Hello friends, are you in a positive place today on this 29th.day of February,(A Leap Year Bonus) an extra day…….Yea!!! I hope like me, you are taking/enjoying this extra day,to find yourself,to rediscover your place in life,your dreams,your calling……I’m volunteering my services today at the Red Cross,collecting,and sizing New Blankets (I ask my family and friends to buy 2 Blankets, small and full/queen Every two months….However, (I only ask those who I know can afford to do so)….As well,These collected blankets are for families,of fire,or loss and need…Friends, what are you going to do with this extra* 24 hours today?Are you going to Embrace the Day*or, Sleep* it Away? I beg  you, Seize,* Today, take these bonus 24 hrs.hold yourself tightly,as you love yourself,because of you!!! the loving person you’ve become…… Thus,make it ALL about you…After, you inform your friends and families,of your taking of this day,February 29th.for YOU…….If you live alone great…lol….If like me, you have family,and a hubby..(Greater)-sigh-If you work,or are a stay at home mom.Again, (take the day) I informed hubby and children,(all grown) and grands,that Monday the 29th,the bonus day,was all mine,they were fine with this…I love them.lol….As I sit alone in my quiet home devoid of people and issues..Awww,the Peace!!!!This is what makes me happy,Joyous,and in the best place one can experience…..A place of Joy and Peace….As, the delicious aroma’s from my scented candles, 15 in total,of every fragrance, engulf my huge bedroom,I have satin pillows,of differing sizes,colors,arranged over the floor,a comfy,cozy,chaise longuer,sit’s prominently, in the corner,I slide/roll, it in the center of the room,as I  sink deeply,into the heavily cushioned seat,I prepare to  give myself a Mani/and Pedi….I love it…(As Im a germaphobic) (I will do my own,nails,and toes,thank you very much..lol..)I have at least 10 colors,on one pillow,as I struggle to decide…Soft relaxing music fill my ears/mind with happiness, and smiles,from days past…After,prayer and meditation,I feel such JOY* I want to express my thoughts on finding/having Joy in my/your life beginning today*,and forever…This Bonus Extra Day!! The Power Of Joy- When we don’t feel well,it’s easy to feel down in our spirits,as we love being active and healthy.The blues can be a powerful thing,(fight it) over-come it…You Must!!If you have small children,tweens,teens,that’s even  more of a reason you have to make it…As well,there’s something more powerful than the blues,It’s the power of JOY…Joy isn’t dependent on our circumstances,It’s a Choice I/You can make- a choice to laugh with those we love,a chance to focus on the good..A choice to trust in the love of God as he will always bring us into brighter/better days….A truly happy smile brings Joy to my heart…Amen and Amen….Enjoy this Bonus Day……blm1957@wordpress.com..hug your children,keep them close…. blm1957…# 29 Days


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