Happy “Independence Day” commonly known as the Fourth of July,is a federal holiday in the United States,commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776,declaring independence from The Kingdom of Great Britain,(now officially known as the United Kingdom) parades,grilling,barbeque’s,family gatherings,red,white,and blue decorations,can be seen all over the city,and our country..Everywhere,America Flags,are blowing in the wind,we have 3 flags on our property,large, medium,and small…However, the big bang comes at dusk,after/when the sun goes down,the greatest event of the season occurs!!!!! FIRE-WORKS~~~~~ yea….Firstly, let me express my feelings on this joyous,happy* food-filled ,loud,family day,the fourth of july…As a youngster,6,7, yrs…The 4th,always meant a day of fun,food,friends,and Family…….My mom and her 4 sister’s,headed out to our local park-fondly named,(LOWER-HURON PARK) they arrived at the park by 5:00am,to secure their area,as,we needed 5 to 6 Pinic-Tables,for the whole Crew….lol….we were all one-together,yes, “We Are Family” lol…I loved seeing my aunts and uncles,from 3 different States…Cousin’s,of all ages,(we have so much to catch up on) (boys)..lol…My mom look forward to seeing Sister’s from Ill.,Ohio,and Florida…Our home was spotless,for now…(who cares).lol….At the park,which is always jammed-packed on the 4th,there is also a beach,located at the rear of the park..Always  clean,the water a clear sky blue, the sand, clear and packed,waiting on sand castle’s and dunes to be constructed….We often, had to pass up a trip over to the beach,as over-crowding,was a huge problem….Therfore, we remained,in our area,playing games,riding the swings,playing horse-shoes,running,and race’s….Now, this was Fun!!!!! Secondly, the Food, it was the best assortment of edibles,one could ever imagine,for, we had any food you dared dream of….Meanwhile,years has passed…My Dear Mom, and 4 aunts have passed on, 2 uncles also..-sigh-(sadness over-comes me) o.k. I can move on…I now have 3 grown children,4 grandchildren,and on this Fourth of July 2014,2 of my sister’s and brother-in-law’s are visiting from Atlanta and Florida,3 nieces’,2 nephew’s,are here also..I smile as my now grown daughter, expressed how she could hardly wait to see her favorite cousin,from the ATL.(they wanted to talk about men,children,life) “Sound familiar”????? lol..The world goes around and around…However,some things remain the same.. Our Family remains the same…Praise Jesus…Well, the sun is going down,it’s 8:15,pm. the little-ones are so excited,for, they know it’s “Fire-Works Time…..We only have child=proof works,for the little-ones’s,however, the older teens have all sort of fire-works,some look scary,and loud….Loud….. Here’s to another 4th.of July,it’s a beautiful sunny,airy day,not a cloud in the sky…….God Bless America……Blm 1957,hug your children,keep them close,protect them,inspect, what Fire-Works,are being lit..Stay Safe…… Happy 4th. of July…#Happy Birthday America… Lastly.Happy “16” Birthday, First-Daugther…… Peace…blm1957@wordpress.com.. 


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