Hi friends, Why, it’s the first of September, a day I will always remember, for, it’s the birthday,of my dear-departed Dad…September 1st,2014,can you believe how time, has just flown by? Remember,3 months ago, June! it was hot, humid yet,Most*evenings,offered low temperatures,even lower humidity,a slight breeze, softly caress your cheek,as you lay, lazily,happy,and fulfilled.Life is good,as you gently,let your feet sway at the lowest end of the pool. The clear blue water,refreshes,your spirits even more….Meanwhile.a drizzle of rain begin to fall lightly,spraying one’s body,with light,wet,mists of surprisingly,cool,then warm water,you lay back and embrace your inner-peace….On this September 1st,please, remain mindful of your many blessings, as you reflect on a new school year..My 3 children are grown, and thusly, they have blessed us with 4 Grandchildren,whom,we simply Adore….My husband and I take the Grands (every Year) to purchase their (School Supplies) They can hardly contain their excitement.as we arrive and find a perfect parking space….Yea!!!! at”Target”,(the boy’s love Target!!!)lol…Their ages range from 6-14 yrs. of age….Ages 6-10,must stay with Gram&Paw-Paw,11-14,can feel free to venture,on their own,however,first,we check for a fully charged iPhone,(so we can reach one another in seconds)…The School Supplies,are the first item’s you behold,as you enter,inside the well-stocked store..Filter paper,Writing Tablets, Folders, Binders,Note-Books,Pens,Pencils,Eraser’s,Calculator’s,Laptop’s,(for teens)Markers,why,even Scissor’s for the little one’s,and of course,the old stand-by,(Crayola Crayon’s) remember, the 8 pack from the 60’s,I can still smell the pungent  odor they emittied…Guess you know my age??? lol…Whatever…Backpack’s are next on the list.2 Superhero’s,(for 6-7yrs.) The older fellow’s,like the roll-luggage,for easier handling,more compartments,and as they informed us,(this is what’s on and popping)????What????lol…(On and Popping) Okay…… What they  fail to mention, was the Cost!!!!!! ($45.00 each) Wow…However, my beloved Back-Pack’s,are very reasonably priced…($10-15),as we double-checked,and crossed off each needed item,we realized we had completed our mission…The Boys,are grateful,expressing words of thanks,to us, their Grandparents,(being Thankful,Grateful,is something we instilled in our Children,they,in turn past it on to their Children….Awww..Isn’t that Special!!!!! As we prepare to leave Target,Brennan,the 6 yr. old,ask, if we are going to Kohl’s,or Sears, for “School Clothes” No!!!! Little do they know we put “School Clothes” in the Layaway,in July,Everything is in our spare guest room,hidden from them… Nice,Warm,Color-Coordinated, Clothing,they will be delighted…This I/we know…lol.. Hey!!! These-Children are Expensive……lol…Lastly, Happy Labor Day, to Worker’s all over the World!!!!!!!!(God bless our Union’s)Moreover,as we prepare for a “New” School Year…..I pray that really soon Bullying,will be a thing of the past…It hurt so deeply, when we found out my shy 6yr.old was being bullied nearly every day,even now,it hurt’s too much to discuss…I will write about it one day soon,Brandon, (the 6 yr.old) took Karate classes all summer,(He’s fast,bold,and I see so much added confidence in him,(no bullying this year even if you are shaking in your boots,you better stand up,(some Teacher’s don’t get involved in bullying…(some)…I feel he is ready…I hope so…lol…Happy SAFE*New School Year…September 2014…hug your children,keep them close…..blm1957@wordpress.com…….. #sandy hook..Bless the Children,please keep them safe!!!!!! Amen&Amen……BTW: Try to Talk about things first!!! Let a Teacher or Adult know,if Bullying is going on…Fighting, is not the answer,however,you cannot be Pushed,Hit,Bullied……Another Summer has Passed………..Happy Birthday Dad,September 1st..


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