Hello Friends,  How is everyone this 9th,day of April?? Things,are looking brighter and in focus,I truly hope… Can you believe Easter is officially 10 days away??? Do you celebrate Easter? Always remembering, the Crucifixion* of Jesus Christ,on the Cross* for Our Sins……..Thus, giving us a chance to live a spirit-filled life, living the life of Christ,what a Blessing….As well,we are finally feeling warmer temperatures,here in the Mid-West…I feel so Joyful,as I have begun raking leaves,that has blown,inside my front*Iron fence…My hubby is preparing, to apply weed&feed* to our( Brown,Sad-Looking) LAWN!! Awwww..It has suffered a Frozen*shock to its very Core..for, in our neck of the woods,we have set a record, for the snowiest and coldest winter in 100 years,and yes, I felt every long,cold, bone-chilling,dreary day,with colder nights, for months,(it seemed like a year)…. lol..However,Warmth and Spring, comes in the morning..(Amen&Amen) This winter,was the first year we seriously thought about leaving Springfield,and heading-South, to Florida,or Atlanta…I have Sister’s in both States,and for weeks now,they ask!! what’s the Hold-Up???Aren’t you guys ready to make that move??? As well,they cannot figure out why we stay here,enduring,winter, after harsh winter…As, we are being told, the Weather will only get (Colder) in the future,and for longer periods of time… Yikes!!!! lol… However, we plan to remain here,in Springfield….. Too much happiness,too many years here,(who wants to start over??)( We don’t)……Also,(Too Old)…. lybo…Therefore, we roll with the punches,knowing  it’s April ,the worst is over!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!…(These words Soothe Me)…. April,May,(and) with June, comes Summer… YES!!!!!! I actually wore a light jacket today, the Temp, was 59 degrees,a little breezy, but, I will gladly take it…..-smiles- Get up, get moving,and get your bum’s in gear, for spring then (Summer) Yea..Summer is coming!!!!!! Yes, I/We will make it through…I can make it……You can make it…Just stay, hopeful.prayful,and remain true to yourself..Help someone in need,sweep a Senior’s porch,carry out their trash,lend a helping hand,to make this a better World…. We can Together!!!!!!! Here’s to A Astonishing April……..blm1957.Hug your children,keep them close….. Easter,is coming,do you have Easter Egg Hunts,,for your little ones??? Please Do.. They will love you,even more..lol.. Peace…. BTW: Remember,the real reason,for Easter Sunday!!! The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ……..blm1957…..


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