Greetings~~~ This “Good Friday Morning”after prayer, mediation,and eating a light breakfast,I ventured,  outside,just to get a fresh breath of air,and to see how well my Hubby,raked, and cleaned any remaining debris,for our lawn/yard….what a good job!! He’s so neat,and tidy,until I knew,things would be fine…Every, Easter,after Church,we have an Easter Egg Hunt” for the Grandchildren,and our next door neighbor’s…what Fun* they have as they run (care-free) to and fro,looking,searching,each child,wanting to find the most hidden eggs!!!!! Hiding 40 dyed Eggs,is worth the time,as we watch and wait,highly excited,( almost we have come to realize) as the children…lol..Meanwhile,I head back inside..It’s 12:00pm,my daughter,called to let me know she is on her way,she promises to arrive by 1pm……As,I prepare to shower and dress….At 2:00pm, we attend “Good Friday” Services,at our Church,The Remembrance- The Resurrection*of Jesus Christ,we pause to remember,the reason for this service..I feel peace,at the thought of entering service again,(my place of peace and solice..So,Im ready,and waiting, as I see my darling daughter, pull into the circular drive…..I set the alarm,and greet my big baby…lol….Parishioner’s,are dressed and ready for service,as,we exchange hugs,and words of gladness,we sit,as Service begin’s…(It’s not Easter Yet) it’s the Friday before Easter,so all talk about “easter egg hunts” (CEASE)… “Good Friday”- is a religious holiday observed primarily by Christians,commomorating the Crucifixion* of Jesus Christ,and his death at Calvary……..Therefore,every “Good Friday” at 2:00pm.We pause in remembrance of our Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ..Amen&Amen….Will you and your family attend “Good Friday” Services?? I hope you will..Grace and Peace,unto you…..blm1957@wordpress.com..hug your children,keep them close…..blm1957..




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