~~GOOD-BYE JUNE 2015~~

Hello friends, how is life treating you?Great I hope,and trust..Well,my family of friends,so much has happened since I last wrote here…,,The Month of June proved to be a Joyous,Sorrowful,Record-Breaking Weather* in this loveliest of months…..I always loved the month of June,for,it signaled an ending and beginning..The ending of another School year,A Graduation,from High School,or a 4 year Univerity….Even,our 4,and 5 year old’s,relish the feeling of being a Grown-up ,wearing a Cap and Gown,for the very first time,as they excitedly,forge ahead to higher learning,the First Grade!!!!!! lol..(Life) This is their new beginning,a clean,fresh,start to Obtaining any Career they choose,any* Dream,you visualize,It Will* happen if you Believe!!!!!! Parents, lets teach our children,from infant’s to strive,and set goals,to dream,to be God-fearing, loving, helpful,never* Hurtful,Human-Being…..It begins with us (The Parents) Amen and Amen…..The Weather,3 words (OMG) Oh My God!!! Help Us Father….



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