Hello, are you like everyone I know,sick and tired of this Winter,the snow is no longer clean,white,and shining, in the after glow of the latest snow fall…It’s no longer Cute!!!! It has become dirty,as it slowly melts.on those rare sun-filled days,these sun days have become few in the mid-west,we have had 10 sunny days,in the last 2 months….-sigh- my neighborhood,has remained,cold,icy,and snow-filled…In January,we were so excited,and over-joyed,with each new snow fall,my grandchildren,became so ecstatic,at the thought of building a snowman,and to date,  we have 4 snowmen in our yard,one huge mr.snowman in front,2 on the side of the house,and lastly,miss  snow girl,(lol)in the back yard..The fun and bonding,we shared as we builded our Snowman…We were gathering and building memories that will last FOREVER*…My boys were so happy,the look of delight,in their young eyes,will live in my heart forever,(I shall never forget,how a little thing,as rolling snow into a ball,bigger,bigger,until we have 3 different size balls,small,medium,large….Paw-  Paw.gave us one of his black hats,he no longer wears,we used large black buttons for eyes, a long orange carrot for his nose,a red wool scarf for his neck,(Bren said it would keep snowy warm,we named  him snowy) awww!!!and  red piping,for his mouth,and 2 med,sticks for his arms,-Nice- We’ve had 75 days with snow on the ground….75 days…..(Please “Spring” Come On) It’s very cold and frozen,Now,I’m not complaining,However, enough is enough!!! please forgive me Father,for we are COLD!!!! lol………..I looked out this morning,and watched as the snowmen are slowly melting away,the grand’s have had 18 snow-days, No School,they even dislike hearing via the news,that there is no School today because of the Snow…Now,when the children,are tired of staying home,because of the heavy snow fall,”Please Spring Come On” We are all tired of the snow and cold,However,we know that now it’s Spring,Therefore,Summer is just around the corner!!!!! -YES-!!!!!!! It’s Spring……I feel better already…lol.. We can make it,this is what happens in the mid-west…..Spring,Summer,Fall,and Winter…….I think I just may stay here in the mid-west,and enjoy our 4 seasons……..Peace….hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com……”Spring Has Sprung” …….Yea……….blm 1957   BTW: one more day,until Spring…..That’s what I’m talking about…….lol..


2 thoughts on “{{{{{ PLEASE “SPRING” COME ON}}}}}

  1. Hello,Jobs at Walmart..Thank you so very much,for the kind words, It’s what makes me keep writing, hoping, I’m doing an okay job,as, I’m still learning….I love Writing…..Again,Thank You So Much for your Valuable Time…Stop by my Blog-Spot Often…..Thanks…Blm 1957@wordpress.com..Just trying to “Inspire” Other’s…..Peace….BTW:( like me),trying to get another Award…lol…blm1957

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