Hello friends,I welcome you to the Beauty of October….This morning,as I opened my sleepy eyes ,taking a few seconds to focus….I slowly gazed around my dimly lit bedroom glancing,at my heavily draped windows remembering,to leave a small opening thereby,allowing bright,sunlight to warm me,move me,inspire*me to get up,and go….Meanwhile,I pause to pray,  as I retreat to my chaise lounge….It’s,huge!!!, Oversized..(Super King)  Caramel,in color plush,soft,sunken,and a joy to lie back,relax,and meditate…….,While sipping very warm,(bordering on hot), Pearl Jasmine tea, spiked with lemon and honey…Soothing,as it smoothly,glide down my throat,I feel the warmth of the tea,the delicate taste of jasmine and honey I so love this morning ritual….We purposely,positioned the lounger, in front of the east window,because of my love, and Need for the Sun!!!.Why,it’s 6 am…Walking to the window,I grab the remote to open the draperies,as far as they suspend,what a beautiful sight…Im just taken aback,at the beauty of October….As, a October chill penetrates the early morning,cutting through my half-open window,as I reach up to pull it shut I’m amazed,as a squirrel,then a  bird appears,(chirping softly) suddenly,the sound of a distance leaf blower,hums away….As the sun shines brighter, warming me,my community,and the earth….As well,joy,peace,and gracefulness,feels my eyes and heart…My, such a lovely sight…..Seemingly,only the outdoors, and myself,get to savor  this glorious early morning moment…….The Trees*,are what take me too another level!!!! The brilliant colors,orange,brown,yellow,red,was that a wine colored leaf rolling,and twirling in the wind? It sure looked wine…..lol..However,my Maple Tree,is my object of peace,the stunning beauty,the bright oranges,yellows….Standing 12 ft. tall now!!!It is truly Beautiful……my hubby, planted it 80 feet from our bay window on purpose,so I would have this beautiful foliage to behold up close and personal*every fall/autumn morning/evening……  The leaves are piled high in places,while a large pile seems to whirl around in circles,covering my already leaf filled yard…Lastly,like myself,I hope you are enjoying the “Beauty of October”get out,grab your children,and rake the leaves,better yet,let the little-ones play/throw the leaves….Fun.Fun.will be had by all,(Free Clean Family Fun)…Try it…..blm1957@wordpress.com…hug your children,keep them close…BLM 1957…Peace,Love,Joy,seek happiness in the Beauty of October………..#So Be It,#Praying for Lamar     Family October Birthday’s: October 13th: Twins,(Jack&Jay) R.I.P.Miss You… Also,October 13th. Charlie B,October 19th: Sweet* Zan Meredith.kiss,kiss..& Ms.Prin..October 22nd.(My Father-in-law) Jesus Tenario,Miss you Dad,love you,R.I.P. October 27th:My 3rd. Son, Derian Patrick,Love You Son,Lastly,October 29th:Madison Lee,love u Maddie….Blessed Birthday’s…


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