Hi my Christmas friends!!!!!!! If you work in an” Office- Setting”,will you attend your Company’s Christmas Party?? I’m self-employed now,for the last 7 years…However,, I worked for a Publishing Company for (4) yrs. In Management, at  Chrysler Corporation for (6)yrs..So, I know a thing or too,about Company Parties!!!!!(if walls could talk)lol…It always amaze me and (fellow co-workers) How, it appeared to be the (Quite,Shy,Mousy, somewhat, unflattering Clothes) young ladies,that, once you give these girls, a couple of drinks,the hair comes down,usually followed by clothing…..(NOT ALL) SOME*..lol.. However, I feel, the number is somewhat higher in Corporate…It seems drinking and holiday parties, can bring out the best, and the worst..Then, there are the 2 ladies everyone knows are (women on the prowl)(Loose) “No Regrets” Nothing to Lose” looking to hook up with the Boss,or any person in high authority….I always, remembered, at these Parties,I would/will have to face these (same people) monday morning!!!!!!! Therefore, I strive to have 1 drink,dress appropriately,(keep the gossip to a minimum)…lol..Over the years,I have  personally seen 2 marriage dissolve,because of a fling at a “Christmas Party” It’s very sad to lose yourself in the moment because of a weak desire,liquor,loneliness,and a chance,for a little love!!! (love,well,Lust) please,ladies, and men,if you attend your Christmas Party* (Alone/or with your Mate) DO NOT get involved in something,that has no future,nor,will get you a promotion….It just will not work….It has been proven….People, do foolish things,when you throw your beliefs,and values,to the wind…..Thus, I would like to remain you,Don’t do anything,that Monday Morning,   you will be sorry for,and now with social media,your picture,acts,and personal body parts.can be shown to millions,with one (1) click of a i phone…..you have been Warned…..lol…Peace..Happy Holidays* (keep your Values&Morals) blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close…..Merry Christmas* 10 days until the Big Day!!!!!!!!BTW: Have A Great* Time At Your Christmas Party!! You Earned It!!!!! Peace&Joy..Stay “Merry”

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