Happy Haunting, All you little “TRICK OR TREATER’S, “Happy HALLOWEEN!!!!! Do you have your Pumpkin’s Carved and Lit????? (with a tea candle)  On your Front Porch??? I know you do….Knowing someone, is always careful to Watch/Look, Just to make sure the candle is burning slowly, as, to not cause any injuries,nor Fire….(if you lite your Pumpkin) Never leave it unattended……. (Never)  Well. it’s October 31st..Boo!! Boo!!! it’s scary,all around…..lol….The 31st.of October, can only mean ONE thing and my Grandson’s say,it mean’s “Candy Day”!!!! Every Child, I know,or have known,loves “Halloween!! It’s a fact…As, a Child/Youngster’s,Halloween could not come fast enough,after we realized,it was October..Thus,we could go house to house, knowing our neighbors’/and or stranger’s,(If you ventured,out of your neighborhood) And, knocked on their door,saying these magic words”TRICK OR TREAT” why,they would delightfully,hand you “FREE” candy/treat’s,making you soo happy as excitement,filled the night air…Eventhough,there are times it can become a little frightening,For, you see ghost,witches,black cats,skeleton’s,and  people dressed as monster’s,and super hero’s(My Grands,love the Super Hero’s) Also, as you go, from street to street,door to door, Suddenly, a Monster,or a Mummy, jumps, out at you…… I’m getting scared…lol…Scaring,the living daylight’s out of you,as you hold Mom or Dad’s hand Tighter,making sure,they are guarding you……Awwwww…Once, again,as the Bad Guy’s move on,to another street to scare everyone,you relax,and Smile,gleeful,that it’s Trick or Treat Day…And everyone is just having Big* fun,(It’s all Fun, No one is trying/going to Hurt you) It’s Halloween,the one day of the year you can dress scary,funny,cute,or just have a made up face,Scary or Not…It’s a Fun, Happy Evening of Receiving Candy from your neighbor”s,your whole block,(Of course, you always!! Had The Mean House!!!!!) lol….You know they were not giving out anything,thusly, Walk On By……LOL….(every-one has that house,on the block,who will not/does not give out ANYTHING!!!! (don’t you) lol…….My Guy’s are Super Hero’s, I have Superman,Batman,Ironman,and Thor…I’m not afraid, with these Mighty Warrior’s…..lol….My Daugther and I are taking the Boy’s out For Candy-Day. Trick or Treat,Halloween..They are dressed for the Weather,(Cold) And Scary…Yikes, 3 Zombie”s, just stumbled by……..lol..We all laugh,yet, I feel my baby-grand hold tighter to my hand,I look down at him and Smile,(his dad did the very Same Thing) always looking back,just to be sure….The evening is,cold,blustery, wet-leaves,cover the side-walks,it’s damp, chilly,and dark…But, it’s just as it should be, My daughter and I stand in the background,as, they approach each door,(with words,that just touch* my Heart)….They Knock Hard,and  together,Yell!!!! “TRICK OR TREAT”…..I love it!!!! Happy Halloween Kiddies….Please (STAY SAFE<AND TOGETHER>) Be Blessed…blm1957@wordpress.com hug your children closer*,tonight,keep them close…….BTW: My Grandson’s have a pillow-case half full of Candy(,Each)…And Hate to Share…lol.(.I love snicker’s&bubble-gum,reese’s,and candy corn)…….Happy Haunting,and Candy Eating..Brush Often…lol…..Halloween 2013…….Zap!! Bam!!! Boo!! Zonk!!!!Bang!!!  B   O    O!!!!!!!!!


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