Hello friends,I have missed you and wanted to hear from my loyal followers…However,my life,changed in a flash, with  the New Year-2014,If someone had whispered,shouted, to me that our family would lose 3 close,loving,valuable, cherished,members of my/our family,I would have shook my head in disbelief,ask,for an apologize,and told the messenger to please -Stop Playing- and never utter,sorrowful,words of Sadness ever again….Therfore, when my sister-in-law,called to let my husband know that morning,that cold,windy,bone-chilling December 27th,2013, early morning call,4:25 am.When does one ever get good news,when your phone rings,harshly,seemingly louder that usual) that early…I had a feeling it would not be good news….-I just knew) Sadly, my -S.I.L.- muttered,tearfully, that Dad had just passed away,she briefly,left the ICU,to relay,this dreadful news of Death…Whereas,my father-in-law,had been given, maybe a year to live,we knew the probability of that prediction was incorrect,-we knew- yet, we prayed,and asked for healing,and deliverance, while,knowing,Jesus,-Will- shall be done….Meanwhile,we were still celebrating Christmas,we had family from out of town.(2 of my sister’s and 3 of their grands) however, my husband,just could not get into the holiday spirit,(and he loves Christmas as much as I) My In-laws,live in Springfield,Ill.we had just visited for Thanksgiving,Dad was in awful pain,but, he tried to play it off,my husband, stood proudly with Dad,for months,(as he took off for 4 months from work last summer,June,July,August,and, October,to be with him on his birthday…October 22nd.When, we talked that night,he said honey,it makes me so sad,to hear my dad pray to live to see Christmas…..Thusly,he made it!!!! he made it for Christmas…We are so thankful,fot that… Needless,to say his Funeral was held January 3rd,2014..It was touching and moving,As I told the family Dad can feel no more pain, no more sorrow,he is finally resting……Rest on Dad,we love you and will always carry you in our hearts………So, I quess you realize,our -New Year- was a little sad..Moreover,we returned home,one week later,The week of January 12th,2014,my favorite cousin,Chris,Passed away,In Shock, I/We went thru the motions of another passing,I talked with Chris,before leaving for Dad’s Funeral,she spoke of wanting to visit Vegas,this summer,was I interested? Yes,I replied,we laughed about a family member,who always make plans,but, can never quite come up with enough funds,we laugh and set aside a little cash for her….We ended our conversation,with words of love and joy,and laughter,I never knew,(WE WOULD NEVER SPEAK AGAIN)……….-sigh- Tears of sadness are falling,but, I need them as they heal…Chris,Services,were so sad because of her Grandchildren, crying,and calling her name,I still hear their tiny moans of pure hurt and loss…..So Sad…I left early,it was too much,as, I was thinking,how,my grandson’s,would miss me…..But Wait!!!!!! on January 25th,my Brother-in-law,was killed by a Hit&Run Driver…(who was drunk,of course) My sister was Devastated…Crushed.they had made plans on that last Friday,for their annual cruise……Yes, friends, my faith has been Tried*Yet,I refuse to stop thanking and praising my Jesus,for he is truly Awesome…..I’m hurting,but I’m holding on,Trusting in my Savior,all the day long…..I find peace,in the quite times,as I Paint, design Wreaths,care for my family,go about my daily duties,Friends,Please,don’t take Today,Tomorrow,for granted!!!! It is not promised,Live like its your last day,love your children,spouse,family,for as you can see,Life is fleeing,you can parish in a blink of the eye!!!!! So, now you know where/why it’s been 3 months,since I wrote a post..Just reflecting on life,and trying to be the best I can be….All Is Well..Amen&Amen…Hug your Children,keep them close to you…Say I love you often…I’m glad to be back…….Peace,love,and joy…blm1957@wordpress.com  


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