To all our beloved, “Veteran’s” on this Veteran’s Day,the 11th,day of November,2013. I would love to “Honor” my Grandfather,Father,Cousin,and good Friend,(who served in these branches of the Armed  Forces) – World War 2, Korean War,Vietnam War,and the   Gulf War) .To you “BRAVE” Men and Women.who unselfishly,give of your lives, limbs,and future,to serve our Great Country,the United States Of American.Thank You….. We can “NEVER” thank you enough,for going into battle, facing the un-known,in a new Region,and/or Country,Willingly,giving of their “LIVES” to go into “Harm’s Way”with Courage,Pride,Love,Strength,and a strong sense of Duty to our Country…….As you Bravely,fight for freedom,for all.. we at home,Will Never forget You, Our True Hero’s,you are the best…All Veteran’s Rock….For, it takes a brave soul to sign up for a service,that cannot guarantee your return home (ALIVE)-can you imagine????? -SAD- FYI: In the United States,Veteran’s Day is November 11th.It was originally called Armistice Day,Veteran’s Day is a Hoilday that recognizes our Military Veteran’s,past and present,for all the work they do in Protecting our great Country,It’s also, a Federal Hoilday,to commerate the loss and sacrifice of all American’s Killed in all* Battles… I would like to share this touching Poem I found by-J.S.Bach Mod.byD.Grossman…….It’s called “Veteran’s of War’s Just or Unjust~~~~~~~Veteran’s of wars just or un-just,Equally deserve consideration,for,Their anger,hatred,FEAR,and sense of Duty….Equally in Service to this nation..Remember,the Battlefield,remains a place where Murder, is at times, A daily Fear and real Reality!!!!!! Therefore, because of your Bravery* We Salute You Today “Our Real Hero’s-Our Veteran’s…….. Happy Veteran’s Day 2013…..Stay Blessed  and Safe, In God’s Care,is my Prayer…….blm1957@wordpress.com..hug your children,keep them close…..My Daugther and I took gift bags,(for male and female) to our local V.A.Hospital,we got the names of all 25 Vet’s on the (Special Care Unit) just to brighten their day…(.Their Day)!!!!! Veteran’s Day…they were so happy,just to see a friendly face,as, some never have visitor’s….-sad- Reach Out to a Veteran today…….Peace,Love,Joy…blm1957    #Army.#Navy#Airforce#U.S.Marines #DoLittle Raiders.#R>A>F>Bombers #Tuskegee Airmen,#Red Tails-Fighter Pilots


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