Happy Joyous, January,to all my friends,old and new, seen and unseen thus far….As well,how are you and your family surviving these cold,blustery,days??(here in the mid-west) we are shoveling 2 to 4 inches of snow… Do you have a snow-blower?? or shovel the old-school way?? With a Shovel…Or do you have Both!!! lol…As well, today we have various Shovel’s,Snow-Blower’s(styles,sizes,ease of motion,adjustable heights….I/We, even found a heated plug-in Shovel,that I thought was a Genius idea….I love to rise early, 6:30am,Pray,giving thanks for a new day!! a  day, I have never seen before,yet highly,blessed,to lift my feet out of bed,clear in mind,no pains…Amen and Amen…. Thusly,whenever,my  Hubby is running late for work,or just doesn’t have time to quickly,shovel the front,side,and back porch..I have no problem,dressing Warmly,Layered,Winterized..I like to think… As I shared with you years ago, I’m (THE) Out-Of Door’s* Women,with Summer, My #1 Favorite season, Winter,my 2nd…..Therefore, this early snow-covered, cold,Frozen* morning(I wondered,(should I let it Go????)haaaaaa……Frozen*,get it???? As well,I Only shovel the front walk-way,and porch,(these days*)In December,having reached my Mid 50’s (Mid-late) lol …Birthday!!! Wow…I cannot believe my age,Yet,I’m so VERY Thankful,to be Alive!!and Blessed…….Health Scares, Aging,(Grown Behind Children) Still bugging us!!!!!lol…Go…And yes! of course we LOVE* them,but please Go…….lol…We raised you the best,with the best……I hope you can relate,and this makes you “Smile”,then I will have done a part of my “Calling” To give back, to “Inspire*  someone,even,One person….It is a Good Deed*.and Jesus again, gives you Favor*Mercy, and Grace…Amen and Amen…..Consequently,I enjoy rolling up my sleeves,and getting a little dirty,(if you will!!!) lol…Why in hours I’ve removed old brush,dead,dried foliage,bushes,etc.etc. moving and hauling,discarding them Myself!!!!!Never,wanting company,not even the Grands,just wanting/wanted to be “Alone” to Pray,Mediate,Day-Dream,Visualize my Goals and Desires…I love this time with Nature,I always,bring a hot thermos of Hot coffee,or tea,too rewarm my insides…..I pause,to catch my breath,looking,intensely,for a chair,(any chair!!!) great,I approach a clean,warm,padded, patio chair,left near the corner of my garden shed,un-covered just for me….Thanks honey…..After,an hour, I finish,I stroll next door to my elderly neighbor,and cleared her front porch,allowing her mail to get delivered…she knocks on the window,expressing kind words of thanks,for my thoughtfulness,I assure her she is so welcome….Noone,ever comes to visit her,I know she has a son,(out-of-state) last year I met a sister?? I have never seen her again,Bless her Father… She is alone..My husband,shovels,her  entire yard..My Sons,have a Snow-Plowing Business,Therefore,we get Free Snow-Clearing,on those 8 to12 inches of  snow days…Lastly,as,I enter my warm,softly lit home, sweet smells of cinnamon,vanilla,tease my sense of smell….Pine,Holly Candles,linger,from Christmas……Ummm…I love it….As,I slowly unwind,I would like to wish you and your Family “A Joyous January”…….hug your children,keep  them close…blm1957@wordpress.com    #Get out and Shovel,dress the Children warmly,(if it isn’t to Cold) Shovel, make Snowmen, just have Family Bonding Time…God Bless…blm1957  BTW: Can you tell I Love Snow-Shoveling??? I Do…..~sigh~


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