Hey my “October Friends” again, as I turned my calendar,to this new month,I simply shook my head in astonishment,for, it’s “Pumpkin Time”as my grandson’s, Brendan,LiL Brandon,Brennan, and Braylon,all cry out when they find out, it’s October….lol..I think it’s so special…they know later in the month,the best time of their young lives,will be “Halloween..”Trick or Treat”….(of course,Christmas is #1) they love, love,this 10th month of the year,”OCTOBER”. Paw Paw and I take them on the 15th, to Lowery Pumpkin Farm,where one can find an endless supply and variety,of Pumpkins…I always get a large one for the boys,(this pumpkin stays at our home) they enjoy driving up and seeing it all aglow,as I put a tea candle inside,thus,lighting up the entire head…As we, cut,and clean out the gook,laughing,and joking,,making different shape eyes,large,small noses,and big,toothless mouth’s..As we throw slimy orange innards.Brendan&Brandon, like medium size,Brennan & Braylon like smaller Pumpkins,They have been taught to use the small craving knives only under supervision,we cover,the kitchen floor with paper/sheet,to contain this messy delight..lol..(their parents were the very same*way) it’s amazing how much my grands,are so similar to their parents..(I often call Bren,(pj) his dad’s nickname,he looks so much like his dad at that age.Bren,is 5 now,so to is lil Brad.I have 2 five yrs.old,one 8 yrs,and one 10 yrs.old.it seems to take us hours,however,as I look at the clock we have only been at carving for 45 min, our hands are sticky,with differing shades of orange..this is the best of times,We so enjoy it, my hubby says,it seems like only yesterday,we were carving pumpkins,with their Dad’s, now we are with them our Grandchildren. whom,we love dearly,each has their own personality,each has his own likes and dislikes,we don’t allow fighting,nor harsh,hurtful,words,(we know we cannot protect them from outside cruelness) but,we try!!! they are great children,loving,caring,compassionate,and just a Joy*….Well, Brian(pj)and Brad Sr. just came thru the door,our children still have their orginial house keys,so they just let themselves in..However,if We don’t answer,when they call,they know to knock before entering…just saying…..(mom&dad still are young and in love)lol…as, we are finishing up,the dad’s help each son,after every thing is almost*in order,each child is given their pumpkin,to take home,to proudly display to friends and visitors,to their homes..as they prepare to leave,they kiss us,and once again thank paw paw & Geese (me) for another year of pumpkin carving,This is making Tradition,something I love and cherish,(my children had to promise to keep these Tradition’s alive.Life is good,so today is the 5th,(so the countdown begins for the 15th) 10 more days,and we jump into the van,headed for Lowery’s Pumpkin Farm….10 more days..yea…my hubby say’s I get just as excited, as the kids…lol..It bring happiness,as my Grandson’s say Geese it’s “PUMPKIN TIME”   10 more days….Blm 1957@wordpress.com hug your children,keep them close….Why not get your little-ones together,and in 2weeks,go pumpkin hunting,the greatest time ever…Enjoy!!!!!  I would like to wish you and yours a “Opulent October”…..10 days….BTW:(get all your carving/cutting supplies ready)…..



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