~~~~#BLIZZARD 2016~~~~

Hello friends,how are you and your family surviving,this #Blizzard of 2016???? Here in the mid-west,we are currently dealing with Cold Temps,the blizzard, heavy Snow,evaded us….Amen..However,the East,and North East,got piles,and piles of the white stuff..Feeling helpless,and sad for all our citizens,in the path of this turbulent storm/blizzard…I felt the meteorologist’s really tracked the storm with truthful,informative, reporting,thus,allowing ample time to hunker down,rush to the grocery store,hardware,and any other ware!!!lol.. you have to visit,however, please (STAY INSIDE)…….Early this morning, after Prayer and Meditation,fully dressed now,I walk over to my side entry door,to let (Ge’Ge)our poddle, out for her duties. lol…As I opened the door slightly,a bone-chilling,wintry,blustery,burst of cold air,engulfed me,boy,the wind was gusty,howling,as it snapped off small tender foliage,I called Ge’Ge ,she ran in with no hesitation!!It was as if ,she thought you only have to call me once….lol.Reaching for the remote,the weather reports,were showing what had transpired,as we slept,it did not look good…Hopefully, people, had everything in order,ready to move,run,evacuate,at any given moment…As well, have fresh batteries,working  flashlights,candles, food,(Canned Goods) can opener,(hand-held)manual,*along,with several cases of bottled drinking water..Your car should always have a Full* tank of gas, also, washer fluid,for clean, clear windows, as you drive in at times white/out conditions…You never know how long it will take, if God-forbid you get stranded…Keep extra clothing for each family member,extra phone charger,socks,king size blanket,protein bars,easy/open fingerfood…Idealistically ,(the water will melt) hopefully!!!!Also,crackers,etc, etc….Add gloves,for frosty fingers…Additionally,for the home,a (am/fm) storm alert radio,should be ready, in case of wide-spread power-outages,that could ultimately,unfortunately last for 1 or 2 days,or a week or more…With so much piled/up snow,10/32 inches in some areas,,One has to wonder, where the piles of now gray,brownish/black,dirty snow final resting place will be??? Will another spring/summer Flood* once again bring destruction,and reap havoc,on our friends on the east coast,and beyond? leaving helpless citizens,homeless*and in disbelief,as they ponder,where the family will go from here?? It is a deep situation…Flooding,* rising water,just the thought,frightens me,I can only imagine how scary,the rising,swiftly moving, murky water must fill one with panic, causing,death,fear,and deep despair on/to my fellow Americans….God bless us/them, we ask for your Mercy Father,in these trying,unbelievable days,and unknown times ahead of us……Friends,Climate-Change* is real,and we are living it daily/weekly,2015*,was the warmest/hottest year in recorded history,(Record-Breaking) even……As the East-Coast clear out/clean up,days of shoveling snow is ahead,I hope you have a snow-blower,and 1 or 2 shovels in varying sizes….Keep the Faith,Pray,and see the good,make it a family affair,gather your children together,and make a day of clearing snow,making snowmen,angels,in the snow,sledding,and tubing..Turn,the despair into fun and joy,as you can once again see your brown lawn..lol..For, spring is just around the corner…God bless and keep you..blm1957@wordpress.com ..hug your children,and keep them close….Blm 1957 …..#Blizzard of 2016  Peace…#Family-Bonding



Hi friends,how are you and your family surviving these cold frozen days of winter 2016….Do you find your skin DRY*and dull? even, Older looking,itchy,flaky,and just, Drab!!!!!….Well,my friends,I would love to past along some Helpful Tips, and Suggestions,to revive,your suffering Skin,making it once again, supple,moist,and soft…..Firstly,the air,and cold dries out our skin…Therefore,can everyone say “Moisturizer”?? If you have the misfortune of Dry skin,you should slather yourself with a (daily) Moisturizer,it is particularly important to do so immediately after you shower,or bathe,better results are had if you apply your favorite lotions,coconut oils,while your skin is still Damp…..If you shower or bathe too often in winter,you strip the natural oils from your skin,thereby,causing your skin to become dry,dull,flaky,and itchy….Hot water also robs the skin of Moisture,(I Love a Hot* Shower)however, I have to adjust the temperature accordingly…. It saddens me to see my once supple,smooth,soft* hands,now older,rough and dull,it hurts,it seems some lotions only make them drier,I had a health issue,in which,one of the side-effects were my skin would probably no longer have that smoothness,suppleness,and beauty..-sigh-..it took a new attitude to help me get on with my life, even when the luxurious,most expensive,creams and lotions,seem not to work,as they did before aging,(how-ever slightly)lol…However,I’m so blessed to be alive,until I refuse to let this one (little) problem stop/hinder the love I have for myself,I soak,rub,then apply 2 extra coats of lotion/cream and keep it moving….if your skin is really sensitive,try unscented soaps,and lotions,they work well in the cold winter months,those delightful smells,will just have to go a little further back in drawer/shelf,until spring/summer…..As well,drink plenty* of water,all fluids,this will help keep your skin moist from the inside out..Lastly,avoid scratchy,coarse,rough fabrics,such as wool,as it can make skin feel itchy….Choose cotton or silk,for the softness..Try running a Humidifier,in your home, aim for a humidity level of 45-55 degrees…Here’s to smooth,soft,supple skin,with main focus on hands and feet…Good luck,and remember to Always Moisturize,for,soon this Cold to shall pass!!!!blm 1957@wordpress.com …hug your children,keep them close…blm1957…Your skin is getting softer with each passing day,if you follow these simple suggestions/tips…..Peace…



Hello friends,Happy Blessed New Year,to you and your family …….2016,it seems unbelievable,that the year is 2016!!!!! How did we get here???? Fondly,I remember the New Year of 1999,fearful,hopeful,yet aware that the end could be near………However, So many events have occurred to date,I’m at a lost as to where to begin?? Thus, I shall speak on what I know for sure…..Therefore,I would like to offer some helpful tips,on starting over with a clean,fresh,slate this 17th day of January,2016……I feel happiness,depends upon your outlook on life….Strive, to see the good* in others (even when rumor and gossip abound).. Wait,watch,before you judge!!!! For, who among us is Perfect? Our attitude and focus is very important in feeling our/your best*…..A positive driven life,makes one more energized and stable.Also, continue to find/put Passion in your life,career,family,spirituality,and purpose… Love,hobbies,and goals,should remain Important* especially,if you are in it to win!!!!! Moreover,Marriage,takes  Respect, WORK*,devotion,and patience,(are you willing to remain involved for the long journey??) You can rise above,you can, you shall,if you are serious about your situation……Also,do what you love*,(your personal joy,Peace*) never be forced into an undesirable situation….Through counseling,and prayer,also,long,heart-pouring talks,with my best friend Marla,(we are child-hood besties)awwww..lol… I, now Truly love myself!!!! What a great feeling…..-sigh-I love ME*…….I’m a Christian, kind,,so creative,attractive,intelligent,loyal,great listener,God-fearing,and  goal driven..unfortunately,and I’m okay with it,I’m not Perfect*,and never will be,but, I’m humble,and striving to be a better person daily,just helping someone out,opening a door,shoveling a Senior’s drive, an act of kindness,compassion….All the while,scoring points,with the Man above….lol…….Life is good….It’s what you make it…..Never,sell yourself short,go big,or go home…….This New Year,reminds me to stay in Faith*,even when things look bleak,(where is your Faith??)seek your Second Touch*of Blessings overflowing with your Hearts desires!!!! Believe…..Lastly,the New Year affords,one the opportunity,to begin with a clean slate!!A new beginning… A Fresh* Start..Shake off any doubts,negativity,and make the most of 2016*,make this the best year ever…Happy New Year,my friends…blm 1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close…….blm1957 



Hello, all my freezing friends,in the Mid-West,and New England States..I send you hugs of warmth,may you stay warm and toasty,on these freezing wintry days….I/we are just staying as comfy and dry as possible,remaining thankful,staying prayerful……As well,I wondered if  you were finding yourself with “Dry Skin”????Rough,Cracked,and just Sad….lol..Smile,(feel the warmth)…..Please, don’t forget the Chapstick,for smooth,moist lips…I picked up 4,and added 3 more… (for the grands,my children,hubby??) lol….Daily now I apply lotion,using several coats,covering my hands with this thick emollient,my skin appears to soften in mintues….awwww..yes!!!! lol……I purchased,3 different lotions,2 moisturizer’s,adding to my already large stock of lotions,and moisturizer’s yesterday, at my local CVS..I, personally love Aveeno  daily moisturizing lotion,and extra dry soap…I can affirm,I’m a proud user for 10 years……..No other soap*(aveeno( seem to work..However, I regularly,and generally apply  Keri,OilofOlay,Lubriderm…..Meanwhile,I wear cotton gloves,as often,as possible,usually,after,all house-hold chores are finished..Try it!! it works……Softness,will come…Thus, keep a constant regiment going..(often & timely)..Try rubbing,rolling your hands together after applying a thick* coat of your favorite lotion,for 4 to 5 minutes… I even smack my hands together, then continue deeply massaging lotion,into my skin/ hands…Why,you are giving yourself a (personal) Manny…lol….Free! (right) Great……..The harsh winter weather,we are currently experiencing,isn’t going away for months…Therefore,Pamper yourself,(take the time to moisturizer**) for younger,firmer,shiny,healthy skin….Today,I’m focusing, on(face and hands)..As,our hands and face are prominent first impressions….Lastly,I wish you and your family, a peaceful Winter….Moisturize,Moisturize ,Moisturize!!!!! This is the last Thursday in January…My,how time fly’s,and wait’s for no one…………Happy Birthday Oprah!! You Phenomenal Women* (Stay Blessed)..Hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com..Are you Moisturizing??? I hope so..Peace,Love,Joy blm 1957


Hello my friends,If you live in the Mid-West like my family,you are in the middle of a “COLD”  Freeze,  the sun refuses to shine….The snow and cold will not let up…Thus,I ask, are you finding yourself  feeling  sad, moody,anxiety, and just*depressed??? If so, you may be suffering from (SAD)* – SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER- Often known as winter depression,winter blues,sudden sadness,and Depression…..These, sudden changes in mood*in people with normal mental* health throughout the year,suddenly,find themselves experiencing depressive symptoms in winter……..Although experts were initially skeptical,this condition is now recognized as a common disorder,with its prevalence in the U.S..The National Library of Medicine notes that “some people experience a serious mood change, when the seasons change,some may sleep too much,have little energy,with deep feelings of sorrow,lack of focus and desire” As well,some symptoms can be severe,how- ever,they usually clear up,once the season changes,or the SUN* returns!!!!!!  Yea…..lol… S.A.D. was formally described and named in 1984,by Dr.Norman Rosenthal at the National Institute of Mental Health………..There are treatments for classic winter-based seasonal affective disorders,including,(LIGHT THERAPY) using, Direct Sunlight,HighWatt Bulbs,-(bright lights)….This is the Remedy,I choose,As, I have an enclosed heated in winter/cool in summer,(Sun Porch) Moreover,this Porch,is a blessing,in the cold,dreary,months of winter,(Dec-Feb.) On these chilly,sun/less days of winter,I head for the (no pun intented) Sun Porch..lol..where my hubby,has installed, (12))over-head light-bulbs,100/175 watts,we also have bright blue walls,(blue is my fav-color) a reminder,of summer,and the beach,ocean, fun in the sun…you feel me?? lol..My C.D. player,offers,lively,soothing,magical,sounds of Summer, I love the sounds of flowing water,,the ocean,wind,and rain…… It seems, my mood change almost instantly…I’m so thankful,for my Sun-Porch,I would be in deep trouble without my light therapy….I need it…lol..Hopefully, my light-therapy suggestion helps you.Until,summer returns,I wish you sun-light,and peace..”GO TO THE LIGHT”…..lol…hug your children,keep them close……blm1957@wordpress  Christmas Countdown,11 days until Christmas…(my grandson counted down for us) my grandson’s are visiting,for the week-end,they are trying to open gifts,looking inside,peeking….lol…I love them……….(Boy’s No Peeking)..lol………..


Hi, my friends,what’s going on in your truly awesome life?? All is Well* I trust….Lately, my hubby and I,find ourselves, discussing (Tipping And/or Gratuity) Additionally,because, of our devotion and love of our grandchildren,we find,somehow,it seem’s “We Are Always*Tipping Someone…lol..Be it the valet, at the restaurant,The pizza,(delivery guy),The parking attendant,at the (pumpkin farm),The “bagger” at kroger’s,etc.etc.Therefore, hubby,got out his daily planner,just to get a basic idea of approximately, the SUM,we are rendering,whenever, we, Tip and/or give Gratuity: (A Tip) -is a sum of money customarily,tendered to certain sector workers,for a service performed or anticipated…..Last month, at the “pumpkin farm, we gleefully,gave the parking attendant ($15.00) extra,for bringing our Hummer,to the entrance,as,we parked almost at the very last lane..yuk! Whereas,it had become windy,and chilly!! no way were we walking all that distance…so, we paid extra…..Last friday, while, dining out,with our good friends,(Bob and Marla) After, eating, drinking,laughing,and enjoying one another’s company,we were ready to depart,Tenario,waved for the bill/check,Our waitress,happily, put the check in his hand,turned,and walked away,after wishing us, an enjoyable evening…. I glanced over just to see the amount…..,why!! the total bill was $378.00 dollars!!!!!! Hubby,signed…As well,we felt,because,our waitress,was so pleasant,knowledgable, and patience,we decided to leave her a $75.00 gratuity…..She was so thankful and appreciative,I could discern,she really needed this extra tip…I felt happy for her….And I hope,she reaches all her goals,(as she is a college student,studying law).she proudly explained…Moreover,  last week the Grandson’s wanted to sleep-over, as we craved pumpkins, and  of course,they wanted Pizza!!!! Dutifully, paw-paw, called Little Caesar’s,placing an order for 5 medium pizza’s W/varying toppings…..That tally was ($67.46) delivery included…Wow!! Really!!!! lol…(just kidding) The Grands’s  get what they want..(more often than not)…..Spoiled love-bud’s..-sigh- My SUV,is filthy,thus I drive to “Johnson’s Wash”to have the worker’s clean my baby* up…(inside&out) it’s $20.00, as they do a last minute wipe-down,I approach,they stand,quietly,waiting for a tip, for, this is how some of them feed themselves,or their families…..3 guy’s dried,SO,I hand each guy $5.00….they say Thank You in unison,walking away thrilled,for a measly $5 a piece….Bless them father..protect them,make easy their journey, we call life….. I’m very thankful,to be blessed to tip a person, I give my “bagger” at Kroger’s, $3/$4.for unloading all my food,from the cart..I hate unloading!!!!.If you see a truly needy person, giving them $5 or whatever,you can afford, is truly a blessing, to someone in need…..I feel so thankful and humble…..In today’s world,in which almost everyone encounter service workers on a regular basis,the amount of your tip/gratuity,depends on the service being provided,and is usually a percentage of the total bill……. Go on!!!! Be kind…. When, you receive good/great service,(Leave A Tip) you never know how this (act of kindness) can impact someone’s Life and/or Day……Peace….Tip often,and especially, with the “Hoilday’s” right around the corner…give a Little,give More,whatever,is affordable, for you…….Give!!! It will return!!!!!!! The Blessings are in Giving…Amen& Amen..hug your children,keep them close…..blm 1957….(Everyone Loves A Great Tipper) lol.. Are you a great Tipper?? Or,Are you a Non-Tipper?????  blm1957@wordpress.com…..


              Hello my friends!! I truly hope you are basking,in your Blessings*,and “All Is Well” This morning,as I stood at my French Double Doors,overlooking,my property,my landscaping,flower gardens,and the 5 new trees,we planted in May,while, in full bloom Now, (look bare),as I unlocked my door,I step out-side to catch a breath of Fresh Air,I was suddenly sadden,at the thought that Autumn is here,(do you say Autumn or Fall)????( We say both in my family I prefer Fall,personally) lol. However,Autumn sounds,like ending, aww, that’s sad….The ending of SUMMER*-sigh-is one reason for my sadness,as I feel cooler,crisp air lingering,in the early morning. As well, I now wear long-sleeved tops,sweater,or a light jacket for,their is a Chill in the air.(the days,of short-tops,tank-tops,halters,etc. are OVER*……lol.. Autumn,usually begins in the month of September,and goes on until the month of November, in North America.(*BLURLIT)   “FALL” is when everything comes full circle,we go from lush green, to a brown barren landscape.Fall, refers to the Season when leaves Fall from the trees……Autumn/Fall,is the third season of the calendar year,it’s a time of great change!! everything begins to look different,the weather seems to turn!!!!!!Days are now shorter. Autumn,is a season of Plenty-if you walk through a park you’ll see an abundance of berries,and nuts.Even animals tend to stock up on food during this time of year,because it will be harder to find food to eat during winter in the (MID-WEST). At times I feel Autumn has a quiet almost mischievous approach,I say this because-One day it’s Mid-Summer,and within the next FEW* days,It’s Chilly,Breezy,cool/cold,Time to put on a jacket,sweater,coat,if you want to avoid the Chill……But,life goes on and soon Thankgiving,Christmas,arrive,along with the Snow,but, it’s a great change,(A New Season) isn’t that amazing??? we are Blessed….Have you began putting away summer furniture,clearing your yard of dying flowers?? raking your mulch,for added height, Also, adding (weed-&feed) will give you a more green*lush, lawn next summer…. Please, say you have put away all*(White Clothing)!!!! (I began packing away Summer clothes,in mid-sept,now, that’s one less thing I have to do!!!! YES!! lol.. So, my Friends, You  (Better to do it now) get everything labeled and put away for next year..I hope you will use some of this advice…Here’s to a Amazing Autumn and a Fantastic Fall…..(get busy, use plastic containers,and label,each one) Next year will be a breeze,as you once again get ready for summer……happy autumn/fall,to you and your family…Blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close..blm1957….