~~~AS FEBUARY 2016,ENDS~~~

Hello friends, how are you and yours? In as much,as winter is one of my favorite seasons, I can honestly say,I cannot wait for spring to arrive…At times I’m sad on dreary days, and in desperate need of sunshine and warmth.Although, I refuse to complaint due to the terrible storms,tornadoes,and senseless deaths, occurring,in Kalamazoo,Mi. and Kansas…..One can easily become, depressed,despondent,as feelings of hopelessness at times bring thoughts of just* throwing in the towel….. However, in times of despair,we need to trust in our Faith,especially,when things look bleak and nothing seems to be going RIGHT!!!! Hold on,take a breath,sit,if needed,Focus*,(find your quite place) mediate,and Pray…As, peace* begin to surround you,concentrate on better days ahead,for, as long as we have faith,sound mind,and determination, we/you can make one more day,(one more day) Another,day* to get it right!! whatever, challenge you, or a love one are facing, whether,life-threating or a sudden delay in plans, please remain in a place of I am,I can, I shall…For,the bottom line is you must make the difference in (your) life..(You Control Your Own Destiny*)….Depend on Yourself…It’s alright,however, if you need Assistance,after trying to work it out alone…..Go on!! ask,your spouse, child,parent,etc, to come through for you,this Time*……Moreover,remember the old* phrase..(God bless the child who’s got his* own)….File this thought… For,IF*it is, no one can take it away*from you…… No one!!!Strive,to fulfill your goals,reach your dreams…. A World Class Education,Is So*Important Yesturday….And Today,in the 21st. century…. Education,(Is the Key) to a Future,filled with your heart desires…As well,you can negotiate, your desired Salary*as you apply for your (Dream Job).Isn’t that great?? (Only In America) # U.S.A…lol.Therefore,in the LAST Days, of the Month of Feburary.2016,I sincerely hope,I had written a word,a thought,to Inspire* you to keep God First place, Also,Education, and Service,(helping others)a must….Keep your Goals,and Dreams Alive…..Upon Completion,you will feel so proud of yourself and the person you’ve become, and (Rightfully So)!!!Lastly, I wish only Goodness, Mercy,Safety,and Peace,to you and your Family..blm1957@wordpress.com,hug your children,keep them safe… # Black History Month 2016 …..R.I.P. Cousin Sam,you will be missed….. 2/5/16…..