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~~~AS FEBUARY 2016,ENDS~~~

Hello friends, how are you and yours? In as much,as winter is one of my favorite seasons, I can honestly say,I cannot wait for spring to arrive…At times I’m sad on dreary days, and in desperate need of sunshine and warmth.Although, … Continue reading

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Hi friends,how are you and your family surviving these cold frozen days of winter 2016….Do you find your skin DRY*and dull? even, Older looking,itchy,flaky,and just, Drab!!!!!….Well,my friends,I would love to past along some Helpful Tips, and Suggestions,to revive,your suffering Skin,making … Continue reading

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Hello friends,and a happy,cold,wintry,winter “March 5th” to you and yours….Have you just given up,and declared,(I/We Give) lol…..Why here in my neighborhood,and surrounding area,we have 12 to 15 inches of snow covering our community, 6 to 8 feet,if you count the Piles*of snow..(piled up)…….The … Continue reading

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Hello Friends,  How is everyone this 9th,day of April?? Things,are looking brighter and in focus,I truly hope… Can you believe Easter is officially 10 days away??? Do you celebrate Easter? Always remembering, the Crucifixion* of Jesus Christ,on the Cross* for Our Sins……..Thus, … Continue reading

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            Hello,Friends and all my Followers!!!! how you Doin??? Shout it out!!!!lol…. I Trust everyone had a Blessed Easter..My Family did…..Now, if we can only get Spring to Appear!!! lol, Guess What?It’s coming,YES! I can hardly,  hold on to this … Continue reading

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