Hello friends,and a happy,stress free,joyous “August” to you and your family…..I have always considered  August, the half-way point,even tho,June,is the 6 month,(half-way)in our calender year…As well,August,provides,the catalyst,for the beginning,of a new school year…For(,September,)is 3 weeks away……Many students,and adults,some entering college,for the first time,while,many students will begin,a new higher,grade level,and our little 4 to 5 years,will begin,a new world of socializing,many will face fear,and nervous energy,tummies,will turn and feel  slightly upset,the first days/weeks,of school,(as the little-ones,and some Big-Ones..lol..Wonder,in silence,when can I go home??? I want my Mommy,my Daddy,some ponder,will/do I have to get on that yellow,large,,loud,yet,somehow exciting,for the bumps,and rough ride,makes one laugh/smile silently,as we ride through-out our neighborhood,seeing some streets,and homes for the first time,as we cannot go past the last house on our block…Therefore,this little excursion to and from school,appears to be fun!!! (Who Knew)..lol…Parents,are you prepared,for (school shopping??) school supplies,etc,etc..I hope so,for every child I feel,should have new clothes,(or clean clothes) correct fitting shoes,does your child,get a new hair cut?? style?? Parents,I truly hope you are slowly preparing,your children ,to begin,going to bed earlier,than usual,to get back on that schedule,of early rising,(no more sleeping late,playing games,all day,watching T.V. later than usual,(Stop the Presses) Notice: A new School year is weeks away…It’s time to buckle down,concentrating on learning,growing,and becoming the Best Student* in your Class…I hope this is a goal you set for your children,(To Be The Best They Can Be)…..Remind,them Often,that they are Brilliant,Blessed,and Loved…Also,assuring them they can do Anything,Anything,One sets their Mind too……The world is yours!!!! You can do it…These words should remain on your lips, encouragements, setting Homework Time,(You must have a schedule,that cannot/will not be broken) Rules!!!!!!! Oh, August,my August,my Grands,only have 3 weeks before a new school year begins……Lastly,, I would like to remind you and your Children to stay safe,pray,and please do not condone Bullying*,Report,all bullying,for,bullying,is wrong and can have a despairing,harmful,effect on a growing,young/or old student.Childhood,should be fun,and rewarding….Enjoy,your life,my little-ones……Good-luck,God bless you,Yes You Can!!!!Children of the world unite,as you leave these last days of August,stepping into September,with a renewed  vigor,and zest for life,God’s Blessings…..blm1957@wordpress.com..Hug your children,keep them close…..You can always find love*,if you have family………August, The Month Of Change…… blm1957…Peace…  # School-Days,


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