Hello friends,how are you and your family doing this “Super” 22nd,day of September??I trust that everyone,is far to Blessed* to be Stressed*, I just know you are too Joyous,Thankful,and living your DREAM……….As well,when a person lives with Vision,goals,thoughts,of realizing and discovering your true Calling*,if you have Conquered this most important link toward true freedom,and peace,you should indeed give yourself,a pat on the back,indulge in a gentle self-squeeze..lol..hug yourself,love you for the loving,giving person you strive to be…For, when we come to the Realization,of our Purpose,here on Earth,(When you know you Must keep your Secret Place*,(your Heart)as clean,pure,as you can,(Knowing No One Is Perfect****) Noone..I Challenge you to ask our Father* for the Desire’s of your Heart,(It shall be given,Believe,have Faith,hold on to that Faith no matter what obstacles arise,and they will!!!! unfortunately, most times when things are going great,some unexpected problem/worry,an unexpected financial Burden WILL* visit your HOME!!!! Seemingly,when you/we have no cares/ worries,as you Strive every day, living as Honest,Clean,Truthful,Upstanding,Law-abiding,Citizen.you can/are…..Admittedly,making mistakes..However,we repent,ask for forgiveness,and face another day….When all else fail….Pray!!!! Pray, Believe,Trust in our Father…Don’t give up!!! Never give In,Stay Focus,In these troubled times,It will be ALL* over in the morning….Amen and Amen…hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com…#Pope Francis,I Pray for your Health,Safety,and Peace,as,you continue your Walk* with our Father……# The Pope Comes to America….Blessings,Blessings,what Peace I felt just watching him,listening,what a Joy…….God Bless America!!!!!blm1957,These last days of September,please Live with a Purpose,a Goal,Help a person in Need,make a difference…….It begins with You/Us………


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