~~~~~~ARE YOU A GOOD MOTHER ~~~~~~

                    Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s around the world……..After waking  this morning,pausing to pray,thankful to have been Blessed to witness another “Mother’s Day,2014…I began to look over my own live,as I was raising my children…My children are late 70’s,early 80’s babies….My how things have changed,in the 21st.century…….Thus,I decided to write about Quote/Unquote” Are You A Good Mother???? Firstly, are you a good Mother, married, your husband makes 90,000 yearly,Thus,allowing you to stay home with your children,teaching them morals, values,socialization,sharing,and caring for their siblings and little friends,stressing the importance of education,always, answering questions that arrive,even if at times, it makes you uncomfortable…On the other hand are you a “Good Mother” if you are the (Sole-Bread Winner) single,unmarried,and lonely???Yet, you wake early,after another sleepless night, lone-some for companionship,help with the children,a partner to help with bills,discipline*, P.T.A. meetings,after-school activities,(at times) 2 to 3 school’s are involved,however, you are there right on time…..for your love-bud’s…..-Does this make you a good Mother???????? Does it make you a “Good Mother”if you are middle-class,married,you both have to work,to maintain your style of living,although,you never seem to have enough money for little extra’s,your bills are none-the-less paid,(some months a few days late,however,they are paid…….You have family day,every friday evening,after dinner,where each child can express any grievance,worry,idea,or new ways to improve the family bonding time..Afterwards,as you tuck each child into bed,placing a soft kiss on your little one’s(2yrs.) head,gently placing his favorite stuffed animal into eager little arms,as you,turn to leave,quitely,turning off the night-lamp,as you depart…..Now,comes the drama……..for you have tweens*(help) of course,Mandy, is still on her cell,after being told it time to hang up,(yeah right)lol..as your once sweet,kind,child now 14,(know’s Everything*)rolls her eyes upwards,really Bored!!!finally,she says goodbye,you say good-night,however,you do not hear a reply!!! yet,you still say good-night,sweetheart,and close her bed-room door…(and you nabbed her cell,as you walked out)….lol……Now,here comes trouble, your 12-year-old, who is having learning difficulties,still playing video games,after,being told by Dad,to turn off all games…But, No!!!!!He has to mumble,roll his eyes,snack his mouth and (try) to talk back..Hold on buddy,I hear Dad,as he fastly,with sternness,in his voice, demand,Tim, turn off that game Right Now!!! without,another word, obedience,prevails………Thank God for Father’s……Mom,(with a Mother’s love) give Tim a kiss on the cheek,as she tells him for the 100th. time,Timmy,I love you,I give you everything!! As he murmur’s,yeah right!! whatever man…….Is she a “Good Mother”??? Next comes the “Stripper”a Mother, with 2 children, ages 2 and 10, she leaves them home alone each night,while praying for their Safety,as she is new to the area,leaving her family,and hometown,for a new life,in a different city,(for her and her babies) As well,”A New Beginning….Sadly, the only job she knows good,is Stripping,and after- 3 failed job interviews- I need money,she think’s and rethinks……Her 10 yr.old,has seen so many harsh,crude,dirty-dealings,drugs,party girls, many have spent the night,at his house,at time Mom leaves for a day or two,but, she always leaves food, a cell phone,-just to call her-(not Granny) sometimes,I wish my little brother and I could live with Granny&Granddad,but, Mom,says, NO!!!! we have to stay with her…..At times, I’m so scared,my heart feels as if it will burst open,spilling my innards…Hey,,I’m only a 10 years old..My mom feeds us, plays with us,takes us to Chucky Cheese,but, then she goes to work late at night,(late) and comes home before it’s time for me to go to school,I have food,nice clothes,weekly hair-cut,and I love my mom and little brother,I wish I knew my Dad……..Mom,never answer,when I ask about him,she say’s she’s my Dad & Mom…What the????-IS SHE A GOOD MOTHER-???? I hope you will think about this Question and answer honestly:ARE YOU A GOOD MOTHER……..hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com …Happy Mother’s Day-Mom’s………#Bring Back Our Girls…their mom’s need them…………Peace…blm1957         


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