~~~11/12/13!!!!!~~~ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED TODAY?????

Hi my friends,are you a believer in fate,positivity, and the belief that “Only” Good things are coming into your life? If so, I’m sure you are excited about today’s date. 11/12/13….Wow..I love the pattern of these number’s.How often do we see them?? Whether,it’s”auspicious” or just easy to remember,couples are choosing to get married today because of the date—11/12/13…According, to:Jolie Lee,(usa today) and David’s Bridal,estimates more than 3,300 brides will marry today!! Yes*(3,300)Bride’s..Amazing..This indicate a nearly eight-fold increase over the same date last* year!!! “11/12/13 is a sequential pattern,and studies show Couples,Love* dates that have patterns”…I know,I Do..I Do,IDo…..lol..As, you know from reading my blog’s  I’m the world’s biggest Romantic!!! my hubby is second,and that’s what makes our relationship,so full of love, respect,and trust..How,do you feel about sequential dates????Please,leave me a comment below,with a brief  comment on your feelings…Thank you in advance.Also,According to Bridal’s Guide 2013,a survey of 40% of Bride’s said they would consider planning their wedding on a “special date” like 11/12/13……….Moreover,  some experts point out these dates are simply a pattern with no particular meaning,As well,they leave you to make your own conclusion/opinion… Tonight, my hubby and I will have a little celebration just to “toast” 11/12/13..I have my white silk table-cloth on the dinning room table,fine- china,long stem wine glasses,scented candles,rose petals,dim lighting,and slow, mellow music,will flow…….. A little pinot-grigio wine,will seal the evening…….(DON’T HATE)  lol…….Futhermore, I/We need  this time,just to cuddle,and who know’s what the night will bring…ohlala!!!!!I’m Ready…….-sigh-Lastly,sequential date’s are rare,Also,Repeated Number’s are popular wedding dates….12/12/12, was the last date with these repeating numbers in the 21th century….We also, had a blast on 12/12/12…always,in my memory…lol.. There,are 12 sequential dates in this century. The next BIG sequential date is (12/13/14) Oh Yeah!!!!! lol.that date is on a “Saturday”so who know’s how many marriage’s will take place?? I love it……Enjoy Yourself,Stay Safe,Always Pray,and have the best time EVER….Peace, Love,Joy……blm1957…..hug your children keep them close…11/12/13..I LIKE IT…….blm1957@wordpress.com Congratulations,to all the Newly-Weds…Blessings Abound…….  11____12___13___


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