Hello Friends,as this Smoldering month of July leaves us,I  invite you to take a hard look at your life,your dreams,and goals…Inventory,if you will….Are you living your best life?? Are you taking out time for yourself, in this hot, humid, muggy weather,here,in the mid-west,the weather has not been as torrid,as the month of June…I would like to ask all mother’s and adult daughters,to set  goals,for yourself,as we enter into the new month of August..Oh, August, my August..Mother’s unite,for a new school year,as hard as it is to imagine/believe is just around the corner!!! Oh,School Clothes, Supplies,etc.etc….No! don’t think about school clothes,nor,supplies,today,(Let It Go)!!! (It’s all about you today)..,Take a moment,Breathe,find your (Quiet Place).. Relax,if a Spa day is unaffordable,make your own little spa scene/area,Be it, your bathroom,den,or bedroom,Aww,I’m feeling calmer already….Buy several scented candles,move a plant,preferably,a palm tree,into your space….The mood/effect is senual and calming…….lol…Moreover,before beginning, make one trip to your favorite local Wal-Mart,Macy’s,or Kmart,or Penny’s,and purchase a soft white bath robe,inexpensive,white slippers,and you are good to go…. After, the house is empty,and quiet, Inhale,exhale,lock all doors,lol.. and go for it….It’s “ALL” about you……Are you like me,loving the sweet pungent odor smell of Lavendar????it’s a heavenly scent,grab,a bottle of your favorite lotion,and of course baby oil..Yes, baby oil,is a scented sensation…However,Lavendar,is #one any day!!!!! you can apply it lightly or heavy,(making sure too protect the area,you are lying in/on….. Using,a warmer,to heat your lavender oil,in seconds, the sweet smell permeates,throughout your room, relax and enjoy,where do you keep your Boom-Box??lol..(you know you have a(Boom Box)lol..I love tranquil music,as I relax,and condition my over-worked,dry,tired,body,as I lie,quietly,The sounds of water,softly,at times rough,take me to a place of pure joy,the quietness,the peace,of being home alone,(no worries) no problems,as,I/You refuse,to receive any Negativity…….Have your favorite nail-polish,on your table,as,you have already removed any old polish on your nails and  toes,it’s, so much fun,and Sanitary to give yourself a mannie and peddie…Gotta love it……Blm 1957@wordpress.com.hug your children,keep them close…As your body,soak in the oils,,and you once again feel renewed,enjoy  the feeling,the Softness,Suppleness,and Serinity of a soft,glowing,pampered body…For, IT’S All ABOUT YOU……….. blm 1957……….Gooy-Bye July 2015……


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