Hi friends,I can hardly believe in (2) days,we will head off to the “Pumpkin Farm” my grandson’s are so “excited” they called to inquire, if they can come over early,on the 15th,OR better yet,(if they can spend the night with us)??? I remind them,they still have school to attend,therefore,they have to stay home,so they can attend their schools..(Brenden&lil Brad) live in a different district than (Braylon&Brennen).So, Paw-Paw and I will come to their homes,as soon as they get in from school.Theyseemed a little disappointed,until,we assured them we would wait at their homes,as soon as they get off the school bus…..There was sigh’s of glee.cheers,and just plain happiness.This is just a hour trip,yet, it is as if they are going to (Disney World )again..lol… It brings me such joy,to see them so elated,to go pick out their individual Pumpkins…..It makes us so very happy to see their sheer excitement,to travel to the farm,Bren, just called again,to ask are you sure you will be here by 3:30??as,they get home at 3:28…YES, I reply of course,we will.He sounds so reassured and trustworthy,This is one reason you must(Never) disappoint a child..Little do they realize,We are just as excited…I’m so happy when my children&grandchildren are happy….(Don’t worry,Be happy) lol…Thus,as I gaze at my countdown to Pumpkin Day, written,on my calander…I smile,for it’s only 2 more days until the “Pumpkin Farm”..YEA…lol…Peace..hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com  Please Parents& Grands,Do something “Special for the little one’s.give them some joy* in this troubled world today……Keep God first place always…2 more days….


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