Hello friends,Ho,Ho,Ho,I hope your Christmas was Blessed,Joyous,filled with Health,Wealth,and everything you desired for Christmas.Whether,you traveled,over the high-way,or if your family chose to fly,I sincerely trust,you took a moment out to remember the real (Reason For The Season,Christ Birth*) what a blessing to us,Christ Birth on December 25th………What a honor to be chosen to follow Jesus…..This morning,as I stepped over Christmas wrapping paper,gifts,over-flowing under and around our beautiful Tree…..What A beautiful Tree it is,my grandchildren,love to just lay under it,as they unwittingly,think,we cannot tell,someone has been peeking,lifting of tape,by the older guys…..lol…We all love Christmas in our home,Thusly,I’m reminded as I glance at the Calender,why! December,is Slowly Fading Away…….Moreover,this is the last week-end in December……Time waits,for no-one…As we head out to Sunday Services, I/We are truly blessed to be Alive on today,this 28th day of December….What A Joyous time,we had this Christmas,Out-of-Town,guest…Family………As Demember 2014,Slowly fade into the History Books,we are again faced with a New Year,(A Chance for a NEW*Beginning)will you receive,your New Year,striving to be a better person? Will you Share and Show love to your Fellow-man??? I hope and pray you will…….I have a lot of work to do,taking out,putting away,Christmas Decorations,Holiday Dishes,(used only once a year) I’m so blessed and very Thankful,for the Favor of Jesus,in our lives,this day and every day,Jesus, help us to stay faithful and true to you….. As well, Ourselves…….,To bless others less fortunate than us…God Bless America,and the whole World….Amen&Amen……As December 2014,slowly fades away,be grateful,for what you have,for their is Some-one far worst-off than you….Pray,for our Cities,States,Country……Blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….Hope your Christmas was Merry,Bright,and Blessed…We are looking forward to a Blessed New Year!!!! Are you??….Dare to Believe,in this Season of Miracles……..blm1957@wordpress.com


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