A Delightful,Defining,and In-Depth December,is my wish,for you and your love ones….I can hardly believe we are in the very last month of the year…….December,the month of Christmas!!!!! Why, it’s the most happiest,fun-filled month of all..I love Christmas with a passion,deeper than anyone on the planet!!!!!!! I’m the true lover of Christmas.The Decortation,(the Color’s of Christmas) (Green&Red*/White)….My favorite part ,is the Decorating of my 4 Christmas Trees…..I love tossing, long “gold”long,dangling strands,of thin garland..At times, I thrown a few” silver” strands…..(I prefer gold)..As well,about (53 each tree),red velvet bows,(Sm.Med.) adorn the “green” trees… I plan for days of decorating my home,inside,and out. Our  home was voted “Best Christmas Themed Home” 2 years in a row!!!! Are you getting the picture that okay,so this lady loves Christmas, lol….(While,never* forgetting, the real reason for the season!!! Why,Jesus Christ Birth of course..) Please,never,forget the (REAL) reason for the season..(JESUS) Amen&Amen..  Today, I ventured into the attic…….(where ,we keep every thing,you can imagine)!!!! lol..I find the 3 green pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, I’m searching for,right where I had left them last January…~sigh~ Their- is the 6ft. 8ft..and 12ft.tree. The 12ft.goes in the family room,as,we have cathedral ceilings,(it seems,as if,one can gaze up, until your neck aches,at just how far you lean,to see the very height, and width of the top of my home..The 8ft.tree,goes in the library upstairs, and my darling 6ft.stands so blissful,magical, and looks simply beautiful in our master*bedroom,it’s perfectly shaped,decorated to the 10th. power!!!lol..Just across, on the adjoining wall,is a Bay-Window,and a 5ft.oval gold-encrust Mirror, the Double Exposure,is Awesome…………………………….

~~~ I enjoy waking in the morning,gazing at my Lovely* tree!!As,I thank Jesus,for a new day,..A fresh start……..Our bedroom,also, has the cathedral…….Often times, I’m even astonished,at the height,and magical,spells,the sky-light,seems to cast,differing shapes,forms,as the clouds move,and turn like cotton balls,and cool whip,white, light,fluffy,and airy,moving,changing,just heavenly…………As,I bring the 6ft.tree down, I call out to my hubby,(Help) he comes just in time to catch us both,as the tree somehow,slips from my hand,while hubby,brings,down the 2 other trees,I remind him,we brought that 8ft.pre-lit,white fir,(last year) for the front porch,I decorate it in all gold!!!ornaments,bows,and gold ribbons!!! what,a sight to behold…I realize finally after,my 3rd.trip to the basement,there is A LOT!!! of work to do,(Lots) It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks,to get everything decorated* Thus, I take my precious time and make things Beautiful and Bright….For, it’s Christmas time,I just love this time of year….There are boxes and container’s of decorations,bows,ribbons,and glass ornanments..We have 4 Santa’s,Large, 2 medium,1 small..I finally,leave the basement after 2 hours,I’m tired……Every box is labeled,Therefore, it is easy to find everything……Well, I have 1 week to get my trees all decorated….Here’s to a Delightful,Defining,In-Depth December……I will keep you informed on my progress…lol…I love Christmas……hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com..Peace,Joy,Comfort…….23 Days until Christmas…..join in the count-down,with your little-ones…..blm1957….  BTW: there are 5 “string’s’ of dim-white lights,on the white fir~the 3 green-pine’s~are pre-lit,(and yes after a quick plug-in,every light was shining……Yea!!!lol…I believe,we have a least 60-150 strings of lights.(clear and assorted)..Don’t you just love this blessed,merry,time of year?????                        “Merry Decorating” Have you found the right* “TREE” for your family??????(DECORATING IN DECEMBER)  the very best,time of the year…..Amen& Amen..


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