According,to my Calender,its November 2nd,November!!!!!!! I’m beginning to feel sadness,as this fastly spinning, Planet we call earth,revolve,and rotate…Whereas,I believe,we are living in “END TIMES”, I feel sad,that shortly,the World, as we know it will make a huge change of Biblical proportions…..(please note! these are my religious views only!!!!)  One, only need to listen to worldly,local,and evening News…Afterwards, how can you not feel the change,mood,despair,killings,(all senseless) father’s,killing wives’/children,,mother’s killing her own* children…The Poor,becoming “POORER”,mother’s can’t afford to feed their children,(this is the worst!!) I cannot imagine,not being able to feed my children….Father’s, real father’s,so scared…afraid..Wondering,will I still have a job next week??As, he is the Sole Provider!!!!Mother’s,the “HEAD*,of her single home…Can’t you realize the burden,this man or women is carrying???(at times,so depressed,and feeling completely hopeless, this individual, ,unfortunately,feels the only way out is,sadly,murder/ sucide..Please, IT IS NOT*< “LET THE SENSELESS KILLING’S STOP!!!!!!!!!! This is so sad,this changing world….However, Jesus,is my Hope,(YOUR HOPE) and  his WILL* shall be done…therefore,I Pray,and Thank him,for his Mercy and Grace….Amen&Amen.How can you NOT~ realize,something is off-quilter???? (As, my Granny,would say, IT”S JUST SOMETHING IN THE AIR*!!!!!!!!!) Yes, indeed,Granny their is………Well,enough,unpleasantness,and sorrow..I Shall remain in my place of peace and positivity…Asking my Jesus,to please! help us ALL…. How are you and your family feeling?? Great! is my thoughts and prayers to you…If you or someone you know,need help.please,keep them in your prayer’s,let them know of any “Human Services” Available in your area,”Please”….Heaven Help Us All……..Peace,Love,Joy, Mercy,=Joy,Happiness,and a Peace of Mind…… hug your children, keep them close…….Better,Brighter,Days,are ahead if you believe………..Amen&Amen……… BLM 1957………


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