~~~AS FEBUARY 2016,ENDS~~~

Hello friends, how are you and yours? In as much,as winter is one of my favorite seasons, I can honestly say,I cannot wait for spring to arrive…At times I’m sad on dreary days, and in desperate need of sunshine and warmth.Although, I refuse to complaint due to the terrible storms,tornadoes,and senseless deaths, occurring,in Kalamazoo,Mi. and Kansas…..One can easily become, depressed,despondent,as feelings of hopelessness at times bring thoughts of just* throwing in the towel….. However, in times of despair,we need to trust in our Faith,especially,when things look bleak and nothing seems to be going RIGHT!!!! Hold on,take a breath,sit,if needed,Focus*,(find your quite place) mediate,and Pray…As, peace* begin to surround you,concentrate on better days ahead,for, as long as we have faith,sound mind,and determination, we/you can make one more day,(one more day) Another,day* to get it right!! whatever, challenge you, or a love one are facing, whether,life-threating or a sudden delay in plans, please remain in a place of I am,I can, I shall…For,the bottom line is you must make the difference in (your) life..(You Control Your Own Destiny*)….Depend on Yourself…It’s alright,however, if you need Assistance,after trying to work it out alone…..Go on!! ask,your spouse, child,parent,etc, to come through for you,this Time*……Moreover,remember the old* phrase..(God bless the child who’s got his* own)….File this thought… For,IF*it is, no one can take it away*from you…… No one!!!Strive,to fulfill your goals,reach your dreams…. A World Class Education,Is So*Important Yesturday….And Today,in the 21st. century…. Education,(Is the Key) to a Future,filled with your heart desires…As well,you can negotiate, your desired Salary*as you apply for your (Dream Job).Isn’t that great?? (Only In America) # U.S.A…lol.Therefore,in the LAST Days, of the Month of Feburary.2016,I sincerely hope,I had written a word,a thought,to Inspire* you to keep God First place, Also,Education, and Service,(helping others)a must….Keep your Goals,and Dreams Alive…..Upon Completion,you will feel so proud of yourself and the person you’ve become, and (Rightfully So)!!!Lastly, I wish only Goodness, Mercy,Safety,and Peace,to you and your Family..blm1957@wordpress.com,hug your children,keep them safe… # Black History Month 2016 …..R.I.P. Cousin Sam,you will be missed….. 2/5/16…..



Hi friends,how are you and your family surviving these cold frozen days of winter 2016….Do you find your skin DRY*and dull? even, Older looking,itchy,flaky,and just, Drab!!!!!….Well,my friends,I would love to past along some Helpful Tips, and Suggestions,to revive,your suffering Skin,making it once again, supple,moist,and soft…..Firstly,the air,and cold dries out our skin…Therefore,can everyone say “Moisturizer”?? If you have the misfortune of Dry skin,you should slather yourself with a (daily) Moisturizer,it is particularly important to do so immediately after you shower,or bathe,better results are had if you apply your favorite lotions,coconut oils,while your skin is still Damp…..If you shower or bathe too often in winter,you strip the natural oils from your skin,thereby,causing your skin to become dry,dull,flaky,and itchy….Hot water also robs the skin of Moisture,(I Love a Hot* Shower)however, I have to adjust the temperature accordingly…. It saddens me to see my once supple,smooth,soft* hands,now older,rough and dull,it hurts,it seems some lotions only make them drier,I had a health issue,in which,one of the side-effects were my skin would probably no longer have that smoothness,suppleness,and beauty..-sigh-..it took a new attitude to help me get on with my life, even when the luxurious,most expensive,creams and lotions,seem not to work,as they did before aging,(how-ever slightly)lol…However,I’m so blessed to be alive,until I refuse to let this one (little) problem stop/hinder the love I have for myself,I soak,rub,then apply 2 extra coats of lotion/cream and keep it moving….if your skin is really sensitive,try unscented soaps,and lotions,they work well in the cold winter months,those delightful smells,will just have to go a little further back in drawer/shelf,until spring/summer…..As well,drink plenty* of water,all fluids,this will help keep your skin moist from the inside out..Lastly,avoid scratchy,coarse,rough fabrics,such as wool,as it can make skin feel itchy….Choose cotton or silk,for the softness..Try running a Humidifier,in your home, aim for a humidity level of 45-55 degrees…Here’s to smooth,soft,supple skin,with main focus on hands and feet…Good luck,and remember to Always Moisturize,for,soon this Cold to shall pass!!!!blm 1957@wordpress.com …hug your children,keep them close…blm1957…Your skin is getting softer with each passing day,if you follow these simple suggestions/tips…..Peace…


Hello friends,and a happy,cold,wintry,winter “March 5th” to you and yours….Have you just given up,and declared,(I/We Give) lol…..Why here in my neighborhood,and surrounding area,we have 12 to 15 inches of snow covering our community, 6 to 8 feet,if you count the Piles*of snow..(piled up)…….The Piles of snow,(let me count the ways/where..lol….)Everywhere,one looks,turn,walk,you smell and feel, the coldness of this white snow……..As well,when gazing out over the horizon,the  whole community(City) is encased in winter’s wrath of Ice,Snow* and COLD…Brrrr….Meanwhile,here in the Midwest,we are digging out daily,and often,to keep up with the moist constant falling of snow from the sky…..A  sky that for the last month has received 20 straight days of snow………Elsewhere, record-breaking amounts of snow has fallen in Boston, leaving some residents hopeless,and in despair…My thougths and prayers are with you, our friends, and fellow Americans…..This winter has certainly been one for the record-books…Winter 2015,(we shall not soon forget you,Winter old Winter..)Furthermore,the month of March* is/was my dearly departed Mom’s birth month…March, was so very special for us,her children..We delighted,in her happiness on her special day,as each child,gave her a token/gift of their selecting,just for her…..I miss you, Mommy….I carry you in my heart forever and ever……Gee,I feel warmer suddenly..Warmth,from the sweet,caring,*loving,memories,passed down by my Mama…. I now feel a calmness,and thankfulness,for Life…As well,feeling, warmth, joy,and at peace…I would like to leave you with some thoughts/words on “The Month Of March”….Enjoy~~~~ March, was named from Mars,the Roman God of war…. March- was called Hlyda in Old English,which is reference to the loud* winds… An old proverb says “March comes in like a lamb,(which is reference to winter ending,and SPRING* beginning….Not only is March, Women’s History Month,but it is also,America Red Cross Month,and Fire Prevention Month…March-Birthstone is Aquamarine…Pisces and Aries,are the Birth Signs…..Some famous people born in March are: Shaquille O’Neil,Justin Bieber,Eva Mendes,Jessica Biel,Dr. Seuss,and Reese Witherspoon…Happy Birthday to all!!! Lastly, remember,Spring is just Around* the corner….Just 3 more weeks,hold on!!!! we’ve survived,this far…To God be the Glory…..Spring is coming,Spring is coming….Repeat Daily…lol..I wish you “A MERRY MONTH OF MARCH”……And, send Extra Warmth* to Everyone……blm1957@wordpress.com …hug your children keep them close…..BLM 1957….Feel The Warmth….Peace Unto You…….. Credit*2/@mariamzzarella, #maria Valtaggio,#Express.Co.U.K.,#Funtrivia, @Duckters


Hello Friends,  How is everyone this 9th,day of April?? Things,are looking brighter and in focus,I truly hope… Can you believe Easter is officially 10 days away??? Do you celebrate Easter? Always remembering, the Crucifixion* of Jesus Christ,on the Cross* for Our Sins……..Thus, giving us a chance to live a spirit-filled life, living the life of Christ,what a Blessing….As well,we are finally feeling warmer temperatures,here in the Mid-West…I feel so Joyful,as I have begun raking leaves,that has blown,inside my front*Iron fence…My hubby is preparing, to apply weed&feed* to our( Brown,Sad-Looking) LAWN!! Awwww..It has suffered a Frozen*shock to its very Core..for, in our neck of the woods,we have set a record, for the snowiest and coldest winter in 100 years,and yes, I felt every long,cold, bone-chilling,dreary day,with colder nights, for months,(it seemed like a year)…. lol..However,Warmth and Spring, comes in the morning..(Amen&Amen) This winter,was the first year we seriously thought about leaving Springfield,and heading-South, to Florida,or Atlanta…I have Sister’s in both States,and for weeks now,they ask!! what’s the Hold-Up???Aren’t you guys ready to make that move??? As well,they cannot figure out why we stay here,enduring,winter, after harsh winter…As, we are being told, the Weather will only get (Colder) in the future,and for longer periods of time… Yikes!!!! lol… However, we plan to remain here,in Springfield….. Too much happiness,too many years here,(who wants to start over??)( We don’t)……Also,(Too Old)…. lybo…Therefore, we roll with the punches,knowing  it’s April ,the worst is over!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!…(These words Soothe Me)…. April,May,(and) with June, comes Summer… YES!!!!!! I actually wore a light jacket today, the Temp, was 59 degrees,a little breezy, but, I will gladly take it…..-smiles- Get up, get moving,and get your bum’s in gear, for spring then (Summer) Yea..Summer is coming!!!!!! Yes, I/We will make it through…I can make it……You can make it…Just stay, hopeful.prayful,and remain true to yourself..Help someone in need,sweep a Senior’s porch,carry out their trash,lend a helping hand,to make this a better World…. We can Together!!!!!!! Here’s to A Astonishing April……..blm1957.Hug your children,keep them close….. Easter,is coming,do you have Easter Egg Hunts,,for your little ones??? Please Do.. They will love you,even more..lol.. Peace…. BTW: Remember,the real reason,for Easter Sunday!!! The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ……..blm1957…..


            Hello,Friends and all my Followers!!!! how you Doin??? Shout it out!!!!lol…. I Trust everyone had a Blessed Easter..My Family did…..Now, if we can only get Spring to Appear!!! lol, Guess What?It’s coming,YES! I can hardly,  hold on to this joy.The joy of Spring….my Bulbs,are looking great,as the little heads peek through the earth,I feel happy,for, this is what makes me happy!! truly happy..Well,Friends, get ready for Spring cleaning,start with your yard,clean your windows,sweep your porches,remove all unused items,make your* Home sparkle….Peace and love to you and your family,God’s Blessings,to everyone…blm1957,hug your children,keep them close…Think Spring!!!!!!