Hello friends,Happy Blessed New Year,to you and your family …….2016,it seems unbelievable,that the year is 2016!!!!! How did we get here???? Fondly,I remember the New Year of 1999,fearful,hopeful,yet aware that the end could be near………However, So many events have occurred to date,I’m at a lost as to where to begin?? Thus, I shall speak on what I know for sure…..Therefore,I would like to offer some helpful tips,on starting over with a clean,fresh,slate this 17th day of January,2016……I feel happiness,depends upon your outlook on life….Strive, to see the good* in others (even when rumor and gossip abound).. Wait,watch,before you judge!!!! For, who among us is Perfect? Our attitude and focus is very important in feeling our/your best*…..A positive driven life,makes one more energized and stable.Also, continue to find/put Passion in your life,career,family,spirituality,and purpose… Love,hobbies,and goals,should remain Important* especially,if you are in it to win!!!!! Moreover,Marriage,takes  Respect, WORK*,devotion,and patience,(are you willing to remain involved for the long journey??) You can rise above,you can, you shall,if you are serious about your situation……Also,do what you love*,(your personal joy,Peace*) never be forced into an undesirable situation….Through counseling,and prayer,also,long,heart-pouring talks,with my best friend Marla,(we are child-hood besties)… I, now Truly love myself!!!! What a great feeling…..-sigh-I love ME*…….I’m a Christian, kind,,so creative,attractive,intelligent,loyal,great listener,God-fearing,and  goal driven..unfortunately,and I’m okay with it,I’m not Perfect*,and never will be,but, I’m humble,and striving to be a better person daily,just helping someone out,opening a door,shoveling a Senior’s drive, an act of kindness,compassion….All the while,scoring points,with the Man above….lol…….Life is good….It’s what you make it…..Never,sell yourself short,go big,or go home…….This New Year,reminds me to stay in Faith*,even when things look bleak,(where is your Faith??)seek your Second Touch*of Blessings overflowing with your Hearts desires!!!! Believe…..Lastly,the New Year affords,one the opportunity,to begin with a clean slate!!A new beginning… A Fresh* Start..Shake off any doubts,negativity,and make the most of 2016*,make this the best year ever…Happy New Year,my friends…blm  hug your children,keep them close…….blm1957 



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