Hi friends,how are you and your family surviving these cold frozen days of winter 2016….Do you find your skin DRY*and dull? even, Older looking,itchy,flaky,and just, Drab!!!!!….Well,my friends,I would love to past along some Helpful Tips, and Suggestions,to revive,your suffering Skin,making it once again, supple,moist,and soft…..Firstly,the air,and cold dries out our skin…Therefore,can everyone say “Moisturizer”?? If you have the misfortune of Dry skin,you should slather yourself with a (daily) Moisturizer,it is particularly important to do so immediately after you shower,or bathe,better results are had if you apply your favorite lotions,coconut oils,while your skin is still Damp…..If you shower or bathe too often in winter,you strip the natural oils from your skin,thereby,causing your skin to become dry,dull,flaky,and itchy….Hot water also robs the skin of Moisture,(I Love a Hot* Shower)however, I have to adjust the temperature accordingly…. It saddens me to see my once supple,smooth,soft* hands,now older,rough and dull,it hurts,it seems some lotions only make them drier,I had a health issue,in which,one of the side-effects were my skin would probably no longer have that smoothness,suppleness,and took a new attitude to help me get on with my life, even when the luxurious,most expensive,creams and lotions,seem not to work,as they did before aging,(how-ever slightly)lol…However,I’m so blessed to be alive,until I refuse to let this one (little) problem stop/hinder the love I have for myself,I soak,rub,then apply 2 extra coats of lotion/cream and keep it moving….if your skin is really sensitive,try unscented soaps,and lotions,they work well in the cold winter months,those delightful smells,will just have to go a little further back in drawer/shelf,until spring/summer…..As well,drink plenty* of water,all fluids,this will help keep your skin moist from the inside out..Lastly,avoid scratchy,coarse,rough fabrics,such as wool,as it can make skin feel itchy….Choose cotton or silk,for the softness..Try running a Humidifier,in your home, aim for a humidity level of 45-55 degrees…Here’s to smooth,soft,supple skin,with main focus on hands and feet…Good luck,and remember to Always Moisturize,for,soon this Cold to shall pass!!!!blm …hug your children,keep them close…blm1957…Your skin is getting softer with each passing day,if you follow these simple suggestions/tips…..Peace…



Hello, all my freezing friends,in the Mid-West,and New England States..I send you hugs of warmth,may you stay warm and toasty,on these freezing wintry days….I/we are just staying as comfy and dry as possible,remaining thankful,staying prayerful……As well,I wondered if  you were finding yourself with “Dry Skin”????Rough,Cracked,and just Sad….lol..Smile,(feel the warmth)…..Please, don’t forget the Chapstick,for smooth,moist lips…I picked up 4,and added 3 more… (for the grands,my children,hubby??) lol….Daily now I apply lotion,using several coats,covering my hands with this thick emollient,my skin appears to soften in mintues….awwww..yes!!!! lol……I purchased,3 different lotions,2 moisturizer’s,adding to my already large stock of lotions,and moisturizer’s yesterday, at my local CVS..I, personally love Aveeno  daily moisturizing lotion,and extra dry soap…I can affirm,I’m a proud user for 10 years……..No other soap*(aveeno( seem to work..However, I regularly,and generally apply  Keri,OilofOlay,Lubriderm…..Meanwhile,I wear cotton gloves,as often,as possible,usually,after,all house-hold chores are finished..Try it!! it works……Softness,will come…Thus, keep a constant regiment going..(often & timely)..Try rubbing,rolling your hands together after applying a thick* coat of your favorite lotion,for 4 to 5 minutes… I even smack my hands together, then continue deeply massaging lotion,into my skin/ hands…Why,you are giving yourself a (personal) Manny…lol….Free! (right) Great……..The harsh winter weather,we are currently experiencing,isn’t going away for months…Therefore,Pamper yourself,(take the time to moisturizer**) for younger,firmer,shiny,healthy skin….Today,I’m focusing, on(face and hands)..As,our hands and face are prominent first impressions….Lastly,I wish you and your family, a peaceful Winter….Moisturize,Moisturize ,Moisturize!!!!! This is the last Thursday in January…My,how time fly’s,and wait’s for no one…………Happy Birthday Oprah!! You Phenomenal Women* (Stay Blessed)..Hug your children,keep them close… you Moisturizing??? I hope so..Peace,Love,Joy blm 1957