Hey friends,how are you and your family?? Everything is Great I truly hope!!!!! can you believe it’s October 24,th. already?? Well. the weather outside is certainly feeling like Late*October…It’s Cold…Brrrrrr..lol..I find myself staying inside more now-a-days..Once,I check my schedule,(seeing what I have planned, any appointments,volunteer pledges, the Grandchildrens,activities,etc.etc.),AS,I try to plan everything important,on the same day,if at all possible!!(saves gas and time) My dental and vision appts..were all scheduled last week,glad to have that out of the way…..Yes….( I need new glasses,and my dental care will take another 3 months..).~~Sigh~~ So, have/do you keep your yearly vision and dental appointments??? You must for your good health,and longevity….Feeling good,looking good,as we prepare,for a LONG> Winter, in the Mid-west…..Do you get yearly Flu Shots?? I don’t , the little one’s do,however,I have never been subtle,to colds, therefore,I pass,maybe,as I grow older…However,right now,I’m good!!!!..Praise Jesus…..The temperature,today is only 34 degrees~~shiver~~lol….I have to go to the grocery  store,and the hardware.. Thusly,I finish my prayers,tidy,up the kitchen,head upstairs,to shower, and dress.I apply my make-up,adding gold/black earrings,(my Fav) a black (Turtle-Neck) yes, turtle-neck…..No..(not yet) lol… black pants,(cords) and black ankle boots,black leather jacket..and,I’m ready to shop for the Grands,Snacks*,they all like slightly,differing snacks, moreover,I  try to please everyone…A Grandmother’s Love..~SIGH~~at, the hardware,I need to pick up some glue sticks,an extension cord,and whatever little (fines) I stumble across!!! This is my time……….I love it.. No one to call me, demand my attention, just ME…(this is living) MY next-door neighbor,lives alone,she is 74,has no family, in the state, So, my hubby and I look* out for her.She relayed,last week,as we stood at our mutual fence’s, we were having worker’s clean our storm drains,gutter’s,etc,as, the water ran,over and inside, our air conditioner’s) I replied, I’m thinking of covering my unit..this winter..She respond’s, I would love to cover my A>C> unit also…..Thus,I will purchase her, a A>C>cover for her unit..It’s my pleasure, to do this small gesture for her..(Helping Others,is always a must,for Me…) passing favor’s, and happy to comply…This is where our* Blessings come from…….When we give of ourselves,never looking,for anything in return….Amen&Amen……God is good* to my family,he loves us, protects,and keep’s us,in his Favor….I thank you Father….Well, I’ve been in this hardware for 2hrs…I over-spent….(of course) lol…I checked-out, walked briskly,to my SUV,prayed,for safety,and headed, for Home Sweet Home…..Yes!! I have all the boys snacks..and my items,from the hardware…I’m good!!!!! Heading for Home….Peace…blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close……Stay Warm……Bundle Up……. BTW: my neighbor loved her A>C> COVER…she almost cried…as she offered,words of thanks….(do an act of kindness)…..Lastly,if you have not had your yearly Check-up,(DO SO)…God Bless….. October 27th-Happy Birthday-My 3rd.Son…Derian P…have a great day…..


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