Hello my friends,If you live in the Mid-West like my family,you are in the middle of a “COLD”  Freeze,  the sun refuses to shine….The snow and cold will not let up…Thus,I ask, are you finding yourself  feeling  sad, moody,anxiety, and just*depressed??? If so, you may be suffering from (SAD)* – SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER- Often known as winter depression,winter blues,sudden sadness,and Depression…..These, sudden changes in mood*in people with normal mental* health throughout the year,suddenly,find themselves experiencing depressive symptoms in winter……..Although experts were initially skeptical,this condition is now recognized as a common disorder,with its prevalence in the U.S..The National Library of Medicine notes that “some people experience a serious mood change, when the seasons change,some may sleep too much,have little energy,with deep feelings of sorrow,lack of focus and desire” As well,some symptoms can be severe,how- ever,they usually clear up,once the season changes,or the SUN* returns!!!!!!  Yea…..lol… S.A.D. was formally described and named in 1984,by Dr.Norman Rosenthal at the National Institute of Mental Health………..There are treatments for classic winter-based seasonal affective disorders,including,(LIGHT THERAPY) using, Direct Sunlight,HighWatt Bulbs,-(bright lights)….This is the Remedy,I choose,As, I have an enclosed heated in winter/cool in summer,(Sun Porch) Moreover,this Porch,is a blessing,in the cold,dreary,months of winter,(Dec-Feb.) On these chilly,sun/less days of winter,I head for the (no pun intented) Sun Porch..lol..where my hubby,has installed, (12))over-head light-bulbs,100/175 watts,we also have bright blue walls,(blue is my fav-color) a reminder,of summer,and the beach,ocean, fun in the sun…you feel me?? lol..My C.D. player,offers,lively,soothing,magical,sounds of Summer, I love the sounds of flowing water,,the ocean,wind,and rain…… It seems, my mood change almost instantly…I’m so thankful,for my Sun-Porch,I would be in deep trouble without my light therapy….I need it…lol..Hopefully, my light-therapy suggestion helps you.Until,summer returns,I wish you sun-light,and peace..”GO TO THE LIGHT”…..lol…hug your children,keep them close……blm1957@wordpress  Christmas Countdown,11 days until Christmas…(my grandson counted down for us) my grandson’s are visiting,for the week-end,they are trying to open gifts,looking inside,peeking….lol…I love them……….(Boy’s No Peeking)..lol………..


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