Have you ever wondered how your blessings can come to you sooner and Greater?? The answer is quite simple and easy…..Have You Passed The Small Test*Lately??? God, sends us signs, that feeling you have deep-down in your Soul!!  The knowing…When you just know you should do more for your fellow-man,When that inner-voice,speaks softly,yet urgently,making one feel drawn to do an act of kindness,At times,you CANNOT rest or find inner-peace until,you help a person less fortunate than yourself.. The next time you are buying your morning cup of coffee,turn to the next person in line,(behind you/beside you)and offer to buy their coffee Free,just because!!! Do It,don’t take No for an answer,Pay before they can object!!(chances,are they could use that money for bus, or train fare home.How about walking up to the next person,who look as if they can use a couple of dollars,why not reach into your pocket,pull,out 5or10 dollars,gently,place the 10 dollar bill in their hand,bless them,and keep moving!! However,warning..get ready to receive a blessing,bigger and larger than 10.00.Try it,for when you have these urges, to do a good deed*(that you had no intention of normally doing) when you obey this Call*Urge* You are sitting yourself up for A Blessing,and Favor,and joy abound,God,needs to know he can depend on you for the LITTLE*TESTS and when we obey and Pass,each test,we are Closer and Closer to Joy,Happiness,Peace and an abundance of every dream and desire in your heart.I want to keep passing the test,of helping my fellow-man,passing the small test of  obedience,for,OBEDIENCE*,brings,windows  and doors of blessings and favor,one,cannot even imagine.Strive to pass the Small Tests,Our Father,places,in your heart,it is only meant to better you,and open you up to untold Grace,Joy,Mercy and the Powerful FAVOR* of God..Amen&Amen……..blm1957,hug your children,keep them close…Did you pass A Small Test  Today???I hope so……Peace….blm 1957…….