~~~~~THOUGHTS ON JULY 2014~~~~~

            Hi my friends and family,If you are like myself,you are amazed that (OMG) why, its July* already……..I can clearly remember,as if it were yesterday. Gleeful,for the “New Year,” joyfully and with much anticipation turning my new*2014 calendar to the month of January………Now, 7 months later, a little wary, fighting to keep the Faith* (at all cost) knowing, Jesus, (Did Not) bring me this far in life, TO LEAVE ME…..AMEN & AMEN…..  Touching me on those days, when I just wanted to give up*…For, I was just tired………….However, I can now report, ‘ALL IS WELL’ I’m alive,healthy, with a Home to reside in, Food to eat,(every thing I like)…lol… No Pains rake my body,(Nor, my husband and children,grandchildren)…Bills, are paid!!! what a Blessing,and I’m indeed TRULY* grateful for the Favor of Jesus in our lives…..It has not* always been Harmonious,and Easy.Thus, I’m so Thankful and Grateful…..As, I looking how I have Grown* in this phase of my life….Thank you Father…..Forgive me friends,as, I had to get that off my Chest)….As well, when I arose this morning, watching the morning news,(the first 4 stories,were about death…..Shootings,hit&run,and car-jackings…(my heart cried out) for the News today is filled with shootings, violence,(that makes one only shake your head,at the Senselessness of it all…Last night 2 miles from my city, a 3 years old child,(baby) was murdered,as she innocently played with her older sister,in her front-yard….Her own yard friends..Her older sister was shot in the leg… ,it is being reported, one of her father’s friends was the shooter,A little girl gone to soon!!!!! Jesus,bless this family in their time of despair..In the mid-west,rain,floods,of record-breaking heights,are being recorded.Out west,the Heat is raging,with temperatures,ranges in the 3-digits,Fires rage,some destroy homes…Moreover,these are beautiful homes,(I can imagine the owner’s delight as they designed and discussed their vision for this new home,and within, an hour,the once Lovely home is/has burned to the ground……….Never, forget how easy it is to become (Home-less) Can you imagine becoming Homeless????? It is happening every-day folks,Help them Father,make a way,open a door for them,ease their hurt,loss, disbelief,and the thought of Where Do We Live Now!!!! Please do not take for granted your blessings,(count them) remain Thankful,try to donate to a shelter,or the Red Cross,when you hear of a family burned out of their home, losing Everything,Everthing…Wow..I,speak words of thanks,for all my blessing,even,a shower,in my private home is a blessing to/for me,for, it means so very much when you can shower, without any assistance..etc.etc..Lastly, I would like to encourage you to stay focus,pray,increase your faith,pray some more…lol… Laugh..Be Happy, in spite of, for, I guarantee you,somewhere,someone is far worst off!! than you..Thus,in this Summery,month of July,stride to make it,help someone in need,share the love,and watch how your blessing flow,keep your Doctor’s Appointments,check your blood-pressure,heart, talk about your health with your Doctor…. I wish you perfect-health,and peace to you and your family,this summer in July….And always..hug your children,keep them close,blm1957@wordpress.com Believe…Peace.. blm 1957 # July 2014


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