Hello everyone,the trip to the “Pumpkin Farm” this year was the best visit by FAR…..We had a “BALL”!!!!We picked up the boy’s,early this morning,(as fate would have it,school was cancelled*because of building problems) My grandson’s  were so thrilled…One, would have thought,we were headed for Walt*Disney World again…lol…for,.they appeared just that delighted and over-joyed……Moreover,it’s the 15th,therefore,in our home,that means Only*one thing,(The Pumpkin Farm) the temperature, had dropped,leaving us, to dress accordingly…We each dressed warmly,yet,not -overly-.The pumpkin farm,is owned,by the Weber family,it has been in the same location for 38 years.(we brought Our 3 children here yearly) now it time for the grandchildren…(amazing)..It’s a 2 hour drive,therefore,bathroom visit’s are Strongly!! encouraged.lol we packed,.games,snacks,music,Brendon,is the oldest,so, he brings his Kindle Fire,head-phones,and pounce, for the far back seat..the boys,all buckle up,and off we go to the”pumpkin farm”..Halloween,is by far the most visited occasion….The Weber family,kicks,everything into gear,by October1st.Visitor’s,stop in every-day of the week,until closing..(November 1st) My husband and I often wonder,just what’s the final Tally???..lol..We drove the large SUV today.Wow, we are here,it seems like instead of 2 hours,it only took 1hour,we talked,laughed,Bren,told jokes,(he’s the Comedian, in the family,like his Dad) So, before we knew it, We’re HERE….Admission:is $10.00 adult-   $5.00 children.Parking,is only $3.00..We park,unbuckle,(no breaking-free) They know the rules,we get out together,walk together,(STAY TOGETHER) no lost*children….I’m very** strict on this..As,we walk up,you feel as if you are in the land of Pumpkin Magic,for, color’s of orange,yellow,brown,is entwined as far as the eye can see,Pumpkins,in every Size,Shape,and colors of Orange is visible..The boy’s exchange ooh’s and ahh’s..they want to break free,(not) for, there is SO much to see and Do..Firstly- We all go to the bathroom, they are very clean*which,I love..and they offer scented “pumpkin”soap..delightful,it gets one in the mood,for the many joys,and pure fun ahead. Together,holding hands(for a while)lol..The Pumpkin Farm-offers,A petting zoo,pony rides,hidden candy hunt,(the boy’s love the candy hunt..it’s just something about kids&kandy….lol.Pumpkins,are every-where.Hundred’s, I would venture to guess,each craved and different in detail and design,we stop,just to gaze at these awesome beautiful works of art..simply amazing……….There is a haunted house,for ages 12-up,Bren&lil Brad,say No Mummies,No big Ghost,Geese..I reassure them we won’t go near the H>H> (haunted house).Brendon,is almost 11,he wants to go inside the (H>H>) we say no,and forge ahead….Face-Painting, is offered,we saw several youngsters,with painted faces/cheeks…They looked so cute,and Ghoulish!!!lol.so, we wait in line,Braylon,and Brennan,want a Pumpkinw/blk.Cat,on their cheek,Brendon,wants a bloody Mummy’s face,(Yikes)lol.on his cheek,Lil Brad wants a Bat on a pumpkin, on his cheek.Paw-Paw get’s a Pumpkin,I get a small Pumpkin.We all laugh at one another..and leave for the pony ride,it’s a ride around the petting zoo,later,we go on the hay-ride,it’s a little too bumpy for me,(I want off) it’s over soon,I tell my hubby to take the boy’s to the cider mill,so they can once again see how apples, are made into apple cider,(when Bren,was 3 as the apples were crushed and driven thru the cider press,Bren,yelled,what the??(heck) he’s 5 now,almost 6,and we still laugh about that statement……lol..) he did not understand,how an apple could go in,yet, cider comes out………lol..My Grands,are so much fun…I enjoy them to the fullest.I head for the Pie-Shop, the smell of cinnamon,apples,nutmeg,ginger,pumpkin spice,fill the air,the aroma draws you in,My daughter wants a pumpkin pie,and a gallon of apple cider,(she loves apple cider,from the farm) my daughter-in-laws,want a apple pie,and cider also.So,that’s 2 Pumpkin Pies and 2 Apple..5 half-gallon apple cider,I have the waitress,hold my paid order,as,my husband will pick it up on our way out,They box your items so nicely,closed tightly,for freshness.I love it,I look up and hubby and grands,are at the door, begging to go get their Own* Pumpkins,at the Patch….We head for the patch, why, it has to be 200 pumpkins here..every size,small,medium,large,ex-large,(this is the one time the boys can run!!) to get the one pumpkin of their choosing,I walk to this large perfectly shaped pumpkin,I turn it over to examine it better,Yes, this is the one for me and Paw Paw,I look around at the boys, running,( to & fro)looking,for that special one.Bray has his,small but,that’s what he wants,lilBrad,has a sm/med.(kind of crooked)but,he wants his crooked pumpkin.Brennan,has a med.one,with a long stem,Brendon,found a large pumpkin,nicely shaped,I feel everyone is satisfied..Well,it time to leave,we’ve done everything we set out to do…Oh,we have to stop by the pie-shop to pick up our Pies, and Apple Cider.Hubby return’s,the smell is too much!! It makes you want to start eating on one.lol..but, control!! he carefully places them in the trunk.We buckle up, as we leave, the parking attendant gets a tip.Home,please I’m ready for my bed….lol..(the boy’s are asleep in seconds)lol.. I kiss Paw-Paw,as we turn into our Drive,Home Sweet Home..Amen&Amen…What A Wonderful Day……blm1957,hug your children,keep them close…(take your kids out,or go to your local store and purchase a Pumpkin…They will love it…..Peace..Craving,will be tomorrow…….


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