~~~THE END OF MAY,2016

 Hello friends, How are you and your family braving these trying times? Bad weather has destroyed our cities, counties,and States…My heart is filled with sorrow and sympathy,for those affected by the life-changing destruction…… My mind always wonder,what will these people do!!! For, they have nothing left,with visions,of loud howling,90 to 100 wind an hour winds… Total Destruction….Most neigborhood’s are “Uninhabitable..Lost,Destroyed,forever,the only hope is rebuilding!!(which most likely,will take years) to bring towns and cities,back to a simpler time..As well, I cannot phantom trying to live again, breathe again,when every thing around you is torn,cars,homes,trees,cover,the landscape,every where one looks you only find (pure devastation)…However,suddenly,my Faith kicks in,I look for the joy,grace,mercy,of Life,(your family is accounted for) your life has been Spared!!!! Amen and Amen…We do not understand Why awful occurrences, happen to us,also,our once beautiful community,gone in a blink of the eye……GONE…Clothes,are shredded,ripped,furniture,is broken as if a wood shredder,engulfed,any standing piece of wood,oak,and maple,twisting and turning,pulling, devouring any item left standing from these powerful,out of control,forces of nature….Often times, cars,trucks,are later found grotesquely hanging in a tree… My fellow American’s, my thoughts and prayers, are with you,in these Unreal,life-changing situations,Therefore, in these Last Days* of May* I wish every person who has been impacted by these killer Storms.Hope,Peace,A strong sence of survival,a willingness,to push forward,even when,you have become (Homeless) in a matter of seconds… I’m so sorry.. My thoughts and Prayers again are with you and your family…Instead,focus on your love-ones,(who You are Blessed* to hold,touch,and see)… Your Family.. You need them,they need you,and together,You will Rebuild,Regroup,Regain,and Recover……Amen and Amen….Lastly, these last days of May, find our great Country, in disbelief about our Voting rights, the Candidates,who are pursuing the Office of the President of the United States of America…Father, Help Us…We need you now!!!!!!!(I cannot believe the choices,the lies,the inexperience that  prevail.Thusly, the choice is our’s do we move on?? Yes!!! we Must,staying Prayerful,asking for guidance,and Understanding,in these troubling times,our final assurance is you,believing, that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”… Don’t give up/in..Take it to the Father,and leave your Burden’s there….Remember,Life is what we choose…The 4 R’s are so important…..Rebuild,Regroup,Regain,and Recover….For, you are Winner,As such,Winners NEVER Quit……Make the most of the last Days of May 2016, For, I know Joy, shall come in the Morning………. blm1957@wordpress.com….Hug your Children, keep them close……..  R>I>P Cousin Ernest Reid,you will be missed…  BLM 1957………







Hello friends,welcome,to the many “Joy’s Of April”…..”Hear Ye,Hear Ye,”Spring has Sprung……….A new season,is upon us, a “Renewal”….Good-Bye,Winter,the cold,the relentless snow,and again the Cold!!!!!lol….”Oh, yes we can…..Happy,”Blessed” Easter,to all…..Meanwhile,as we remember,The real reason,we celebrate Easter,the “Resurrection”of Jesus Christ….Which occurred on the third day after he was “Crucified”on the Cross……….Thank You Father……..(Amen&Amen) As,a young teen,I still remember,the 4th.month of the year,April,bringing,and stirring memories,of a new time,as the season changed,and a renewal seem to over-come the land,town,city…Even,when/if you inhale deeply,one can smell a difference,a sudden warmth,also,can be felt…The grass,lawn,although,brown and dense,appearing dead,and life-less,however, one knows in just weeks,Green,will appear,on the lawn,yard,and everywhere,trees will once again,come alive with baby buds growing,changing colors,fullness,and life has returned….Yes,Spring is here….Therefore,join me please in “Welcoming Spring…Shake off all those winter woe’s,gloom,and negativity…..Give thanks,in this new season,A second-chance,to get it right this Spring….Sat yourself up for “Blessings” Hope and Joy….A new day,a new year,Rejoice and be glad in it………..As,you know I love my Gardening,so,this is heaven to me,the out-of-doors…I love it.I’m waiting for my Tulips,to burst open in brilliant color’s of red,yellow,and medium pink…What a beautiful sight to behold,My body feels renewed,and ready for the Hot Days Of Summer…..lol…Secondly,  small animals that hibernate are usually coming out of their burrows in April…The birds fly back northward or they settle down to have their families..~sigh~..The bees and butterflies begin to gather nectar from the”first flowers of the seasons”….In some parts of the world,it is planting time,in others,it is harvest season.Amazing,isn’t it????My 2 youngest grandson’s are excited about about this month of April,as,professional baseball begins in one week……Ahh,”The Joy’s Of April”,Spring Cleaning,Painting,New Lawn/Outdoor Furniture,Raking the dead grass until all the matted,twisted grass,once again appear loose,fresh,just waiting to turn green,For,” April Showers Bring May Flowers”..I love the changing of Seasons,Spring,brings forth Summer,(I can hardly wait)…Lastly,I hope you had the best Easter ever,Never,forgetting the “Ressurrection”of Jesus Christ…..Amen&Amen…How many dozens of eggs did your family dye/color??? How many can you eat at one setting???What color Jelly-Bean is your Favorite??? Do you have Easter Egg Hunts?? We do!!! The Grands love Our Hidden Egg Hunts…..We have 1/2 Acres,in the front and side,2 Acres surrounds/covers the back…Our Land….lol…As well,in the back-yard,foilage grows so dense and thick,one can easily get lost,if not careful….Therefore,we only venture 4ft,into the area…lol.. spooky!!!!! laughs…. I love life, and the Awesome Month of April……Stay Blessed…hug your children,keep them close….blm1957@wordpress.com …Don’t eat to many eggs or jellybeans…..lol…blm1957 BTW: Embrace Spring,we had a long harsh winter….Peace….Pray 4 Understanding…….    #The Blood Of Jesus      #A.D. The Bible Continues


      Hello friends,Ho,Ho,Ho,I hope your Christmas was Blessed,Joyous,filled with Health,Wealth,and everything you desired for Christmas.Whether,you traveled,over the high-way,or if your family chose to fly,I sincerely trust,you took a moment out to remember the real (Reason For The Season,Christ Birth*) what a blessing to us,Christ Birth on December 25th………What a honor to be chosen to follow Jesus…..This morning,as I stepped over Christmas wrapping paper,gifts,over-flowing under and around our beautiful Tree…..What A beautiful Tree it is,my grandchildren,love to just lay under it,as they unwittingly,think,we cannot tell,someone has been peeking,lifting of tape,by the older guys…..lol…We all love Christmas in our home,Thusly,I’m reminded as I glance at the Calender,why! December,is Slowly Fading Away…….Moreover,this is the last week-end in December……Time waits,for no-one…As we head out to Sunday Services, I/We are truly blessed to be Alive on today,this 28th day of December….What A Joyous time,we had this Christmas,Out-of-Town,guest…Family………As Demember 2014,Slowly fade into the History Books,we are again faced with a New Year,(A Chance for a NEW*Beginning)will you receive,your New Year,striving to be a better person? Will you Share and Show love to your Fellow-man??? I hope and pray you will…….I have a lot of work to do,taking out,putting away,Christmas Decorations,Holiday Dishes,(used only once a year) I’m so blessed and very Thankful,for the Favor of Jesus,in our lives,this day and every day,Jesus, help us to stay faithful and true to you….. As well, Ourselves…….,To bless others less fortunate than us…God Bless America,and the whole World….Amen&Amen……As December 2014,slowly fades away,be grateful,for what you have,for their is Some-one far worst-off than you….Pray,for our Cities,States,Country……Blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….Hope your Christmas was Merry,Bright,and Blessed…We are looking forward to a Blessed New Year!!!! Are you??….Dare to Believe,in this Season of Miracles……..blm1957@wordpress.com


Hello friends,I have missed you and wanted to hear from my loyal followers…However,my life,changed in a flash, with  the New Year-2014,If someone had whispered,shouted, to me that our family would lose 3 close,loving,valuable, cherished,members of my/our family,I would have shook my head in disbelief,ask,for an apologize,and told the messenger to please -Stop Playing- and never utter,sorrowful,words of Sadness ever again….Therfore, when my sister-in-law,called to let my husband know that morning,that cold,windy,bone-chilling December 27th,2013, early morning call,4:25 am.When does one ever get good news,when your phone rings,harshly,seemingly louder that usual) that early…I had a feeling it would not be good news….-I just knew) Sadly, my -S.I.L.- muttered,tearfully, that Dad had just passed away,she briefly,left the ICU,to relay,this dreadful news of Death…Whereas,my father-in-law,had been given, maybe a year to live,we knew the probability of that prediction was incorrect,-we knew- yet, we prayed,and asked for healing,and deliverance, while,knowing,Jesus,-Will- shall be done….Meanwhile,we were still celebrating Christmas,we had family from out of town.(2 of my sister’s and 3 of their grands) however, my husband,just could not get into the holiday spirit,(and he loves Christmas as much as I) My In-laws,live in Springfield,Ill.we had just visited for Thanksgiving,Dad was in awful pain,but, he tried to play it off,my husband, stood proudly with Dad,for months,(as he took off for 4 months from work last summer,June,July,August,and, October,to be with him on his birthday…October 22nd.When, we talked that night,he said honey,it makes me so sad,to hear my dad pray to live to see Christmas…..Thusly,he made it!!!! he made it for Christmas…We are so thankful,fot that… Needless,to say his Funeral was held January 3rd,2014..It was touching and moving,As I told the family Dad can feel no more pain, no more sorrow,he is finally resting……Rest on Dad,we love you and will always carry you in our hearts………So, I quess you realize,our -New Year- was a little sad..Moreover,we returned home,one week later,The week of January 12th,2014,my favorite cousin,Chris,Passed away,In Shock, I/We went thru the motions of another passing,I talked with Chris,before leaving for Dad’s Funeral,she spoke of wanting to visit Vegas,this summer,was I interested? Yes,I replied,we laughed about a family member,who always make plans,but, can never quite come up with enough funds,we laugh and set aside a little cash for her….We ended our conversation,with words of love and joy,and laughter,I never knew,(WE WOULD NEVER SPEAK AGAIN)……….-sigh- Tears of sadness are falling,but, I need them as they heal…Chris,Services,were so sad because of her Grandchildren, crying,and calling her name,I still hear their tiny moans of pure hurt and loss…..So Sad…I left early,it was too much,as, I was thinking,how,my grandson’s,would miss me…..But Wait!!!!!! on January 25th,my Brother-in-law,was killed by a Hit&Run Driver…(who was drunk,of course) My sister was Devastated…Crushed.they had made plans on that last Friday,for their annual cruise……Yes, friends, my faith has been Tried*Yet,I refuse to stop thanking and praising my Jesus,for he is truly Awesome…..I’m hurting,but I’m holding on,Trusting in my Savior,all the day long…..I find peace,in the quite times,as I Paint, design Wreaths,care for my family,go about my daily duties,Friends,Please,don’t take Today,Tomorrow,for granted!!!! It is not promised,Live like its your last day,love your children,spouse,family,for as you can see,Life is fleeing,you can parish in a blink of the eye!!!!! So, now you know where/why it’s been 3 months,since I wrote a post..Just reflecting on life,and trying to be the best I can be….All Is Well..Amen&Amen…Hug your Children,keep them close to you…Say I love you often…I’m glad to be back…….Peace,love,and joy…blm1957@wordpress.com  


A Delightful,Defining,and In-Depth December,is my wish,for you and your love ones….I can hardly believe we are in the very last month of the year…….December,the month of Christmas!!!!! Why, it’s the most happiest,fun-filled month of all..I love Christmas with a passion,deeper than anyone on the planet!!!!!!! I’m the true lover of Christmas.The Decortation,(the Color’s of Christmas) (Green&Red*/White)….My favorite part ,is the Decorating of my 4 Christmas Trees…..I love tossing, long “gold”long,dangling strands,of thin garland..At times, I thrown a few” silver” strands…..(I prefer gold)..As well,about (53 each tree),red velvet bows,(Sm.Med.) adorn the “green” trees… I plan for days of decorating my home,inside,and out. Our  home was voted “Best Christmas Themed Home” 2 years in a row!!!! Are you getting the picture that okay,so this lady loves Christmas, lol….(While,never* forgetting, the real reason for the season!!! Why,Jesus Christ Birth of course..) Please,never,forget the (REAL) reason for the season..(JESUS) Amen&Amen..  Today, I ventured into the attic…….(where ,we keep every thing,you can imagine)!!!! lol..I find the 3 green pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, I’m searching for,right where I had left them last January…~sigh~ Their- is the 6ft. 8ft..and 12ft.tree. The 12ft.goes in the family room,as,we have cathedral ceilings,(it seems,as if,one can gaze up, until your neck aches,at just how far you lean,to see the very height, and width of the top of my home..The 8ft.tree,goes in the library upstairs, and my darling 6ft.stands so blissful,magical, and looks simply beautiful in our master*bedroom,it’s perfectly shaped,decorated to the 10th. power!!!lol..Just across, on the adjoining wall,is a Bay-Window,and a 5ft.oval gold-encrust Mirror, the Double Exposure,is Awesome…………………………….

~~~ I enjoy waking in the morning,gazing at my Lovely* tree!!As,I thank Jesus,for a new day,..A fresh start……..Our bedroom,also, has the cathedral…….Often times, I’m even astonished,at the height,and magical,spells,the sky-light,seems to cast,differing shapes,forms,as the clouds move,and turn like cotton balls,and cool whip,white, light,fluffy,and airy,moving,changing,just heavenly…………As,I bring the 6ft.tree down, I call out to my hubby,(Help) he comes just in time to catch us both,as the tree somehow,slips from my hand,while hubby,brings,down the 2 other trees,I remind him,we brought that 8ft.pre-lit,white fir,(last year) for the front porch,I decorate it in all gold!!!ornaments,bows,and gold ribbons!!! what,a sight to behold…I realize finally after,my 3rd.trip to the basement,there is A LOT!!! of work to do,(Lots) It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks,to get everything decorated* Thus, I take my precious time and make things Beautiful and Bright….For, it’s Christmas time,I just love this time of year….There are boxes and container’s of decorations,bows,ribbons,and glass ornanments..We have 4 Santa’s,Large, 2 medium,1 small..I finally,leave the basement after 2 hours,I’m tired……Every box is labeled,Therefore, it is easy to find everything……Well, I have 1 week to get my trees all decorated….Here’s to a Delightful,Defining,In-Depth December……I will keep you informed on my progress…lol…I love Christmas……hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com..Peace,Joy,Comfort…….23 Days until Christmas…..join in the count-down,with your little-ones…..blm1957….  BTW: there are 5 “string’s’ of dim-white lights,on the white fir~the 3 green-pine’s~are pre-lit,(and yes after a quick plug-in,every light was shining……Yea!!!lol…I believe,we have a least 60-150 strings of lights.(clear and assorted)..Don’t you just love this blessed,merry,time of year?????                        “Merry Decorating” Have you found the right* “TREE” for your family??????(DECORATING IN DECEMBER)  the very best,time of the year…..Amen& Amen..