Hi,friends,a happy “October” to you and your family,why,the 10th month of the year is upon us….October, the month we become aware,”fall” has arrivied….Moreover, I love this transition of the “season’s” thus,October,brings joy and renewal……The temperature changes,darkness arrive earlier,one,can simply feel a “chill” in the air…..Would you enjoy hearing some fun,hopefully,interesting facts,about “October”? October, is the 10th month,of the year, we have 31 days to live life to the fullest.and we in the Mid-west do!!!! however, my greatest thrill, and pleasure,is the changing and falling of the “Leaves”… Beautifully, shaped,various sizes,along with the most “Brilliant Colors”, hue’s of brown(taupe)orange,yellows,and wine,adorn my back-lawn and around the trees…I describe it as a beautiful bed of color and design…What a lovely sight to behold,even on a cloudy day,the color’s give my mind and thoughts,”Warmth”…… Happy child-hood memories,of leaf raking, barn fires,and roasting marshmallows..(so much fun,was had) Now, years later,this October,2014,It seems time has stood still,as I glaze upon a sea of leaves…..As well, farmers,finish harvesting crops of wheat,corn,beans,and tomatoes.For now the cool/cold mornings,and evenings won’t stay,In fact, we will have several more warm* days to enjoy..Yea!!!! (yesterday’s temp was 78 degrees) great..We loved and enjoyed the day,doing last-minute cleaning of the grounds,before the snow settle in….My Hubby,has a leaf-blower attachment on our rider-mower,it makes (leaf raking) so easy and fast, however, I’m old-school,(After hubby has raked,all leaves in the front and sides of our home,myself and the Grands,prepare,for our weekly leaf raking..FYI:A  leaf-free area, only last for 1 day,or if it’s one of our often windy days,3hrs.-tops….lol..(it’s a never-ending job until the last of November).We have several rakes, 3 sizes, smaller,for the Grands, large for the grown folks…lol..2 med.just right for the tweens….Leaf-Raking, signals,the end of summer,and the beginning of Winter*brrrrrrrrr…    The changing of season’s,spring, summer,fall and winter…Gotta love it,and I/we do………One of my favorite’s for fall,is the cooler weather, more time outdoor’s,(family time) Raking leaves with the family,mainly,the Grandchildren…they just love it,our huge back-yard,the tree-house, the fire-pit,where we roast marshmallows,and hot-dogs,on cool nights,singing and talent night,are the most fun-filled..My grandson’s are  so much like their Dad’s..They bring us joy and happiness on talent night especially.. Most birds in our area,have left for the south.(warmer weather) bird’s are seed eater’s,they eat many weed*seeds that would otherwise damage next years crop.Therefore,feel free to feed the birds,and let them graze on the weed seeds, Thusly,(everyone’s happy) you/I/the birds/the nations….everyone..Oh Happy Day…I love October,(The Leaf Month) awwww!!! how sweet….lol..Lastly,the Grands cannot wait to visit the “Cider Mill”most “Apples” are harvested at the end*of October, many apples cover the ground in late October,One can make tasty,warm,apple pies,that are sure to please everyone…Come on enjoy “October and the Falling Leaves”it makes for great excerise*and family bonding,for Free!!! blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….Get up, grab the Family ,and “Rake Leaves”…Peace… -A October Poem-  -October, had a party,the Leaves were the first to arrive,Families,of oaks,maples,and ash,even those with forgotten names are present,it’s a free for all,as they run from the leaf- grabbers/catchers….Run Leaf’s Run,as you swirl and twirl in the wind..Run….blm1957@wordpress.com -THE FALLING LEAVES OF OCTOBER- 2014        # October-Breast Cancer Awareness  #Remember,what made you SMILE*in the first place,And You* will SMILE* Again………….(I Promise You)



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