanse each dish,leaving them sparkling and Clean…..The old fashion way…..Yes, I love washing my dishes…..Try it..It’s so calming…..BTW: Hoilday’s I/We use the Dishwasher!!!!!!!lol…..I do have a limit…………smiles..Hug your children,keep them close…….  Peace…..-The Dish-Washer-……lol…..Try it…..