~~~~#BLIZZARD 2016~~~~

Hello friends,how are you and your family surviving,this #Blizzard of 2016???? Here in the mid-west,we are currently dealing with Cold Temps,the blizzard, heavy Snow,evaded us….Amen..However,the East,and North East,got piles,and piles of the white stuff..Feeling helpless,and sad for all our citizens,in the path of this turbulent storm/blizzard…I felt the meteorologist’s really tracked the storm with truthful,informative, reporting,thus,allowing ample time to hunker down,rush to the grocery store,hardware,and any other ware!!!lol.. you have to visit,however, please (STAY INSIDE)…….Early this morning, after Prayer and Meditation,fully dressed now,I walk over to my side entry door,to let (Ge’Ge)our poddle, out for her duties. lol…As I opened the door slightly,a bone-chilling,wintry,blustery,burst of cold air,engulfed me,boy,the wind was gusty,howling,as it snapped off small tender foliage,I called Ge’Ge ,she ran in with no hesitation!!It was as if ,she thought you only have to call me once….lol.Reaching for the remote,the weather reports,were showing what had transpired,as we slept,it did not look good…Hopefully, people, had everything in order,ready to move,run,evacuate,at any given moment…As well, have fresh batteries,working  flashlights,candles, food,(Canned Goods) can opener,(hand-held)manual,*along,with several cases of bottled drinking water..Your car should always have a Full* tank of gas, also, washer fluid,for clean, clear windows, as you drive in at times white/out conditions…You never know how long it will take, if God-forbid you get stranded…Keep extra clothing for each family member,extra phone charger,socks,king size blanket,protein bars,easy/open fingerfood…Idealistically ,(the water will melt) hopefully!!!!Also,crackers,etc, etc….Add gloves,for frosty fingers…Additionally,for the home,a (am/fm) storm alert radio,should be ready, in case of wide-spread power-outages,that could ultimately,unfortunately last for 1 or 2 days,or a week or more…With so much piled/up snow,10/32 inches in some areas,,One has to wonder, where the piles of now gray,brownish/black,dirty snow final resting place will be??? Will another spring/summer Flood* once again bring destruction,and reap havoc,on our friends on the east coast,and beyond? leaving helpless citizens,homeless*and in disbelief,as they ponder,where the family will go from here?? It is a deep situation…Flooding,* rising water,just the thought,frightens me,I can only imagine how scary,the rising,swiftly moving, murky water must fill one with panic, causing,death,fear,and deep despair on/to my fellow Americans….God bless us/them, we ask for your Mercy Father,in these trying,unbelievable days,and unknown times ahead of us……Friends,Climate-Change* is real,and we are living it daily/weekly,2015*,was the warmest/hottest year in recorded history,(Record-Breaking) even……As the East-Coast clear out/clean up,days of shoveling snow is ahead,I hope you have a snow-blower,and 1 or 2 shovels in varying sizes….Keep the Faith,Pray,and see the good,make it a family affair,gather your children together,and make a day of clearing snow,making snowmen,angels,in the snow,sledding,and tubing..Turn,the despair into fun and joy,as you can once again see your brown lawn..lol..For, spring is just around the corner…God bless and keep you..blm1957@wordpress.com ..hug your children,and keep them close….Blm 1957 …..#Blizzard of 2016  Peace…#Family-Bonding



Hello friends,and a happy,cold,wintry,winter “March 5th” to you and yours….Have you just given up,and declared,(I/We Give) lol…..Why here in my neighborhood,and surrounding area,we have 12 to 15 inches of snow covering our community, 6 to 8 feet,if you count the Piles*of snow..(piled up)…….The Piles of snow,(let me count the ways/where..lol….)Everywhere,one looks,turn,walk,you smell and feel, the coldness of this white snow……..As well,when gazing out over the horizon,the  whole community(City) is encased in winter’s wrath of Ice,Snow* and COLD…Brrrr….Meanwhile,here in the Midwest,we are digging out daily,and often,to keep up with the moist constant falling of snow from the sky…..A  sky that for the last month has received 20 straight days of snow………Elsewhere, record-breaking amounts of snow has fallen in Boston, leaving some residents hopeless,and in despair…My thougths and prayers are with you, our friends, and fellow Americans…..This winter has certainly been one for the record-books…Winter 2015,(we shall not soon forget you,Winter old Winter..)Furthermore,the month of March* is/was my dearly departed Mom’s birth month…March, was so very special for us,her children..We delighted,in her happiness on her special day,as each child,gave her a token/gift of their selecting,just for her…..I miss you, Mommy….I carry you in my heart forever and ever……Gee,I feel warmer suddenly..Warmth,from the sweet,caring,*loving,memories,passed down by my Mama…. I now feel a calmness,and thankfulness,for Life…As well,feeling, warmth, joy,and at peace…I would like to leave you with some thoughts/words on “The Month Of March”….Enjoy~~~~ March, was named from Mars,the Roman God of war…. March- was called Hlyda in Old English,which is reference to the loud* winds… An old proverb says “March comes in like a lamb,(which is reference to winter ending,and SPRING* beginning….Not only is March, Women’s History Month,but it is also,America Red Cross Month,and Fire Prevention Month…March-Birthstone is Aquamarine…Pisces and Aries,are the Birth Signs…..Some famous people born in March are: Shaquille O’Neil,Justin Bieber,Eva Mendes,Jessica Biel,Dr. Seuss,and Reese Witherspoon…Happy Birthday to all!!! Lastly, remember,Spring is just Around* the corner….Just 3 more weeks,hold on!!!! we’ve survived,this far…To God be the Glory…..Spring is coming,Spring is coming….Repeat Daily…lol..I wish you “A MERRY MONTH OF MARCH”……And, send Extra Warmth* to Everyone……blm1957@wordpress.com …hug your children keep them close…..BLM 1957….Feel The Warmth….Peace Unto You…….. Credit*2/@mariamzzarella, #maria Valtaggio,#Express.Co.U.K.,#Funtrivia, @Duckters


  Hello, are you like everyone I know,sick and tired of this Winter,the snow is no longer clean,white,and shining, in the after glow of the latest snow fall…It’s no longer Cute!!!! It has become dirty,as it slowly melts.on those rare sun-filled days,these sun days have become few in the mid-west,we have had 10 sunny days,in the last 2 months….-sigh- my neighborhood,has remained,cold,icy,and snow-filled…In January,we were so excited,and over-joyed,with each new snow fall,my grandchildren,became so ecstatic,at the thought of building a snowman,and to date,  we have 4 snowmen in our yard,one huge mr.snowman in front,2 on the side of the house,and lastly,miss  snow girl,(lol)in the back yard..The fun and bonding,we shared as we builded our Snowman…We were gathering and building memories that will last FOREVER*…My boys were so happy,the look of delight,in their young eyes,will live in my heart forever,(I shall never forget,how a little thing,as rolling snow into a ball,bigger,bigger,until we have 3 different size balls,small,medium,large….Paw-  Paw.gave us one of his black hats,he no longer wears,we used large black buttons for eyes, a long orange carrot for his nose,a red wool scarf for his neck,(Bren said it would keep snowy warm,we named  him snowy) awww!!!and  red piping,for his mouth,and 2 med,sticks for his arms,-Nice- We’ve had 75 days with snow on the ground….75 days…..(Please “Spring” Come On) It’s very cold and frozen,Now,I’m not complaining,However, enough is enough!!! please forgive me Father,for we are COLD!!!! lol………..I looked out this morning,and watched as the snowmen are slowly melting away,the grand’s have had 18 snow-days, No School,they even dislike hearing via the news,that there is no School today because of the Snow…Now,when the children,are tired of staying home,because of the heavy snow fall,”Please Spring Come On” We are all tired of the snow and cold,However,we know that now it’s Spring,Therefore,Summer is just around the corner!!!!! -YES-!!!!!!! It’s Spring……I feel better already…lol.. We can make it,this is what happens in the mid-west…..Spring,Summer,Fall,and Winter…….I think I just may stay here in the mid-west,and enjoy our 4 seasons……..Peace….hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com……”Spring Has Sprung” …….Yea……….blm 1957   BTW: one more day,until Spring…..That’s what I’m talking about…….lol..