Hi friends, Firstly, I would like to say “Happy Veteran’s Day” to Every* Member, and Branch of our Military!!!!! Thank You For Your Service…Everyone,who has adorned a Uniform,of any Branch I Salute you today and always….Thank you for your fearless Service!!!!! Thank You,and may Jesus,protect you always,keeping you out of Harm’s Way*…Amen….   Please,if you pass a Solider today and every day, please,Thank them for their Service………..Pass along a random act of kindness,if there is a Solider, in your neighborhood or family, On this special day,(Put a smile on that Priceless,Strong,Courageous,Warrior,by giving him/her Words of Encouragement)….Also,if you are aware, there is a Financial burden pending,Help out as much as you can,You will be rewarded,and the feeling of knowing, you’ve made a difference,will forever make/give you Peace…….We have to help One Another……Especially, our Veteran’s who put their lives on the line for OUR* Peace and Protection….As well,it’s hard to phantom,that we actually*(Have Home-less Vet’s) Shame,Shame..Why would/should a Veteran who has put his life on the line,in a strange,different,Land/Country,finish their tour of Duty,Yet! come Home!!(only to realize he/she is home-less????) I do not understand this……My hope,and greatest wish is that (Every Veteran and their Families,live Rent/Mortgage Free)until Work,College/Trade School, is Found and given a Year to successfully interact in society, and again become a loyal,adjusted,tax paying member of our great U>S>A>….This is my Prayer…….Addtionally,all Medical,Prescription,Hospital,Counseling, and Any Human Service to be provided…I love the sound of this don’t you??…..(Oh Yeah,Food,* should be a top propriety..>)food stamps>wic>etc.etc…. That’s my America, The America,who always takes care of (IT’S OWN)…God bless America….”HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY” to ALL* Veteran’s….God’sSpeed. Hug your children, keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com


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