~~~THE END OF MAY,2016

 Hello friends, How are you and your family braving these trying times? Bad weather has destroyed our cities, counties,and States…My heart is filled with sorrow and sympathy,for those affected by the life-changing destruction…… My mind always wonder,what will these people do!!! For, they have nothing left,with visions,of loud howling,90 to 100 wind an hour winds… Total Destruction….Most neigborhood’s are “Uninhabitable..Lost,Destroyed,forever,the only hope is rebuilding!!(which most likely,will take years) to bring towns and cities,back to a simpler time..As well, I cannot phantom trying to live again, breathe again,when every thing around you is torn,cars,homes,trees,cover,the landscape,every where one looks you only find (pure devastation)…However,suddenly,my Faith kicks in,I look for the joy,grace,mercy,of Life,(your family is accounted for) your life has been Spared!!!! Amen and Amen…We do not understand Why awful occurrences, happen to us,also,our once beautiful community,gone in a blink of the eye……GONE…Clothes,are shredded,ripped,furniture,is broken as if a wood shredder,engulfed,any standing piece of wood,oak,and maple,twisting and turning,pulling, devouring any item left standing from these powerful,out of control,forces of nature….Often times, cars,trucks,are later found grotesquely hanging in a tree… My fellow American’s, my thoughts and prayers, are with you,in these Unreal,life-changing situations,Therefore, in these Last Days* of May* I wish every person who has been impacted by these killer Storms.Hope,Peace,A strong sence of survival,a willingness,to push forward,even when,you have become (Homeless) in a matter of seconds… I’m so sorry.. My thoughts and Prayers again are with you and your family…Instead,focus on your love-ones,(who You are Blessed* to hold,touch,and see)… Your Family.. You need them,they need you,and together,You will Rebuild,Regroup,Regain,and Recover……Amen and Amen….Lastly, these last days of May, find our great Country, in disbelief about our Voting rights, the Candidates,who are pursuing the Office of the President of the United States of America…Father, Help Us…We need you now!!!!!!!(I cannot believe the choices,the lies,the inexperience that  prevail.Thusly, the choice is our’s do we move on?? Yes!!! we Must,staying Prayerful,asking for guidance,and Understanding,in these troubling times,our final assurance is you,believing, that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”… Don’t give up/in..Take it to the Father,and leave your Burden’s there….Remember,Life is what we choose…The 4 R’s are so important…..Rebuild,Regroup,Regain,and Recover….For, you are Winner,As such,Winners NEVER Quit……Make the most of the last Days of May 2016, For, I know Joy, shall come in the Morning………. blm1957@wordpress.com….Hug your Children, keep them close……..  R>I>P Cousin Ernest Reid,you will be missed…  BLM 1957………







Hello friends, are you in a positive place today on this 29th.day of February,(A Leap Year Bonus) an extra day…….Yea!!! I hope like me, you are taking/enjoying this extra day,to find yourself,to rediscover your place in life,your dreams,your calling……I’m volunteering my services today at the Red Cross,collecting,and sizing New Blankets (I ask my family and friends to buy 2 Blankets, small and full/queen Every two months….However, (I only ask those who I know can afford to do so)….As well,These collected blankets are for families,of fire,or loss and need…Friends, what are you going to do with this extra* 24 hours today?Are you going to Embrace the Day*or, Sleep* it Away? I beg  you, Seize,* Today, take these bonus 24 hrs.hold yourself tightly,as you love yourself,because of you!!! the loving person you’ve become…… Thus,make it ALL about you…After, you inform your friends and families,of your taking of this day,February 29th.for YOU…….If you live alone great…lol….If like me, you have family,and a hubby..(Greater)-sigh-If you work,or are a stay at home mom.Again, (take the day) I informed hubby and children,(all grown) and grands,that Monday the 29th,the bonus day,was all mine,they were fine with this…I love them.lol….As I sit alone in my quiet home devoid of people and issues..Awww,the Peace!!!!This is what makes me happy,Joyous,and in the best place one can experience…..A place of Joy and Peace….As, the delicious aroma’s from my scented candles, 15 in total,of every fragrance, engulf my huge bedroom,I have satin pillows,of differing sizes,colors,arranged over the floor,a comfy,cozy,chaise longuer,sit’s prominently, in the corner,I slide/roll, it in the center of the room,as I  sink deeply,into the heavily cushioned seat,I prepare to  give myself a Mani/and Pedi….I love it…(As Im a germaphobic) (I will do my own,nails,and toes,thank you very much..lol..)I have at least 10 colors,on one pillow,as I struggle to decide…Soft relaxing music fill my ears/mind with happiness, and smiles,from days past…After,prayer and meditation,I feel such JOY* I want to express my thoughts on finding/having Joy in my/your life beginning today*,and forever…This Bonus Extra Day!! The Power Of Joy- When we don’t feel well,it’s easy to feel down in our spirits,as we love being active and healthy.The blues can be a powerful thing,(fight it) over-come it…You Must!!If you have small children,tweens,teens,that’s even  more of a reason you have to make it…As well,there’s something more powerful than the blues,It’s the power of JOY…Joy isn’t dependent on our circumstances,It’s a Choice I/You can make- a choice to laugh with those we love,a chance to focus on the good..A choice to trust in the love of God as he will always bring us into brighter/better days….A truly happy smile brings Joy to my heart…Amen and Amen….Enjoy this Bonus Day……blm1957@wordpress.com..hug your children,keep them close…. blm1957…# 29 Days


Hello friends,how are you and your family doing this “Super” 22nd,day of September??I trust that everyone,is far to Blessed* to be Stressed*, I just know you are too Joyous,Thankful,and living your DREAM……….As well,when a person lives with Vision,goals,thoughts,of realizing and discovering your true Calling*,if you have Conquered this most important link toward true freedom,and peace,you should indeed give yourself,a pat on the back,indulge in a gentle self-squeeze..lol..hug yourself,love you for the loving,giving person you strive to be…For, when we come to the Realization,of our Purpose,here on Earth,(When you know you Must keep your Secret Place*,(your Heart)as clean,pure,as you can,(Knowing No One Is Perfect****) Noone..I Challenge you to ask our Father* for the Desire’s of your Heart,(It shall be given,Believe,have Faith,hold on to that Faith no matter what obstacles arise,and they will!!!! unfortunately, most times when things are going great,some unexpected problem/worry,an unexpected financial Burden WILL* visit your HOME!!!! Seemingly,when you/we have no cares/ worries,as you Strive every day, living as Honest,Clean,Truthful,Upstanding,Law-abiding,Citizen.you can/are…..Admittedly,making mistakes..However,we repent,ask for forgiveness,and face another day….When all else fail….Pray!!!! Pray, Believe,Trust in our Father…Don’t give up!!! Never give In,Stay Focus,In these troubled times,It will be ALL* over in the morning….Amen and Amen…hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com…#Pope Francis,I Pray for your Health,Safety,and Peace,as,you continue your Walk* with our Father……# The Pope Comes to America….Blessings,Blessings,what Peace I felt just watching him,listening,what a Joy…….God Bless America!!!!!blm1957,These last days of September,please Live with a Purpose,a Goal,Help a person in Need,make a difference…….It begins with You/Us………


Hello friends, I greet you with love, peace, mercy and grace…Friends, I must reveal, my Faith has truly been tried this turbulent Month of August..Wereas,the weather in various parts of our great U.S.A….As well,several countries,are left with total devastation,and destruction…Father’s murdering their innocent family,kind,loving,People,getting shot down/DEAD,ON LIVE T.V…S.M.H…Just doing the Job,they love………Oh Father, I humbly come before you,asking for peace,faith,to help us make some sence of these daily occurrences,help us Father, to realize your will Must be done… Moreover,I made the decision  to only watch 1 News broadcast a day….It’s too overwhelming….My only recourse,and Hope,*is my Faith*,my Trust*,in Jesus-Christ……….For,it gives me the strength to venture on,Not giving up,as I struggle,to understand…. the horrible,disgraceful,senseless(Senseless) Tragedies,that provokes,disbelief,sadness,that feeling of just wanting to give up,throwing one’s hands to the sky,in total defeat….Again my/my family Faith has been tested*in this turbulent Month of August…….However,I will not stop Believing and Praying for (the families of all Murdered Love-ones….Also,those who have suddenly became Home-less,through no fault of their own…Bless Them,Comfort Them,(Comfort them Father,as Only you can)……Amen and Amen…Lastly, my prayer is that you remain safe,secure,and loved in these last days….Ask Our Father,for the desires of your heart,remember,(Ask and it shall be Given)…Amen…I realize we are living in troubling times,but, things could always,Always be worst…Just be Thankful….September,is 1 day away,lets, begin September,with Hope,Joy,and Love for our Country and fellow citizens….I’m Grateful,just to write this post,Blessed to have a home,food,Health** Bills paid,and Peace…Amen and Amen…Stay Inspired,hug your children,keep them close..blm1957@wordpress.com ..                      #Allison Parker,#Adam Ward  # Trooper Wolf (Michigan)#Understanding………  blm1957@wordpress.com  #Katrina 10 years later,we will Never forget you…..

~~GOOD-BYE JUNE 2015~~

Hello friends, how is life treating you?Great I hope,and trust..Well,my family of friends,so much has happened since I last wrote here…,,The Month of June proved to be a Joyous,Sorrowful,Record-Breaking Weather* in this loveliest of months…..I always loved the month of June,for,it signaled an ending and beginning..The ending of another School year,A Graduation,from High School,or a 4 year Univerity….Even,our 4,and 5 year old’s,relish the feeling of being a Grown-up ,wearing a Cap and Gown,for the very first time,as they excitedly,forge ahead to higher learning,the First Grade!!!!!! lol..(Life) This is their new beginning,a clean,fresh,start to Obtaining any Career they choose,any* Dream,you visualize,It Will* happen if you Believe!!!!!! Parents, lets teach our children,from infant’s to strive,and set goals,to dream,to be God-fearing, loving, helpful,never* Hurtful,Human-Being…..It begins with us (The Parents) Amen and Amen…..The Weather,3 words (OMG) Oh My God!!! Help Us Father….



Welcome, my snow-bond friends,how are you dealing with the “Snow Blizzard of 2015”???? Here in the mid-west,16.7 inches of Snow has fallen in 48 hours…..A snow storm/blizzard happens when large amounts of Snow,fall rapidly within 1 hour or less,lasting for 24 to 48 hours…This morning,as I parted my draperies,after 2 days,of constant falling snow, we have Huge* mounds of snow,piled it seems 5/6 inches high,I venture to add,some piles are at least 8 ft. tall,yes,I love “Snow” however,this is a bit MUCH!!!!!!!Outside,its freezing,frosty,at times foggy,frigid,with one fearing frost-bite…I remain inside my home, only  going out if it is absolutely nessasary..For, it is just too Cold*…..lol…I wondered privately,(am I getting older,and feeling the cold more????even,asking family members,if they are feeling the same,,,As well,knowing,People,living in this snow storm/blizzard of 2015,are feeling the very same despair….As I continue to gaze around my yard, and across the street,around my neighborhood, and community,Snow,Snow is piled high Every where…. As, I drove to Sam’s, early this morning (6:30am) to stock-up on needed Items for a (Snow Storm/Blizzard)….. Meanwhile, 2 hours later driving home, it appears,as if a giant,(HUGE),hand Bursted*from  the sky/clouds dropping/depositing, inches/piles of Snow,over our cities,and States… I’m safely home,(Amen& Amen)…As, I put away my Bounty…..I rest awhile,pray,and take a needed nap!!! It’s cold outside…(-6 below)……. Hours,later as I peer through my kitchen blinds,I raise them as high as they lock,(I can see for miles…lol… This morning,now 11:45am,is slightly foggy,somewhat, dark…The dried,thicken branches,of my barren tree seem to dance and sway,causing a shadowy figure  to move and play against the bay window…At times,it’s creepy,yet,exciting to watch,as I stop to inhale the pure beauty,of this morning,(Thankful,that I went out shopping,blessed to arrive back* home Safe)…Amen&Amen…Although,I try to stay away from the window,the beautiful,silvery,shiny,clear,snow drifts,catch my eyes,and hold them transfixed to this glorious sight,magical even,for, it is so Beautiful…….I stare for minutes,unable to move…What a whimsical vision…It is as if, an Artist,took his brush and painted a White Winter Wonderland….A line of snow drifts,stand boldly,one drift appears 3ft,one 5ft,another 8 ft..and so on and so on….You  wonder if (Richard Kincaid) himself,painted this frozen scene…….lol….Moreover,the shiny,brilliant,crystal-like,top of the drifts,Glow in the bright Sunshine…..The sun shines so brightly, however,it will take weeks to melt these huge mounds of snow……..Lastly,I find peace,thankfulness,and joy,that we have Power*….Electricity….Hundreds,are still without Power,because of this storm,It’s so Cold*** too cold to be without heat!!!!!I’m so Thankful,I/We have heat,water,food,lights,a Home…A Home,your personal place of joy, comfort,and peace….Where you can be yourself,(do you)lol..Find something to be thankful for in/on these “Snow-Days”…If you have Elderly neighbor’s please check on them..Try not to complaint…………. Remember,if you have Power,you have a Blessing…..Baby,it’s Cold Outside…..lol…. hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com …..Stay Warm…#Snow Storm 2015 #Summer 2015….Peace…blm1957…..


Hi friends, Firstly, I would like to say “Happy Veteran’s Day” to Every* Member, and Branch of our Military!!!!! Thank You For Your Service…Everyone,who has adorned a Uniform,of any Branch I Salute you today and always….Thank you for your fearless Service!!!!! Thank You,and may Jesus,protect you always,keeping you out of Harm’s Way*…Amen….   Please,if you pass a Solider today and every day, please,Thank them for their Service………..Pass along a random act of kindness,if there is a Solider, in your neighborhood or family, On this special day,(Put a smile on that Priceless,Strong,Courageous,Warrior,by giving him/her Words of Encouragement)….Also,if you are aware, there is a Financial burden pending,Help out as much as you can,You will be rewarded,and the feeling of knowing, you’ve made a difference,will forever make/give you Peace…….We have to help One Another……Especially, our Veteran’s who put their lives on the line for OUR* Peace and Protection….As well,it’s hard to phantom,that we actually*(Have Home-less Vet’s) Shame,Shame..Why would/should a Veteran who has put his life on the line,in a strange,different,Land/Country,finish their tour of Duty,Yet! come Home!!(only to realize he/she is home-less????) I do not understand this……My hope,and greatest wish is that (Every Veteran and their Families,live Rent/Mortgage Free)until Work,College/Trade School, is Found and given a Year to successfully interact in society, and again become a loyal,adjusted,tax paying member of our great U>S>A>….This is my Prayer…….Addtionally,all Medical,Prescription,Hospital,Counseling, and Any Human Service to be provided…I love the sound of this don’t you??…..(Oh Yeah,Food,* should be a top propriety..>)food stamps>wic>etc.etc…. That’s my America, The America,who always takes care of (IT’S OWN)…God bless America….”HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY” to ALL* Veteran’s….God’sSpeed. Hug your children, keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com