Hello Sweet November,Welcome…feel free to stay awhile,although,I realize with November,comes (cold,blustery,weather) here in the Mid-west…….However, I’m going to “Shake It Off” and keep moving forward….As well,I trust you will do like-wise…So, are you and your’s getting into the Holiday Spirit/Mood?? Once again as I changed the Calender, it was as if my heart,like a flickering candle,softly burned, with the knowledge of the passing of time,(Time seems to pass so quickly,moving fast,devouring the months,like a starving dog,with a fresh hearty bowl of food…….Why, it was just July!!! don’t you remember??The temperature was blazing hot,yet, one felt no urge to complaint,for it’s “Summertime” (Snap Out Of It)lol…It’s Sweet November,the month of my Birth….Therefore, I’m blessed beyond measure each November as I  celebrate another Birthday!!!!! I love you sweet November….Additionally,this November, happens to be (Mid-Term Elections Month) Please, Please, Get out and Vote,this  Tuesday November,4th,2014…Voting,is a privilege,we are afforded in our great (U.S.A.) Do your part and Vote,if you don’t shame on you,and never moan or complaint,if you fail to do your part in this most important decision making process……….Whatever,your Party Afflication…..V.O.T.E.I feel very focus,and calm,as I’m learning to Pray,Trust,and Believe,that we are all here,for/with a Purpose!!! Discover Yours… I have…Peace unto you and your family……Hug your Children,keep them close….blm1957@wordpress.com…….Welcome Sweet November,the month of my birth……..-November Family Birthday’s: 2nd:Queen..6th:R&O(twins)Henry Jr,Latrice..11th:Al,13th:Sir Brad,14th:Geno,22nd:,Rod,26th:Aunt Mae,28th:Troy………..Happy Birthday Family..           #Vote Tuesday ,November 4,2014, #Make a Difference # Sweet November


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