Hi, my friends,what’s going on in your truly awesome life?? All is Well* I trust….Lately, my hubby and I,find ourselves, discussing (Tipping And/or Gratuity) Additionally,because, of our devotion and love of our grandchildren,we find,somehow,it seem’s “We Are Always*Tipping Someone…lol..Be it the valet, at the restaurant,The pizza,(delivery guy),The parking attendant,at the (pumpkin farm),The “bagger” at kroger’s,etc.etc.Therefore, hubby,got out his daily planner,just to get a basic idea of approximately, the SUM,we are rendering,whenever, we, Tip and/or give Gratuity: (A Tip) -is a sum of money customarily,tendered to certain sector workers,for a service performed or anticipated…..Last month, at the “pumpkin farm, we gleefully,gave the parking attendant ($15.00) extra,for bringing our Hummer,to the entrance,as,we parked almost at the very last lane..yuk! Whereas,it had become windy,and chilly!! no way were we walking all that distance…so, we paid extra…..Last friday, while, dining out,with our good friends,(Bob and Marla) After, eating, drinking,laughing,and enjoying one another’s company,we were ready to depart,Tenario,waved for the bill/check,Our waitress,happily, put the check in his hand,turned,and walked away,after wishing us, an enjoyable evening…. I glanced over just to see the amount…..,why!! the total bill was $378.00 dollars!!!!!! Hubby,signed…As well,we felt,because,our waitress,was so pleasant,knowledgable, and patience,we decided to leave her a $75.00 gratuity…..She was so thankful and appreciative,I could discern,she really needed this extra tip…I felt happy for her….And I hope,she reaches all her goals,(as she is a college student,studying law).she proudly explained…Moreover,  last week the Grandson’s wanted to sleep-over, as we craved pumpkins, and  of course,they wanted Pizza!!!! Dutifully, paw-paw, called Little Caesar’s,placing an order for 5 medium pizza’s W/varying toppings…..That tally was ($67.46) delivery included…Wow!! Really!!!! lol…(just kidding) The Grands’s  get what they want..(more often than not)…..Spoiled love-bud’s..-sigh- My SUV,is filthy,thus I drive to “Johnson’s Wash”to have the worker’s clean my baby* up…(inside&out) it’s $20.00, as they do a last minute wipe-down,I approach,they stand,quietly,waiting for a tip, for, this is how some of them feed themselves,or their families…..3 guy’s dried,SO,I hand each guy $5.00….they say Thank You in unison,walking away thrilled,for a measly $5 a piece….Bless them father..protect them,make easy their journey, we call life….. I’m very thankful,to be blessed to tip a person, I give my “bagger” at Kroger’s, $3/$4.for unloading all my food,from the cart..I hate unloading!!!!.If you see a truly needy person, giving them $5 or whatever,you can afford, is truly a blessing, to someone in need…..I feel so thankful and humble…..In today’s world,in which almost everyone encounter service workers on a regular basis,the amount of your tip/gratuity,depends on the service being provided,and is usually a percentage of the total bill……. Go on!!!! Be kind…. When, you receive good/great service,(Leave A Tip) you never know how this (act of kindness) can impact someone’s Life and/or Day……Peace….Tip often,and especially, with the “Hoilday’s” right around the corner…give a Little,give More,whatever,is affordable, for you…….Give!!! It will return!!!!!!! The Blessings are in Giving…Amen& Amen..hug your children,keep them close…..blm 1957….(Everyone Loves A Great Tipper) lol.. Are you a great Tipper?? Or,Are you a Non-Tipper?????  blm1957@wordpress.com…..


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