Hello my friends,how is life Blessing you,as you Bless others,in your life? Well,it’s the “AWESOME MONTH OF APRIL”. April, my April……. Bringing April showers,to brighten our spirits,as beautiful bulbs emerge,smothering the landscape with brilliant color……As well, April,is the time nature awakes from its long sleep,to bring forth,such beautiful colors of Spring,and welcomes such an array of beauty….Spring Flowers,are beautiful and fragrant.Our changing season’s in the mid-west,have a profound effect on our plant and animal life,(a renewal cycle)…Some of my favorite early spring plants are,Crocus,Hyacinth,Tulips,   and of course Daffodils,zinnias,Cosmos,also,the fragrant Peony…..Therefore,as I gaze out-of-doors,sipping hot tea,I gently part my (Gomments/Drapes,)the scene never fail to disappoint,for,my Flower-bed is ablaze with brilliant,  colors of Yellows,Purples,and White…Aww,the sheer beauty of Spring…It seems to soothe my soul,mind,and my Spirit,as I become further,Disgusted with the current Political Parties… What is going on???????Donald Trump,Why? Are you aware you are a Bully? I’m very serious!! As my family and I watch,the Debates,Interviews,I’m Disgusted and Ashamed,where my beautiful,loving,Country is headed..At this point I’m undecided,who to Vote for,who to BELIEVE,Trust…I love my Country,our Freedom,Rights,and above all a chance to become whatever you chose to become…God bless America..Ted Cruz,Hilary Clinton,I’m just not buying it friends?? Friends?Not so much..lol..However,you all have really tested my trust and safety for the Future of our Great Country….I listen to the Donald with puzzlement…(He Started* it first)Pardon??? As Anderson Cooper,stated, that is something a 5-year-old would say…Thanks Silver Fox……D>T> please stick to Business,I like you much better in a Business Setting….(My Opinion)..I love your Children..Great People…Often times,One must,find that  quite place, to seek peace and clarity..Thus,I find solace in the 4 Flower Gardens,I and Hubby maintain.Today is cloudy,somewhat humid,and a little dreary ,Yet, I pray for my Country,and all citizens of  the U>S>A>..As,I remain hopeful that this too shall pass,I stay focus on my family and my beliefs..We can all make life what we want by keeping the Faith,Praying,for Peace,  Safety,and Strength,while staying True*to our selves, making right decisions,in these difficult times..Friends we are indeed leaving in sometimes frightening days..Thusly, I chose to leave “Politics” behind today,as I prepare to venture outside to repair broken vines,clear any stray debris,clean and lift my packed mulch,it has become dull and just drab looking..lol..Why, I think I lifted the mulch by 5 inches at the most,it looks great.I feel my body, mind, relax,as I lift,clear,and beautify my front flower bed,I feel better,as Calm over-takes me…I love April,I know Spring is here,and in a month or so,warmth,and Sunny days will arrive shortly their after..April my April,I love you,for the best is yet to come,I’m going to enjoy April, May,and June….Yes!!! I just want to be HAPPY*…I will be Happy…Will You???Focus,on the days ahead,for Summer is just around the corner….Yea!! blm1957@wordpress.com.Hug your children keep them close….Amen and Amen…April,my awesome April….. April Birthday,My Dad,April 22nd.Love and Miss you Dad… R>I>P>blm1957