Welcome, my snow-bond friends,how are you dealing with the “Snow Blizzard of 2015”???? Here in the mid-west,16.7 inches of Snow has fallen in 48 hours…..A snow storm/blizzard happens when large amounts of Snow,fall rapidly within 1 hour or less,lasting for 24 to 48 hours…This morning,as I parted my draperies,after 2 days,of constant falling snow, we have Huge* mounds of snow,piled it seems 5/6 inches high,I venture to add,some piles are at least 8 ft. tall,yes,I love “Snow” however,this is a bit MUCH!!!!!!!Outside,its freezing,frosty,at times foggy,frigid,with one fearing frost-bite…I remain inside my home, only  going out if it is absolutely nessasary..For, it is just too Cold*…..lol…I wondered privately,(am I getting older,and feeling the cold more????even,asking family members,if they are feeling the same,,,As well,knowing,People,living in this snow storm/blizzard of 2015,are feeling the very same despair….As I continue to gaze around my yard, and across the street,around my neighborhood, and community,Snow,Snow is piled high Every where…. As, I drove to Sam’s, early this morning (6:30am) to stock-up on needed Items for a (Snow Storm/Blizzard)….. Meanwhile, 2 hours later driving home, it appears,as if a giant,(HUGE),hand Bursted*from  the sky/clouds dropping/depositing, inches/piles of Snow,over our cities,and States… I’m safely home,(Amen& Amen)…As, I put away my Bounty…..I rest awhile,pray,and take a needed nap!!! It’s cold outside…(-6 below)……. Hours,later as I peer through my kitchen blinds,I raise them as high as they lock,(I can see for miles…lol… This morning,now 11:45am,is slightly foggy,somewhat, dark…The dried,thicken branches,of my barren tree seem to dance and sway,causing a shadowy figure  to move and play against the bay window…At times,it’s creepy,yet,exciting to watch,as I stop to inhale the pure beauty,of this morning,(Thankful,that I went out shopping,blessed to arrive back* home Safe)…Amen&Amen…Although,I try to stay away from the window,the beautiful,silvery,shiny,clear,snow drifts,catch my eyes,and hold them transfixed to this glorious sight,magical even,for, it is so Beautiful…….I stare for minutes,unable to move…What a whimsical vision…It is as if, an Artist,took his brush and painted a White Winter Wonderland….A line of snow drifts,stand boldly,one drift appears 3ft,one 5ft,another 8 ft..and so on and so on….You  wonder if (Richard Kincaid) himself,painted this frozen scene…….lol….Moreover,the shiny,brilliant,crystal-like,top of the drifts,Glow in the bright Sunshine…..The sun shines so brightly, however,it will take weeks to melt these huge mounds of snow……..Lastly,I find peace,thankfulness,and joy,that we have Power*….Electricity….Hundreds,are still without Power,because of this storm,It’s so Cold*** too cold to be without heat!!!!!I’m so Thankful,I/We have heat,water,food,lights,a Home…A Home,your personal place of joy, comfort,and peace….Where you can be yourself,(do you)lol..Find something to be thankful for in/on these “Snow-Days”…If you have Elderly neighbor’s please check on them..Try not to complaint…………. Remember,if you have Power,you have a Blessing…..Baby,it’s Cold Outside…..lol…. hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com …..Stay Warm…#Snow Storm 2015 #Summer 2015….Peace…blm1957…..


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