~~~QUESS WHAT???? THIS IS MY 100th.POST~~~

                Hello,Hello….I’m so excited,and I just Can’t Hide It!!!!!! Friends, and My Loyal Followers,(you are the reason,for this intensive joy)….Thank You..Those, of you who took/take out time,to Read,my Posts,giving of your precious moments,to sit back and read my Ideas,Thoughts,and Advice on life/living, and/or sending e-mails that you are currently (Following Me) again Thanks…..~~Quess What??? Well, I will tell you!! Today,WordPress,informed me,I (HAVE) written my ( 100th Blog Post )(100)…..I feel so humble….Writing,and Reading,has always* been a Passion..I’m not where I would like to be….re:(my writing) However, I’m very* proud of myself…Me.. I love my blog spot,I’m so pleased,to divulge…..,(I”M A BLOGGER”)~~that rocks~~..Additionally, WordPress,it’s been a thrill and joy to allow me the privilege, of expressing my various thoughts..and to be perfectly honest, WordPress,gives me the opportunity,to Write,and Publish, my Posts,(FREE) free…Can you believe this.I’m so very Thankful to you all…. Thus, I do not take you for Granted….I instead share words and praise for your generous offering,to the public,(A place,a forum,to express your individual thoughts,feelings,ideas,hurts,joy’s,and even penning words,of sadness,when the death angel,comes,for our love ones..It has certainly helped me Vent,at different phase’s in my life.. 100 posts…..I joined/signed with (WordPress) October 20,2011..It has been an awesome,pleasurable,journey indeed…Also,when I began writing,I told my Husband,if I got 200 views,visitors,to my “SITE” that,I would be so pleased…he laughed,as he wished me LUCK* in getting 200 views,he wandered,where/how I could entice,followers,to stop on by..lol..Well,quess what??? With Jesus,as my Leader,my Captain.my (EVERYTHING)Today, I can tell you beyond a doubt*( I have (626) six-hundred-twenty-six) 626-Views/Visitors, 52*(so far)Who Follow, my every post..(My Goal Is 1,000,by Dec.2013) I Believe!! Again, Thank You!!!!!!.I’m “HAPPY” Happy,joyful,and 2 blessed* to be stressed….Thank You<WordPress> you made it all possible,It was all in the Plan……Amen&Amen…Blm1957@wordpress.com ..hug your children,keep them close……. 100th Post…~~~~~~~626 Views/Vistor’s(That’s of Today) Okay!!!!  lol…Peace,Love…blm1957.. BTW: I will be posting my 101**Post about the Grandson’s visit to the “Pumpkin Farm”..Yea..I know you are waiting….lol…..


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