Hello friends,how are things going for you and yours?Great I know…After,much thought and conversation’s with family,friends,co-workers.etc..I find myself wondering!!!!!(Does any-one WAIT* anymore to date, get to know* the person,or is it Just* this Cool,who cares’ attitude, hey! lets hook-up, receiving a text at 1:00am,2am???for a booty-call!!!!!!or,.lol..let’s be friends with benefits..Yeah,that’s dope..no Strings,no Ties, Nothing……..Admittedly,we live in the 21st.century, I get that……But Jeez’s!!!!!!!However, does this require,,we no longer teach/talk to our children,family, about,Loyalty,Trust,STD’s……. (STD’S)Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Yuck!!lol..Commintment,Faithfulness,and True Love…… The giving of yourself to one Person??Each and every Day,we hear of a Celebrity Break-Up, what I find most troubling however, ( there are too many to add here,if you watch the Entertainment Show’s, Read all the many Star/Reality Magazine’s, you know where I’m coming from..We witness at least 1to2,couples weekly,Breaking-Up,however,in 2 day’s Time,we see them laughing,smiling,kissing,Sexing,(WITH SOME-ONE NEW)!!!!!!! I have one Question……I would love answered……Ms./Sir. Have/Did,you visit your Doctor, Ladies,(Ob-Gyn) to see if you are disease free? I like-wise ponder,have you taken a HIV Test in the last 6 months?or sooner,if you are with a New Partner,3 Days,after your last Lover/Husband,of Months,Years!!!!As well ,Women,do you cleanse your Feminine Area Throughly?? Have/Do you check for Herpes,(both sets of Lips) stop blushing!!!!lol…This is a Serious*Issue.Do you use Condom’s??? or like some, I read/talked too…They do not like the feeling a condom  offeres…..Please!!!!!!I would like to make something Very* clear,I’m not Perfect by any means,also,I’ve had my fun dating,while I was single, Thusly, because of my rearing, I had 2 long-term relationships,and Yes I waited, before jumping in a New Bed,or having someone New,in my Bed……In as much, as this is a new Century,different times.2014…Who knows,I could be Bed-hopping, Hooking-Up,having Booty-Calls,Having Sex, with a Friend with Benefits,Who knows?? For, I’m not perfect,nor,I’m I trying to Put any one Down, especially an Adult,I believe it’s called (Free-Will)The fact that One Hooks up with another ,3 or 4 days after a meaningful,seemingly,loving,lengthy relationship,just,Amazes me,I Do not Understand this Love-Fest,this need for (Instant) Love, is it Instant Gradafication??The Fear of being Alone…..,No- one wants to be Alone…..I Understand….Simply, Relax, Breathe,Read A Book,Take a Class,Rediscover yourself,Pray,increase your word-power,Volunteer,However,I must add….( Do You)!!!(live your life) this is just My Opinion,I find it a little distasteful,to Kiss, (Oral),Intercourse (the works) 2 days after you break with your Lover/Husband after several months or Years…..Think,get to know your inner-person..Lastly, Again,these are only my thoughts,and I know you will do what makes you Happy..(Even if it only last a week, or one Month.Sadly,rarely,does it last!!! Rarely…..To Name a Few:Zack&Michelle, Khloe&French M,Justin&Selena,Big Sean&Adrinna,Chris,Drake,Rhianna,J-Law,J-lo&Loves)Amber&Wiz,Katie&John,Sofia&Jason,George C,(off the market)lol….T.Swift&(loves)Write a Song…..The List goes on and on,and on…..My wish is that everyone visit your Doctor often,Ladies:(Ob-Gyn)and please just remain Happy and above all Safe….Hug your children,keep them close,blm1957@wordpress.com.Always remember,”What made you SMILE* in the first place,and You will “SMILE” again….Stay Healthy&Focus…Peace…..blm1957…  Happy October* Birthday’s- Royce,Zan,Dad M,(RIP)Derian P,and Madison(Maddie) Birthday Blessings Famiy………-3rd. 18th.22nd.27th.29th.-


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