Hello friends,with moments of sadness,gladness,and indifference,conscious that in hours, we will embark into a brand New Year,(2015) wow!!! sounds unreal,don’t you agree?? -2015-…………….As we say good-bye to 2014, occurring within, 6hrs.20min……Friends,2014 held,sad,horrible,unbelievable events.. At times we questioned Everything!! Why this, Why that?? we questioned,to others and at times ourselves…..And yes even our Faith, is/was tested…..For, Father,how can those grievous acts happen??We ponder…However in these Closing/Last hours of 2014,will you allow me, to ask you, to keep the “Faith”..Faith that always see’s you thru another obstacle ,trial,disappointments…Life!!!!As well, other times, happiness surrounds us..Moreover,one feels it “Deep” in your Spirit,the “Knowing,I like to call it,you  know, it’s all ready done,Jesus knows even before we pray.ask,beg..lol..He knows.all about our problems,Trust,have Faith,in things you Cannot See,nor Feel,but, yet you “Know” it does exist…Faith,is a gift,a blessing,I pray that my Faith will forever stay strong and steadfast…..Amen and Amen…..Laugher,Positivity,also, keep Hope alive….One should always Pray and never Cease….Well,it’s 8:00pm.here in the Mid-west,that means,4 more hours,until the New Year…My family will attend New Year’s Eve services at Church,later,about 1:30am,several couples meet at our home,for,Food,Spirits,Good Conversation,(Words of Thanks) Prayer,and Pure Merriment…….I love this time,Reflection,is a good thing!!Reflect, on your Life, focusing on what you can do to make a difference in our World today….Lastly, I would like to thank You,all my Followers,for reading my blogs,your comments,(mean the world to me)From my Family to Your’s, I/We wish you “A HAPPY NEW YEAR,2015…May God bless and keep you…Blm1957@worpress-com,hug your children,keep them close…..”Happy New Year Family..Happy New Year 2015 America….. #Dare to Believe #Joel Osteen  (Good-bye 2014,You were Wonderful, to my Family,I’m Honored) Good-Bye 2014!!!!!!!!!!blm1957


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