If someone had asked me this question years ago(not saying how many years ago) lol..I probably would have answered No,I do not believe in “Soul Mates”.. Moreover, I felt in time,we meet the person,we are destined to love, and/or marry….Additionally, I felt (those)70’s person’s invented,Soulmates…..lol. Little did I realize I was about to meet my very own “Soul-Mate”.I met him,at a wedding for mutual friends,( he was best friend/cousin,of the groom, I, the Bride) yet,we had not met….. As,fate would have it,I didn’t know if I could attend, because of my mother’s illness,I wanted instead to stay close to her bed-side..,She had been ill for several months,each day,her health seemed to deteriorate rapidly,within, the last month,we had taken her by EMS,to the hospital 4 times that month.Her blood pressure would soar,to dangerous levels..The Wedding was 2 months away(,June 16th),it was April 15th, Shelly,was growing tired of waiting  for my RSVP,I was so conflicted,worried,and just confused…….. Shelly,and I have been friends since childhood,BFF.always (vowing) to be one another’s (maid of honor) so, this was,  a very “Touchy” situation..Praise God,!!!!My mom’s doctor’s,through several tests,poking,more tests,x-rays,etc.etc. finally,realized her Med’s(dosage) was  far to high for her body to amply digest,in a way that did not send her blood pressure soaring sky high….What a relief… when,the correct dosage,was finally administered,  and she returned to her,loving,caring,always busy,self….lol..We all felt relived and could move on with our own lives,   Therefore,I RSVP,that evening,when Shell,called,so happy firstly,that mom,was getting stronger,and we now knew the case of her sudden* aliment..All was/is good.Thus, Mom,made me promise to go pick out my dress and shoes,(that was done in 2 day’s) I’m a Stylist,so shopping for clothes,is second nature,for me. It was so awesome to see mom up cooking,cleaning,shopping,etc.(ALL IS WELL).by,June 12th, everyone,was,rushing,Shelly’s shoes were not the color she ordered,I took care of it in one day.(one last thing to worry about) next day,her make-up was the wrong shade….(come on shell!!!) lol..Barb,(her sister)and I took it back to Macy;s and yes they had made a mistake in the color!!!! It was handled in a timely fashion,corrected,and,off to dress rehearsals we headed.The Church was decorated,beautifully,simply stunning,everything,finally,was falling right in place.. My lack of a date,was yet looming,for,I was Date-less ahhh…. Jason,Shelly’s finance~,assured me his cousin,  Billy,was just the Date*for me.. right I thought..(Sure)lol..Billy is Jason’s (Best Man)..When,we stepped inside the Sanctuary, our eyes locked,my knee’s were weak,I felt flushed,Billy,also seemed taken aback…I knew him,(I felt) he later felt the same.As I neared the Altar,he held out his neatly,manicured hand,to help me step up,(For once Shell,and J ) said I was SPEECHLESS!!!!!!lol.He was 6’3,slender,yet,musular,Olive skin-tone,large black,heavily lashed,marble eyes,THE, black fine,silky,straight hair,DidNot,go unnoticed…..Yes!!  he was (FINE)!!!! lol….As, he  said in a mellow,articulate,somewhat deep voice”,HELLO” Lovely,,maid of honor,I’m Billy,your future husband,and J’s Best Man…He kissed my hand,lightly,tenderly….Then,slowly,let it fall at my side..I was left with no sounds,where is my voice?? I screamed inwardly…I nodded,with moist hands,and exchanged greetings,We stared,at one another for what seemed like hours,yet,it was mere seconds,several people cleared their throats..lol..transfixed,we both came back to earth,and finish our walk,arm in arm….At the Wedding, that next* weekend-we talked,and danced,all night,(I love a great sense of humor) He made me laugh ALL evening…..We have been together,ever since….(Jason says, he told Shell,Billy & Breea)will make a great couple!!! You’ll see!!!!He told her..she never revealed, this to me,until months later..I thought I would be alone for a while,as I gave up looking for Mr. Right,He like-wise..(Mrs.Right),isn’t that special!!!! (check this) both our first names have 5 letters,we are both the 4th,child in our family,our 2 digit social is the same,both our birth date* is the 20th.2 month’s apart,(winter-months) We love the same movies,finish each other’s sentences,we love sea-food,have to have sea-food,3 times a week…both wanted to vacation in Hawaii,for our honeymoons….We laugh at the same things,jokes,etc..At times,we look at each other,and “LAUGH” for no REASON*…I Love Him… It’s now 22 years later,and we still watch the same movies,and finish one another’s sentences…Eat Sea-Food!!lol(ISN’T LOVE GRAND) Believe!!!! It Can Happen….BTW:We married 1 year later,same church,(of course)..and this year again for our 22nd, Anniversary,Hawaii,here we come…Believe,Dare to Love…..blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….DO WE BELIEVE IN SOUL-MATES???????? you bet we do…..Peace.Lastly,believe it or Not!! it’s true,(WE ARE BOTH LEFT-HAND) I had NEVER dated a Lefty,ever!!!! Billy,is My Forever “SOUL-MATE…….(YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS ..BUT,<THE MAN LOVES*THE LORD>>JESUS<IS HIS SAVIOUR>>>>WOW>>WHAT A BLESSING>>


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