OLA,,I was just sitting here in my over-sized comfty chair,leafing through “Poems for all Seasons” by Shiela Butterfly.and Marilyn Loft..Thus,, I wanted to share these poems of Autumn with you..Firstly,I planted 6 new Mums* today, they are magnificent, and breath-taking,in color’s*of Lemon Yellow,Blushing Wine,and my old stand-by Bashful Taupe(light brown) lol…I already had several huge Mums* however,after a quick survey,I felt there were spaces,that needed filling in..Therefore,I purchased 6 new plants..( 2 of each color) the heads are huge,showy,and hardy… Brilliant in color..Mums, are perennials,so,they will graciously,return each year.(that rocks) lol…. My garden is full,lush,along with charm and beauty,I love looking out at my vast Autumn Garden,filled with alluring color’s of Fall.. (orange,yellow,wine,med.brown,and reddish orange) What a beautiful “Autumn”Scenery”  to behold..As well,I wanted to share thesePoem’s of Autumn” for your reading enjoyment………Enjoy!!!!!!

Autumn- by Shiela Butterfly- Autumn,was when we first met,Autumn,is what I cannot forget,Autumn,has made me become alive again,I feel this way every* Autumn because it was Autumn when you entered my life!!! That Autumn,you came like a summer breeze,I didn’t realize until now what I was in for!!!!!!! with you…..I fell in love,you fell in love.Together, we are in love….This Autumn,and always……My Autumn Love…………………..

Autumn “Glow-“by Marilyn Loft-There is something about Autumn that brings out such earthiness,as the gold* leaves adorn bushes and trees,like an artist with a brilliant brush,the wind blows leaves to and fro,they seem to cover the ground,(the earth) the wind seems to howl in anger,yet, glee.Oh yes,I love this Autumn Glow,for, it makes me smile,because I love this season so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today,is the first Sunday in October,We are getting ready to  attend Church Service,I’m Ready!! So I check to see if my husband is Ready……for, first Sunday Service,He is…So, we set the alarm system..And set off for Church…..The Autumn Glow,is alive and well.I wish you and your family an Awesome Autumn…blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close…(GET OUT AND RAKE LEAVES,GATHER THE LITTLE-ONES 2 HELP) Peace..   October,Family Birthday’s—-October3rd-Givonnni Lee(nephew) also,Royce R.(a sweetheart) October13th-My Twin Brother’s–Jack&Jay(Gone 2 Soon)miss u,love u,R>I>P> (TWINS) also,Big Charlie B..(HappyB-day Boo)lol.. October18th–Zan,My Nay!! (I love you Z, Ma)-Hugs- Also,Geonna (Ms.Prin)–October22nd–My Father-In-Law  Jesus Tenario Sr…Love u Dad!!(hang in there)~~October 27th My Son-in-law,(My 3rd.son)Derian P..(10ACMAN)lol.-October29th-Neice-Madison Lee-,aka-(Maddie),(ATL) in the house!!!lol.. Happy Birthday Family……….( I hope you enjoyed these “Autumn Poems” I certainly do,reading & re-reading them every Autumn…)~~Sigh~~ blm1957…


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