Hello,my “Turkey Day” Friends and Family…..Are you getting as excited as my family is???? I knew you are!!! for, Thanksgiving, is only 3 days away……Are you shopping,cooking,cleaning,and more grocery shopping…lol…changing bed linen(doesn’t that new comforter,you purchased last week, look lovely,in the guest bedroom) ??the guest bathroom,is clean and sparkling,(spot-less) new towels,bathmats, all new and ready,just for you..(my love-ones)!!! All-Over, Family, is expected from every city,and town,you can imagine…..Yea!!! “IT’S TURKEY DAY” (almost)I’ve been getting our home ready for 2 weeks..We have family coming in from 3 states,Nevada,Ohio,and Illinois..I haven’t seen one sister in 4 years..(far to long) I can hardly hold my glee…We have so much to catch up on.Her hubby,was one of our neighbor’s from a decade ago,we all know one-another….It’s clear we are All* family..(No Stranger’s here) Thus,check/leave the attitude at home,or check it at the door!!!! This is a Drama-Free* Holiday…Amen&Amen……However,a winter storm threatens, to snarl “Turkey Day”!!!!! (say it isn’t so) lol…..I really dislike being the bearer,of bad news,However, A winter storm,is heading eastward,and threatening to turn the holiday into a nightmare.(NO! I shall remain positive,and hopeful,that the weather will change..I’m belieiving)..Moreover,local news,and the weather channel,are reporting,A powerful winter like storm is being blamed  for at least eight deaths….The storm is now traveling eastward, and could wreak havoc*,as millions of American’s are preparing to travel miles,to see loved ones……~sigh~Sunday’s storm started in the west,and is blamed for at least 14 (Fatal) accident’s (so very sad,I’m so sorry,for this sorrow,may Jesus,cover you with his love,as only*he can)Amen&Amen. As well,a mix of snow, sleet,and freezing rain is still falling in the north-east…The storm dropped 10 inches of snow, (10) in parts of Oklahoma…Airports, are reporting,nearly 300 flights,   have been canceled.Please check with your carrier/flight info,to be sure everything is on track,or how long your flight may be delayed.”STAY FOCUS” Stay Safe!!! “It’s Turkey Time”!!! Remember,we’ve been through this before,we may have been delayed,for a while,however,every thing worked out just find,in the end….Let’s remain prayerful,and joyful,looking to see family,we haven’t seen in a while..Good!! FOOD* will be served,new and old friends,will stop by,(as you’ve already told old-friends,who’s coming to town) lol..Lastly,It’s only 3 days until Thanksgiving….are you and your Brew* counting down,to “Turkey Day”???????? Yes!!!!BTW: don’t you just love, that Turkey Sandwich 2 days later?? Yummy!! heavy on the mayo,(seedless)rye bread,w/turkey stacked high!! (that’s what I’m talking about)…. lol…..3 more days..hug your children,keep them close……blm1957@ wordpress.com … “HAPPY TURKEY DAY” Peace……..FYI:No!! Winter Storms Will Not Snarl Our “Turkey Day”….Don’t You Agree?? I know you do….Enjoy, your Guest………… blm1957…



  1. Hope it turns out just wonderful for you. I can’t quite believe that Thanksgiving is sooo close to Christmas. Wow that s two big big celebrations within a month. That must be a lot of work. Lots of fun though too I guess. We only celebrate Christmas here in the land of Aus.

  2. Hi, KidazzleInk.com-Thank you for your warm thoughts&wishes,for a wonderful Thanksgiving&Christmas!!! Glad you celebrate Christmas,in the Land Down* Under….Peace& Love to all Assi’s…..lol… Yes, it is a lot of work!!! But, I would not* change a THING!!!!!! blm 1957…….

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