Hello friends,and a happy,cold,wintry,winter “March 5th” to you and yours….Have you just given up,and declared,(I/We Give) lol…..Why here in my neighborhood,and surrounding area,we have 12 to 15 inches of snow covering our community, 6 to 8 feet,if you count the Piles*of snow..(piled up)…….The Piles of snow,(let me count the ways/where..lol….)Everywhere,one looks,turn,walk,you smell and feel, the coldness of this white snow……..As well,when gazing out over the horizon,the  whole community(City) is encased in winter’s wrath of Ice,Snow* and COLD…Brrrr….Meanwhile,here in the Midwest,we are digging out daily,and often,to keep up with the moist constant falling of snow from the sky…..A  sky that for the last month has received 20 straight days of snow………Elsewhere, record-breaking amounts of snow has fallen in Boston, leaving some residents hopeless,and in despair…My thougths and prayers are with you, our friends, and fellow Americans…..This winter has certainly been one for the record-books…Winter 2015,(we shall not soon forget you,Winter old Winter..)Furthermore,the month of March* is/was my dearly departed Mom’s birth month…March, was so very special for us,her children..We delighted,in her happiness on her special day,as each child,gave her a token/gift of their selecting,just for her…..I miss you, Mommy….I carry you in my heart forever and ever……Gee,I feel warmer suddenly..Warmth,from the sweet,caring,*loving,memories,passed down by my Mama…. I now feel a calmness,and thankfulness,for Life…As well,feeling, warmth, joy,and at peace…I would like to leave you with some thoughts/words on “The Month Of March”….Enjoy~~~~ March, was named from Mars,the Roman God of war…. March- was called Hlyda in Old English,which is reference to the loud* winds… An old proverb says “March comes in like a lamb,(which is reference to winter ending,and SPRING* beginning….Not only is March, Women’s History Month,but it is also,America Red Cross Month,and Fire Prevention Month…March-Birthstone is Aquamarine…Pisces and Aries,are the Birth Signs…..Some famous people born in March are: Shaquille O’Neil,Justin Bieber,Eva Mendes,Jessica Biel,Dr. Seuss,and Reese Witherspoon…Happy Birthday to all!!! Lastly, remember,Spring is just Around* the corner….Just 3 more weeks,hold on!!!! we’ve survived,this far…To God be the Glory…..Spring is coming,Spring is coming….Repeat Daily…lol..I wish you “A MERRY MONTH OF MARCH”……And, send Extra Warmth* to Everyone……blm1957@wordpress.com …hug your children keep them close…..BLM 1957….Feel The Warmth….Peace Unto You…….. Credit*2/@mariamzzarella, #maria Valtaggio,#Express.Co.U.K.,#Funtrivia, @Duckters


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My Goal is to "Inspire" as many People,as I encounter,Please Pray for Peace.....
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One Response to ~~~A SNOWNY,MERRY, MONTH OF MARCH~~~

  1. You can remain calm and have peace no matter what’s
    going on around you. ) Finally, we Americans are going to be forced to assess what is really important and what is just distracting fluff.
    Whenever people come over to your house for a backyard barbecue,
    you will be more than ready to entertain and
    cater to them.

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